Best Chromecast For Oculus Quest 2

Best Chromecast For Oculus Quest

Do you want to have access to over a thousand streaming apps, including YouTube and Netflix, with your Oculus Quest? We are here to guide you.

Chromecast is a great choice that will give you the streaming device that can replace your PC.

In the ideal situation, you need to look for the one with a 5GHz cable, and the more apps Chromecast includes better, it is.

Additionally, for your comfort, make sure that Chromecast supports 4K and HDR.

To help you with your choice, we will review all of the best Chromecast For Oculus Quest.

Google Chromecast Ultra can stream content from the Quest VR headset and the voice control option makes it easier to operate. With access to over 1000 streaming Apps, including YouTube and Netflix, it has a resolution of up to 4k. Also, there is room for wireless connectivity via its featured Ethernet port. 

List of Best Streaming Devices for Oculus Quest 2

Google Chromecast – YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

Google Chromecast 3rd Generation – movies, shows, live tv, YouTube, and photos streaming on your tv

Best Chromecast For Oculus Quest

Google Chromecast Ultra

Google streaming device is one of the most upgraded ways to cast Oculus Quest. 

You can cast any content and converting any regular TV into a smart TV and support 4k Ultra HD TVs with HDR. 

Users of the device get to stream from over 1000 apps like Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, prime video, and many more. Google device allows you to stream videos, songs, movies, sports, and much more content through different platforms. You don’t have to rely on wireless connectivity alone as it features a wired Ethernet port, which is a unique improvement from older versions.

Also, the latency of the device is more improved while the video streaming quality can go up to 4K. 

Finally, Google Chromecast ultra makes provision for voice control as it is compatible with Google home. So that you can wield control over your device with simple voice commands.

Google Chromecast (3rd Gen.)

Google Chromecast 3 supports all WiFi networks with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz wireless bands (it is best to use the 5GHz band for Oculus Quest). 

It is quite easy to use as all you need to do is to plug your device into a computer, connect to Wi-Fi and select your Chromecast from the options that you are provided with on the Oculus App. Also, allows you to stream content to your TV by connecting it to the HDMI port on your TV. 

The device has a resolution of up to 1080p at 60fps and is compatible with over 2000 streaming apps, including Netflix, HBO now, Disney plus, YouTube, and YouTube tv, and others. 

Apart from games, it gives you access to various movies, songs, sports, and TV shows from any of your mobile devices.

Also, if you are looking for a device that can deliver at an affordable rate, get yourself a Google Chromecast 3.

Mission USB Power Cable

The cable with an integrated energy storage circuit that is universally compatible with all powered USB ports (including low-power USB ports). 

You no longer need to look for an AC outlet to power your Chromecast to your TV or headset as you can directly connect your Chromecast from the USB port of your device. 

The cable supports 4k HDR video streaming, allowing you to stream all your favorite movies and songs with reduced latency.

Mission USB cable also improves the peak power capability of the USB port by storing excess energy and releasing it when necessary via a special power management circuitry.

MECOOL KM2 Android TV Box

MECOOL KM2 is an Android TV box that is a built-in Chromecast that allows users to cast videos from their headset to the device.

It supports wireless, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connections. It also allows 4k YouTube streaming and streaming from other platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO MAX, VUDU, Prime Video, Disney, Spotify, Google Play Store, and many more.

Users get to enjoy outstanding functionality as Android 10.0 power the device. 

With MECOOL KM2, you can turn any TV into a smart device for your entertainment! 

Interestingly, the device has a voice control feature that allows you to access various functionalities, including setting an alarm, checking the weather condition, searching for photos, and other activities via voice commands. 

The Android TV box also delivers super-high clarity and smoothness with 4k HDR, 4k Ultra HD resolution, and a high dynamic range. 

Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro

Nvidia Shield is another incredible fully powered Android TV box that features a built-in Chromecast Ultra hardware which makes it ideal for 4k streaming with low latency.

The Android TV box permits connectivity with dual-band AC Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and Gigabit Ethernet.

With Nvidia, users can play console video games and download thousands of Android applications to use on the device. 

It features the new Nvidia Tegra X1+ chip that allows it to deliver an unmatched streaming experience. 

It included USB cameras, controllers, keyboards, and 2 x 3.0 USB ports to expand storage by connection to other devices. It also features a built-in Plex Media server and up to 3GB RAM & 16 GB internal storage. 

Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro provides one of the best ways to cast Oculus Quest to tv. Like other Chromecast devices, the Nvidia Shield will pop up in the headset app for Oculus casting.

The TV box can install apps like Spotify, Netflix, Kodi, and more from the Google play store. 

To make it even more fascinating, you can control the entertainment box with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. It also features an advanced remote that features backlit buttons with the customizable menu button, voice search, and motion-activation feature. 

Nvidia Shield Android TV

Although Nvidia shield Android TV is similar in performance to Nvidia Shield Android TV box pro, it is a few dollars less expensive with a few differences. 

Nvidia Shield Android TV includes Chromecast 4k built-in that enables it to cast all your favorite contents to your TV. 

The device also features an advanced processor that encourages faster performance and it is one of the best chrome casts for Oculus Quest 2 and original Quest with low latency.

Nvidia does not feature USB ports, it only has 2GB RAM and 8GB internal storage capacity, which is like half of Nvidia Shield Pro storage. However, you can expand the internal storage. 

Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound, Nvidia Shield Android TV delivers super-crisp quality pictures and better sound immersion.

Also, like the Pro version, it features a remote control that is equipped with back-lit buttons plus a user-customizable, motion-activated button. The remote also features a built-in locator, Bluetooth, voice, and IR control for a TV. 

Apart from the aforementioned, it uses dual-band AC Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, and a built-in power supply.

Readers Guide: Chromecast For Oculus Quest

If you are hoping to get the best chrome cast for Oculus Quest 2, this section contains a concise guide that would aid your search. Below are a few things to look out for while you are on the search:

Compatibility with lots of Streaming App: Chromecast devices whose compatibility cuts across different applications are to go-for. Some Chromecast devices can stream content from up to 1000 Apps. It is particularly important to go for this kind of option as it gives unlimited access to various applications and content across the web.

Casting Quality: How good is the casting quality? This is straightforward. To get the best of a Chromecast device, its casting quality must be good enough. 

Ease to set up: Some Chromecast devices are easier to set up than others. Going through reviews from old customers could also be helpful.

Reduced Latency: Regular devices mostly provide 1080p casting, which has some latency. However, other devices like Android TV boxes offer 4k casting with very minute latency (less than one second) and they can be more expensive. 

If you plan to play fast-paced games with your Chromecast device, you should for the latter, especially if you can afford it. The 1080p casting is good enough for games with average speed and other content.


Can I cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast?

Yes, you definitely can. You can cast directly from your headset to a Chromecast long as your Oculus Quest is running version 10.0 or later. Also, ensure that the headset and Chromecast are linked to the same wireless network. Below is a simple stepwise procedure for direct casting of Oculus Quest to Chromecast:

– Switch on your headset
– Head to the ‘Home Screen’ on your Oculus Quest headset by pressing the Oculus icon on your controller
– Click on ‘Sharing’
– Then click on ‘Cast’
– Choose the device that you want to cast to (i.e your Chromecast)
– Click on ‘Start’ at the bottom of your screen. Also, accept the prompting inside your headset.

To show that casting has been cast, a red dot will appear in VR.

What is the best Chromecast for Oculus?

Our best Chromecast for Oculus is Google Ultra. It is an easy-to-use device for casting your Oculus Quest headset.

It is designed to provide high-resolution pictures while permitting streaming from multiple platforms including YouTube, Netflix, and others. The video streaming quality can go up to 4K.

Google Chromecast Ultra is ideal for fast-paced games as it offers reduced latency with its 4k streaming capacity. Interestingly, it also offers wireless connectivity via its Ethernet port.

What devices can I cast Oculus Quest to?

Apart from Chromecast, you can cast Oculus Quest to different devices including your PC, and phone. The way to cast directly from your headset to your devices is similar to how you cast to your Chromecast device. The only difference is that you have to specify the device you are casting to.

Can you Chromecast Oculus Quest 2?

Oculus Quest 2 supports Chromecast. Chromecasting allows you to stream your headset’s VR picture to a mobile phone or TV while enabling casting.

Final Verdict

Now that we have presented you with a variety of options with their unique features, we leave you to decide on which one you would go for. If you want our best option, we recommend you go for Google Chromecast Ultra, as it is a step ahead of Google Chromecast 3 with its 4k HDR media support and Ethernet connectivity. 

Google Chromecast 3 is also not a bad idea, plus it is our most affordable option. 

Alternatively, if you prefer TV boxes, you can also consider going for one of our recommended options, especially Nvidia shield Pro.

We hope you got some help.

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