Best Quest 2 Carrying Case or Backpack

Best Backpack for Oculus Quest 2

If you love to travel around but cannot give up your VR either, this article is for you.

Regular backpacks do not have enough space and dividers that will safely carry your VR. However, many manufacturers gave us perfect VR backpacks built for storage and travel, yet with a professional and understated appearance, with dividers that can protect your headset, controllers, cables, and much more.

The best VR backpacks does not only have to have good construction but also have to be comfortable to carry around, the whole VR set is not light. Therefore you need something with padded shoulder straps to decrease fatigue when worn for extended periods, and the breathable moisture-wicking backing keeps your back cool and fresh on a hot day.

With so many options on the market, how will you choose the best VR Backpack for Oculus Quest 2? Keep on reading; we tried answering all of the questions surrounding the subject.

The Best Backpack for Oculus Quest 2

1. USA GEAR Oculus Quest Backpack

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USA Gear Oculus Quest backpack offers all-in-one protection and storage in a small and fashionable backpack. It has a completely adjustable interior built for your Oculus Quest 2 headset, controllers, and other gaming devices. Not only have that, but extra storage compartments are intended for tidy organization and to keep all components securely in place while traveling.

You can use the internal partitions to construct personalized storage pockets and sections to meet your specific storage needs. 

One of the best things about the backpack is the material, it gets made from, which is scratch, water, moisture-resistant base lining.

When put on a damp floor or dewy grass, the backpack’s base is made of a water-resistant polymer that prevents moisture from seeping into the bag. You may rest easy knowing that your bag will safeguard your belongings from the weather. 

As we already mentioned, the Oculus Quest Backpack is built for storage and travel, but it also has a professional and understated style. The inside protects your VR headset and accessories from abrasive damage, while the durable outside protects against the weather.

Padded shoulder straps decrease fatigue when worn for extended periods, and the breathable moisture-wicking backing keeps your back cool and fresh on a hot day. 

Overall, the tiny Oculus Quest backpack from USA Gear is comfortable, practical, and portable.

2. Mobile Edge VR Laptop Backpack

The Mobile Edge is designed for your VR units, so you can travel with them, take them with you wherever you go, and protect them. 

This backpack fits PC laptops up to 60 inches and Mac Books up to 17 inches. It has got a checkpoint-friendly design, so you can speed through TSA checkpoints.

The backpack has got dedicated spaces inside of it for your VR controllers and your VR headset, with a workstation for your USB drives, flashcards, and small accessories.

The front panel is perfect for customization with team patches and logos, you rip mobs tag them on however you want. The back panel and shoulder straps are padded with our air-mesh fabric, not only providing a cushion but a breathable surface as well.

The Mobile Edge not only has great features, but it is also is beautifully designed backpack, and it seems like it will hold up in the punishment of traveling. It comes in one color black and is made of a material of ballistic nylon that weighs about 5 pounds on its own. The product’s current price is $119.99.

Overall, it is a good deal for a great backpack with many pockets that will protect your VR units.

3. SARLAR Hard Chest Shoulder Backpack

Even though the SARLAR shoulder backpack is not a very big case, it is compact. However, the outer shell feels like a cheaper plastic, nothing extremely sturdy, so if it was to fall and hit the ground this backpack will bend in and it will push up against your Oculus Quest.

The backpack has one strap, so this is a cross bag and on the top, it has a handle, so you can hold it like a carrying bag instead of wearing it on your back.

The backpack has a USB pass through which has a micro USB for charging. On the inner part, there is a wire that you can hook a power bank to and charge devices outside, such as your cell phone or your Bluetooth headset.

But, why go to the trouble to add a charging port that doesn’t have a USB-c connector? You could always use the adapter.

One thing we can suggest to avoid problems is to not buy this backpack to protect your Oculus Quest 2. On the inside of the bag, nothing is holding the VR 2 in place. There are some straps to strap around it but that will not prevent your Oculus Quest 2 from jumping back and forth.

Another small con – It would be much better if the zipper extended further on the bottom so that you could open the case fully. As it is designed, you have to hold the lid up with one hand while squeezing the Oculus in it with the other. 

4. OMEN X by HP Backpack

If you are playing VR, you probably notice that the cables get in the way a little bit, would not it be easy if you could carry your PC around with you? That way you can have shorter cables going from your computer to your headset. 

OMEN VR backpack is designed to keep the PC away from your back, so they stay cool and also so that it is comfortable to carry. The backpack including all the batteries should be less than 10 pounds.

The power itself comes from two proprietary batteries, each one lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, which obviously would depend on the uses of the machine. If you are doing your Excel spreadsheets, you can probably get a bit longer out of it.

The batteries are allegedly hot-swappable, so you should be able to a full one out, charge it up, and then swap them over. The actual machine itself does have an internal battery, in case you are caught short about your life. 

When hooked up, the computer consistently tanks 9+ hour sessions without dying. When asleep but still on, the battery can last for longer than a week not attached to the base station.

Aside from the power that this machine contains and pushes through into your games, it takes its intensity to VR, as well. Dealing with VR, the computer is almost custom fit for a separate (or included) backpack that fits the computer on your back, so that range from the computer is never an issue, as it hooks directly onto your person. 

5. MSI VR ONE 7RE-065US VR Backpack

Who wants to deal with cords? MSI is your answer is you have the VR cord issue. This backpack is shaped like a laptop that does not feature a screen or a keyboard instead, it functions as a powerful PC tower that is designed specifically to be worn in your back and connect to the VR headset of choice.

With batteries capable of providing one and a half hours of VR gaming on a full charge, the VR one offers you a way to enjoy room-scale VR without the hassle of managing a cord underfoot.

The VR one comes in two versions; one with the Geforce GTX 1060 graphics card, a 256 gigabyte SSD, and a slightly more expensive model packing a GTX 1070 and a 512 gigabyte SSD. 

Both feature hardware capable of running any VR game on the market and are officially optimized for the HTC VIVE headset according to MSI. 

The backpack weighs in at around 8 pounds, and a PC portion is supported on a metal frame that keeps it from touching your back directly which is important for keeping both the PC and your body cool.

When the GPU starts tearing through VR titles straps buckle into place across your chest and waist to help distribute the weight of the rig on your back making the experience of using it more comfortable than you might imagine.

The VR ONE charges via a standard cord your plug-in on the bottom of the device, while on the top, you have a selection of ports or USB 3.0. It also comes with a special shorter version of the VIVE’s three-in-one cable which you will need to use for the unit to function properly.

Backpack can be intimidating for those new to VR when it comes to set up and troubleshooting since without a screen you will need to plug the unit into a monitor with a mini Display Port cable or use a remote desktop access amendment to launch steam or deal with error messages that pop up.

The VR one is at its best with games like space pirate trainer, in which freedom of movement is essential physically dodging at a huge part of space pirate trainer, and not having a cord to worry about underfoot is a big improvement.

6. MSI VR ONE Virtual Reality Backpack

MSI VR ONE can function as a small and powerful computer, it is well-built plastic but durable, and you can power it with the AC adapter. However, when you are ready, you attach some straps, unplug the power connect your VR equipment, and it becomes this completely portable VR setup.

There is a short cable to reduce some of the cablings from the vibe, and the rest of the cords can be tucked into the framing. Keep in mind; you need to leave some to be able to move your headset around.

MSI VR ONE was built from the ground up, it is not the laptop strapped to your packets, and it is designed to fit comfortably on your back for extended periods.

It is around 3 kilos or eight pounds, which is not super light but is still manageable. The strap system with the framing distributes the weight nicely. 

You can access the internals pretty easily, there is a hatch that gives you access to the RAM slots and the drive bays. This unit comes with 16 gigs of RAM and a fast 512 gig SSD. There is room for a second drive, and on the inside, it is running a SKYKALe 6820 HK and a GTX 1070.

When it is inactive, the backpack is dead silent, no fan, no spin. Under full gaming load it is still really quiet, you will not be able to hear this thing, especially when you are using it with headphones. With the hot air exhausts at the side, you will also not get sweaty from it.

The battery life is estimated at 90. There are two batteries hot-swappable, so you can eject one side, and the system still works.

Frame rates are poor when there is only one battery, you cannot play on one, but it allows you to pop in fresh batteries in the middle of a game, so if you have extra batteries and the external charger you could theoretically play forever.

9. ZOTAC VR GO 3.0

ZOTAC VR GO backpack is a small form-factor rig that is made specifically for VR content. You could pretty much use this computer as a full-on desktop if you wanted to, but of course, it is strapped onto your back and is made to untether the experience of in particular the HTC. 

The Intel Core I7 is the SCU with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU and gigabytes of memory.

As far as storage goes, you can always upgrade but this one comes with 240 gigabytes in a solid-state drive. 

However, of course, you need high-powered batteries. Two of them power the Zotac VR go rated at 95-watt hours, each at 6600 milliamp hours. These batteries can be hot swabs; you can take one out and charge it while the other one still powers the experience.

Regarding the experience, it is nice to have an untethered experience and be able to move around, especially in the HTC Vive world without worrying about the cords pulling you back. As long as you have the straps as tight as possible, then you won’t feel them moving around a whole lot. It is not a heavy rig by any means.

The ZOTAC GO is $1999, which as we can all agree is quite expensive, however, the package comes with the Power Adapter, Power Cord (type dependent by region), 12V male-to-male cable, Charging Dock, 2 x Li-ion batteries, Backpack Strap, Warranty Card, User Manual, Quick Install Guide, USB drive with OS Recovery, Support Disk (optional).

10. Geekria VR Meta Quest 2 Backpack

While regular backpacks do not have enough space and dividers that will safely carry your VR, Geekria VR Headset Backpack is built for storage and travel, yet with a professional and understated appearance, with dividers that can protect your headset, including the base station, wireless controllers, headset, stand, charger, cables, USB extension cable, power adapter, and more.

This lightweight VR headset bag is compatible with the Oculus Quest, Quest2, Rift S, Go, HTC Vive Cosmos, VIVE, and PRO VR Gaming Headset.

The interior of the backpack is fully changeable, with inside Velcro partitions allowing you to DIY VR Backpack to meet your individual needs. Long-lasting and resistant to wear, and may get used as a shoulder bag or a backpack.

Dimensions of the product: 15.74 x 14.56 x 9.4 inches (40 X 37 X 24 cm)

VR Gaming Headset Travel Bag X 1 is included in the package.

Buying Guide Best Backpack for Oculus Quest 2

One of the other ways you can carry around your VR set is by purchasing the Oculus Quest 2 carrying case, which is, to be honest, great choice. It is designed to hold your Oculus Quest, two controllers, accessories, and the elite head strap. 

The case is a non-abrasive, soft texture that will ensure the headset will not be scratched. The foam is pre-scored in a grid pattern to help you quickly and easily customize your case without any special tools or equipment. 

However, one reason why you might want to purchase the custom VR backpack instead of a case is the fact that you still have to put the case somewhere, right? Probably, in the backpack.

So, which is the right backpack for flying with the Official Oculus 2 carrying case?

First of all, your backpack should be spacious enough to comfortably hold your VR and peripherals while remaining compact enough to fit in an overhead container. Also, because VR and all of its accessories may be a lot to transport, your backpack should be as light as possible.

One of the most crucial components of your laptop backpack’s function is the amount of protection it provides. 

If you do not know where to find the backpack with all of the mentioned qualities, one of the best choices on the market is Swiss Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA.


Is it safe to put a laptop in a backpack for VR? 

Well, you need entirely traversable intake and exhaust ports, tight enough, so it does not bounce about and you do not trip over it. You also need to close the lid while keeping the screen active or the headset will switch off.

How to build your own VR backpack?

You can simply connect a suitable laptop, place it in a regular backpack you have sitting about the home (make sure it has some ventilation), and get busy in VR. 

However, only being restricted to a backpack is not going to cut it, so you will have to be inventive. You need a lightweight, strong, and inexpensive frame pack. 


Any of the above backpacks will suit the bill if you want one that will sit comfortably on your shoulders, provide adequate protection, and look decent. 

While some of the big-name brands do provide greater quality at a higher price point, there are also some excellent low-cost solutions.

One thing is certain: a VR bag is a must-have for everyone who travels with a VR set. 

By selecting the correct VR backpack for your travel style, you can keep your stuff secure, appear professional, and keep your back comfy.

Hopefully, this review helped you find the best VR Backpack for Oculus Quest 2.

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