How to Stream Your PC Desktop to Your Gear VR?

How to Stream Your PC Desktop to Your Gear VR

What will you need to stream your PC desktop to your Gear VR?

We will need a few things for this tutorial, hopefully, you already have them.

You will, of course, need a Gear VR to start. 

After that, you’ll need a Samsung phone, preferably one of the newer models. Finally, you’ll need a computer; any computer will do, but the faster the better. 

We will need to download some things, so you will need the internet.

How to Stream Your PC Desktop to Your Gear VR

How to Stream Your PC Desktop to your Gear VR?

Go to Google in your internet browser first.

Visit the website of SideSync. 

This tutorial should work on both PCs and Macs, so click on Download from a PC or Mac on the front page. 

For newer Samsung phones, you cannot get this app through Google Play or the Samsung store. Download the application and go to your phone to download SideSync.

Go to Google on your phone’s internet browser.

To download official apps, type SideSync app and go to the app mirror. 

On the newer version, scroll down and click the download button (the app won’t harm your phone).

Open the download file and install the app on your device. You will need to allow a few permissions for that to work.

When you allow it to happen, you open the app on your phone and on your computer and pair them.

Once it gets paired in everything, you should see your phone’s screen on your computer. However, right now, you need to close that out because you need to be able to use your phone at this point. You cannot use the actual phone when your phone screen is on like this.

Next, go to Settings on your actual phone, go down, and you’ll find developer options there. If you haven’t enabled developer mode yet, navigate to About Phone, click on Software Information, and tap on Build Number a few times to turn it on. 

Go to Developer options, and scroll down until you get to Simulate secondary displays. You can turn it on at 720 or 1080, depending on your preference. 

The main screen appears after you sign out.

You are now ready to record your Gear VR.

What are the benefits of having a secondary display?

In VR, the secondary display is recorded instead of the main screen. If there is no secondary display, the recording or streaming will fail.

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