Is 64GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

Are thinking of buying a 64GB RAM laptop to upgrade your gaming experience? This blog post might make you have a rethink. We will answer the question – is 64GB RAM enough for gaming? While providing answers to other questions on how to select the right size of RAM for your daily PC operations.

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the most important parts of a computer system. When you open an application, your RAM stores the data that the application requires to the memory of your PC. This happens with every application you open at the same time. Once you have used up the RAM, you will still be able to launch an application but won’t be able to run it.

The generalization that a bigger RAM will provide a better overall performance of your PC is not completely true. Although insufficient RAM can cause persistent lagging that slows down the overall performance of your computer, it can also be because of other factors like the quality of your processor and graphics card. Moreover, you also might not get to use up to half of a 64GB memory unit depending on the operation that you are running. This might make you wonder if a 64GB RAM is even worth it.

Is 64GB RAM Enough For Gaming
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Is 64GB RAM Worth It?

It depends on what you want to use it for. There are a lot of activities that you can use your PC for. From playing games to streaming HD videos on YouTube, watching Netflix, typing Word documents, and even making all kinds of designs. The quantity of RAM that you need depends on your daily PC activity log.

For a person whose daily PC routine comprises browsing the web, watching HD videos, typing word documents, you won’t even scratch the surface of 64GB RAM.

Even for RAM-intensive activities like playing live games, a 16GB RAM space is just enough in most cases.

If you aren’t running many memory-intensive activities on your PC, 64GB RAM might just be a waste.

However, getting a 64GB RAM laptop is a superb choice for software professionals. They are usually more expensive but offer more advantages. A powerful modern processor and good-performance graphics card should also accompany a large RAM for optimal overall performance.

A 64GB RAM PC is best for running large memory-intensive applications and digital audio workstations like Pro Tools, 3D modeling, and Autodesk apps like Revit, Fusion 360, and AutoCAD.

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32GB vs 64GB RAM

A 16GB RAM can adequately cater to your gaming memory needs and regular PC activities, however, you might face setbacks with PC multitasking.

A 32GB RAM will be a better option for multi-tasking operations in the background during gaming. 16GB RAM can play any of the trendy games available, but 32GB RAM goes a step further to permit the running of other memory-intensive applications while gaming.

A 64GB worth of RAM can do everything a 32GB RAM can but is more beneficial for professional operations including video editing, software designing, and storing extensive files. A 64GB RAM or larger will be handier with professionals working with memory-intensive software like AutoCAD, Fusion 360, etc, and high memory-consuming tasks like 3D visualization, rendering, and simulations.

32GB vs 64GB RAM Gaming 

Different games require a different amount of RAM to run. However, your RAM shouldn’t be less than 8GB to launch games on your PC.

We must inform you that there are some new titles that you won’t be able to run with 8GB of RAM. To be on the safe side (especially with games), a 16GB RAM upgrade will be perfect to run most of the trending games.

At present, some modern gaming titles will use up at most 10GB of your RAM, therefore an 8GB RAM might be insufficient. However, with 16GB RAM, you will have more than 5GB to run some applications in the background). The setback that users might experience with 16GB RAM will be the lack of capacity to run multiple applications simultaneously and smoothly.

Moreso, there will be a development of more memory-intensive and RAM-demanding titles in the future, which will require an upgrade from the current 16GB worth of RAM.

This is where 32GB or 64GB RAM comes in. With 32 or 64GB RAM, you can run multiple applications at once without experiencing a lag in speed or frequent interruptions.

For games, a 32GB memory will provide you with sharp graphics and eliminate lagging for a better gaming experience. Apart from gaming, a 64GB RAM is more beneficial for professional use and weighty multitasking operations on your PC.

A 32 or 64GB RAM will secure the memory of your PC for the future and spend your money on other important needs.

Both memory sizes will run any gaming application. However, we recommend 32GB as a more appropriate choice for gaming. You might not get to use up half of the 32GB RAM talk more of a whole 64GB memory.

Is 64GB RAM Overkill?

To be quite frank, 64GB is certainly overkill for gaming and low memory-intensive activities. Currently, a high-intensity game will take a maximum of 10GB, leaving you with more than 50GB RAM left.

But for graphics-intensive games, Photoshop projects, video editing applications, and powerful software operations, we highly recommend a large memory of 64GB and higher.

Although you have nothing to lose by having excess RAM, what’s the use of having 64GB RAM when you don’t need it? On the flip side, having 64GB worth of RAM may be a valuable future investment, especially if your PC can support it.

32GB vs 64GB RAM Photoshop 

32GB RAM is not the best for professional operations like Photoshop. It will do better with modern gaming titles.

A 64GB memory is your best bet when working simultaneously with extensive files and memory-intensive applications like Photoshop and Video editors.

If you are a professional editor, an engineer with a need to run memory-intensive applications like AutoCAD, or you are working on a big Photoshop project, you will need 64GB of RAM or even higher (up to 128GB sometimes).

Professional Photoshop is a memory-intensive activity and we will recommend 64GB RAM rather than 32GB. However, if you are just doing a small-scale Photoshop project, you may manage with 32GB worth of RAM.


Upgrading your RAM will not single-handedly improve the overall performance of your PC because other factors have a role or two to play. The RAM is not the only PC component that determines the overall performance of your PC. You also need a good graphics card and a powerful CPU (central processing unit).

You should identify your PC needs to determine how much RAM will be sufficient. A 64GB RAM is not bad for gaming but it’s a little extra. However, for professional video editors and engineers, getting 64GB RAM is a commendable choice.

We will conclude this post by saying that 64GB RAM is more than enough for gaming. A 16GB worth of RAM would suffice for current modern titles. Not that it is impossible to use 64GB for gaming, especially if you insist. We are only trying to establish that a 64GB RAM will be more of a valuable upgrade than waste for professional PC operations with high memory consumption tendencies.

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