Apple Vision Pro to Support One of VR’s Most Prominent Social Apps

Although the launch of Apple Vision Pro is set for early 2024 in the US with a hefty price tag of $3,500, details about the apps that will be available on the carefully curated Vision App Store are already emerging.

Apple has unveiled its long-awaited standalone headset, the Apple Vision Pro, capable of both virtual and augmented reality. While the emphasis seems to be on the headset’s augmented reality capabilities, thanks to its color passthrough cameras, it will also feature support for one of the most prominent social apps in the VR world.

Apple vision pro

One of the notable inclusions, as reported by UploadVR, is the popular social VR game, Rec Room. This app has garnered widespread cross-compatibility, supporting platforms such as SteamVR, Meta Quest, Meta PC VR, PSVR, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, iOS, Android, and standard monitors via Steam.

During the keynote presentation, Rec Room was the sole native VR app featured while discussing third-party apps, which will be accessible on the Apple Vision Pro headset through integration with the Unity game engine.

Notably, Vision Pro does not come with dedicated motion controllers; instead, it relies on hand and eye-tracking, along with voice input. Rec Room, which traditionally relies on motion controllers for VR input, is adapting to the platform by introducing full-body avatars and new hand models, moving away from its characteristic wristless mitten-hands.

The inclusion of Rec Room and its upcoming features on the Vision App Store demonstrates Apple’s commitment to providing a wide range of immersive social experiences on the Vision Pro headset. As the release date approaches, users can anticipate an enhanced virtual reality experience with seamless integration of popular social apps, solidifying Apple’s position in the evolving landscape of VR technology.

One essential aspect of VR is social interaction, and numerous social apps have emerged to connect people in virtual environments. In an exciting development, Apple has announced that its latest product, Apple Vision Pro, will support one of VR’s most prominent social apps. In this article, we will explore the significance of this collaboration and its implications for the future of VR and social interactions.

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