Apple’s Reality Pro Headset May Arrive Sooner Than Anticipated

Ahmed Chenni,

Apple unveils its groundbreaking products at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held in June. The Reality Pro headset has been the subject of numerous speculations, with insiders suggesting that it could make its debut during this prestigious event. However, what has remained unclear until now is when the device will actually be available for purchase.

Excitingly, recent reports have surfaced, indicating that Apple is on the verge of finalizing the product. Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has released a new report shedding light on this top-secret detail. According to the outlet, Apple is sprinting towards completion, signifying that the Reality Pro headset might be nearing its official launch.

The report intriguingly highlights the involvement of Foxconn subsidiary GIS. Apparently, GIS is tasked with fitting the lenses for the Reality Pro headset. Based on their projected timeline, they anticipate shipping a metaverse product “from the second quarter” of 2023. It is widely speculated that this product refers to none other than Apple’s highly anticipated mixed-reality headset.

With the second quarter extending until the end of June 2023, it implies that the headset’s launch could be mere weeks after the commencement of WWDC on June 5. This rapid turnaround is remarkable, considering the numerous challenges and setbacks that the device is rumored to have faced, even up until recently.

While there is room for flexibility in the shipping date, as indicated by Economic Daily News, the report suggests that mass production and shipment will likely kick off in the second and third quarters. The third quarter encompasses the period from July 1 to September 30.

Nevertheless, skepticism lingers regarding this ambitious timeline. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who closely follows Apple’s developments, has indicated that the headset’s past delays may lead Apple to prioritize making it available on store shelves in time for the holiday season. Previously, Gurman had anticipated a March reveal with a September shipping date.

Despite the uncertainties, the report from Economic Daily News brings a glimmer of hope. It indicates that at least one company involved in the production process holds optimism for a summer release of the Reality Pro headset. If Apple manages to pull off a June launch, it will undoubtedly impress enthusiasts and mark a significant achievement for a device that has encountered its fair share of obstacles and setbacks.

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