Are Razer Laptops Reliable? (Detailed Guideline)

Razer is the company that specializes in computer hardware focused at gamers. Razer’s laptops are well built and they has bright screen. Razer has best premium ultra portable laptop brand but not for less than $1500. Razer laptops have innovative and latest technologies. In this guide we will discuss the strength and weaknesses of the Razer laptops. We will also talk about its various features so that you can decide whether these laptops are reliable or not. You can also love Asus as the best alternative of Razer laptop.

Are Razer Laptops Reliable

Razer’s Key Strengths

Razer is the most famous brand among gamers which means it obviously has many great features. Here we will discuss the features which make Razer laptops unique.

  • Sleek, premium design: Razer uses premium CNC aluminum along with various other metals to make one of the most prettiest laptops ever. They also introduce beautiful RGB lighting to give extra beauty to the laptop.
  • Accurate, agile tech support: One of the main strength of Razer is its best tech support. This tech is equipped well with the latest researchable resources online in addition to the helpful support representative on the phone, on social media, and live chat.
  • Pursuing new categories: Razer is not only suitable for gamers but it also embrace people who are not gamers. Because of its constant development new categories, Razer is becoming popular among both gamers and non-gamers. It manufactures both, Blade Stealth for mobile professionals and the Studio Edition line for creative professionals.

Razer’s Main Weakness

The main and only weakness of Razer is unavailability of laptops which fall under $1000. Although their portfolio is constantly expanding, they are still unable to develop the service below $1000.

Are Razer Laptops Reliable?

Whether one finds Razer laptops reliable or not depends on one’s own choices and preferences. We have provided all the basic things you need to know about Razer before buying from them. From our point of view, they surely are reliable for gaming. It’s true that Razer laptop has some shortcomings but not everything is perfect. Continue reading to find out various features and decide whether you want to buy these laptops or not.


Razer is popular as the Apple of the gaming world and that is because of the good reasons. The company don’t have the wide variety of laptops to show. But those which are in show are great. Each laptop of Razer has rating above 4 stars. Razer laptops have sleek body made up of sturdy aluminum. They are very expensive but they surely are worth the investment.

With being easily portable Razer laptops have many advantages but there are some shortcomings as well. For example, it is seen that many customers complain of laptop running hot. If razer will fix this problem their ratings will jump to 5 stars from 4.5 stars.


Premium and attractive design is another great feature of Razer laptops. It’s slim premium chassis is made entirely of metal, most commonly aluminum. Moreover, the laptop is equipped with captivating RGB backlighting. Depending on the model of laptop, the manufacturing metal may change. For example in case of Studio Edition, it has mercury white finish. Most of Razer laptops designs are simply lovely with their inky blackness and bright, glowing green snake emblems. But unfortunately, even the brightest color can become light after sometime. So we are hoping that Razer will develop positive changes next year in this regard.

Support and Warranty

Razer has great customer support services. They have record breaking speed at which they respond to their customers. Whether it’s being on /r/razer subreddit, Facebook, or Twitter, it only took maximum 5 to 7 minutes for a Razer’s representative to answer all of the customer’s questions. If you don’t know how to use support on social media, you can use phone support. They are equally efficient on all of support sources. At maximum, each phone call took at least 10 minutes. During this time period the representative will explain each and everything in the swift and easy to understand manner.

In case of warranty, all Razer laptops come with one year warranty plan. The warranty includes free shipping services and repairs to the laptop. RazerCare Elite is another option available at Razer’s in just $299. If you subscribe to this package, Razer will cover any accidental damage also.


Although Razer makes gorgeous laptops engraved with its three-headed snake logo, the brand is not known for eye catching revolutionary features. However, this year Razer made advancement in this regard. But Razer still has long way to go in innovation.

Value and Selection

Although Razer manufactures great gaming laptops and their laptops are very popular among gamers, their selection variety is pretty slim with almost all laptops are out of budget of average people. All of razor laptops are above $1500.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Razer laptops are indeed great and reliable. The only shortcomings are lack of innovative designs and high prices. If you are a professional gamer, the investment is worth the price.

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