Best HTC Vive Tracker Straps And Belt For Full Body Tracking

Best HTC Vive Tracker Straps

There are three leading virtual reality headsets on the market: HTC Vive, Vive Cosmos, and Vive Pro. Tracker straps can enhance HTC Vive’s excellent real-life experience. There is no doubt that HTC Vive is an impressive kit, but with some additional attachments and accessories, it can be enjoyed to its fullest.

You can increase your immersion in virtual reality by wearing a tracker strap or tracker belt. In this article, we will review some of the best tracker straps from famous brands so you can decide which one will work best for you. Before you buy a tracker strap, we will also provide you with a buying guide so you know what to look for.

Best HTC Vive Tracker Straps
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How To Choose The Most Effective HTC Vive Full Tracker Straps

You should consider some things before buying a Vive Tracker Strap to improve your VR experience.

Quality of fabric – Make sure to buy a strap that has soft, breathable, comfortable, and durable fabric. Otherwise, you can get irritated while playing. Also, your material should have a tight grip on trackers.

Adjustable – Every person’s body size differs from another person’s. So make sure to get a strap that is easy to adjust around your body parts, objects, or trackers.

Compatible with tracker 3.0 – Latest HTC Vive comes with tracker 3.0. So if you want to run with the latest technology, your strap should be compatible with tracker 3.0.

Price of the strap – Last but not least, you should check the price of different products before buying a specific one. Some straps are just overpriced with not so many helpful features. Also, it would help if you looked at your budget before buying a tracker strap.

5 Best HTC Vive Tracker Straps 2022

Skywin VR Tracker

For full-body tracking, use the Skywim VR tracker belt or strap. The straps can be tied around your waist, hands, feet, or around objects around you to maximize your experience. Moreover, these high-tech HTC Vive straps and belts have padding to provide cushioning effects and absorb high and low-intensity vibrations. They are also resistant to wear and tear, which makes them suitable for long VR gaming sessions.

Even so, these straps are easily adjustable to fit people or objects of different sizes. Skywin straps and belts are the best on the market in terms of both comfort and price. If you have tiny feet, you may find these straps extra large. The most effective strap trackers on our list are these.

It is imperative to wear Skywin foot straps with shoes on to prevent mobility. If you dance aggressively during your virtual reality session, they may get displaced. Therefore, if you think these straps may become too large for your hands and feet, you may want to consider other options in our list.

Just make sure to handle these straps with care, and these straps will surely benefit you in the long run. This Skywin strap tracker is the best in terms of price. It provides all necessary functions at a relatively low price.

Rebuff Reality TrackBelt™

The Rebuff reality track belt with two-track straps is compatible with Vive tracker 3.0. With elastic, breathable neoprene, it fits comfortably and tightly. Even leading motion capture software works smoothly with this track strap and belt. It is one of the best track straps and tracks belts on the market.

The Rebuff reality track belt and strap fit snugly around your feet. The trackers are attached tightly and securely to the strap. Once the tracker is tightly strapped around your foot, you can play VR games without worrying about it sliding off. A little strap on the foot tracker enables the velcro to be securely fastened to prevent accidental strap pulling during a gaming session. The tracker belt also features loops to hold excess straps and prevent them from falling off.

While the foot strap tracker secures tightly to your barefoot and doesn’t wiggle during gaming, a waist belt isn’t as secure. As the waist belt loosens, it may squirm during your gaming session. This can distort and affect your position in the game.

Neoprene is the fabric that is used to make the straps. It is elastic at first, but it quickly loses its elasticity and becomes prone to wear and tear. It is possible to develop holes in the strap after some time. Foot straps fit perfectly barefoot, but if you wear them with socks, they can create pressure points and become uncomfortable. Finally, the hip strap is excellent, but it is only thick near the screws. Elsewhere, it feels flimsy because it is thin.

Rebuff Reality TrackStrap Plus

A breathable, elastic, and durable neoprene material is used in most Rebuff reality products, including this tracker strap plus. A tracker power bank is included with the tracker strap plus. This material is used in medical braces, and it will ensure a snug and comfortable fit even after extended use. A precise shape ensures a tight fit and prevents overheating on the power bank.

In addition to the coil L-cable, this tracker strap is equipped with a battery power bank that can continuously work for 8 hours. If you’re looking for a battery tracker strap, this is the only option that justifies its high price.

It is a decent option when you need full-body tracking, and it works with the 3.0 tracker as well. Using a 3.0 tracker may require type C cables of approximately 0.8ft in length. Vive 3.0 trackers can be damaged within a few months by the dangle provided by the developer. The 3.0 tracker becomes difficult to charge if a dangle hurts it.

Batteries don’t last long, so keep that in mind when shopping for battery straps. Many battery straps stopped working after some time, making them useless.

It is claimed that the straps can fit even large shoe sizes; however, you cannot wear them with shoes on. However, you can tie them around your feet. When looking for a belt that is compatible with a tracker 3.0, Rebuff reality tracker strap plus is a wise choice.

Rebuff Reality TrackBelt

The Rebuff reality track belt for Vive Tracker is made of elastic, comfortable, and breathable neoprene fabric, which has a secure grip on virtually any surface. In addition to shock-absorbing silicone and rubber padding, it absorbs high and low impacts and vibrations to make your VR gaming experience superb.

With a wide range of sizes, you can choose the right size for your waist and foot during long VR sessions and enjoy quality time. Using three Vive trackers for full-body tracking is possible if you pair them together. And they work well with leading Motion Capture software.

While these straps work well for the first few months, they may start to deteriorate after a while. The straps are durable, comfortable, and durable because neoprene loses its elasticity after some time, and then when stretched, it will tear apart, showing the tracker screws.

Most people have only one issue with the fabric of the tracker strap. Otherwise, these are reliable straps for full-body tracking at an extremely reasonable price. If you plan to buy three of these strap trackers for full-body tracking, you will get a fantastic VR gaming experience.

AMVR VR Tracker Straps

If you buy a set of AMVR tracker straps, you will get five straps to enable full-body tracking. They come with adjustable waist belts, wrist straps, hand straps, and palm straps. You can adjust the straps to fit them securely around your waist, hand, foot, or other objects. You can use the AMVR waist strap if your core measures 64 centimeters to 94 centimeters. Once you secure it tightly around your waist, it will keep track of your movements without falling or wiggling.

Due to the flexible embossed leather of AMVR tracker straps, friction occurs between the belt and the tracker. As a result of this increase in conflict, the tracker is more stable, prevents its strap from falling, and absorbs vibrations and impacts more effectively.

Also, the strap material is non-woven, breathable, comfortable, and soft. The fabric used in the strap, however, is not very long-lasting or durable. In addition to being fragile, the trackers present on the strap may lose their shape if they are not handled delicately. In general, these tracker straps are excellent and long-lasting if they are handled with care. However, the velcro on the wrist strap may lose its shape and elasticity over time.

Skywin VR Tracker Straps

The Skywin VR tracking straps for HTC Vive are pretty good because they can be attached to items, body parts, and other HTC Vive Trackers separately. The fabric of these straps is resistant to wear and tear and can be worn tightly around your hands and feet during long VR gaming sessions.

In the hand straps, there is padding to absorb high and low-impact vibrations and to keep your hands and feet safe. Straps can be adjusted according to the user’s size, and the belt does not open when playing vigorously.

Although these straps have a slightly uncomfortable fabric, it’s not a major concern. The real issue is that you have to handle them with care. If you don’t, the mounting screws could fall out, and the fabric could be torn. If you don’t take good care of them, the trackers might get displaced or even fall out.

Also, if you overstretch the strap around your foot or wrist, it can twist the bolt that holds the tracker to the belt. The quality of these straps is good. These tracker straps are adjustable, but if you have small hands and feet, you may find them extra significant.


In addition to being able to attach to items, body parts, and other HTC Vive Trackers separately, Skywin VR tracking straps are pretty handy. In addition to being durable and resistant to wear and tear, these straps can be worn tightly around your hands and feet during long VR gaming sessions.

It has padding on the hand straps to absorb high and low-impact vibrations and keep your hands and feet safe. The straps can be adjusted according to the user’s size, and the belt does not open when playing vigorously.

These straps have a slightly uncomfortable fabric, but it’s not a major problem. However, the real issue is handling them correctly. If not, the mounting screws could fall out, and the fabric could be torn. You might lose the trackers if you don’t take proper care of them.

The tracker straps are of very high quality. They are adjustable, but if you have small hands and feet, you may find them especially significant. If you overstretch the strap around your foot or wrist, it can twist the bolt holding the tracker to the belt. The quality of these straps is good.

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