Best Oculus Quest 2 Travel Case / Carrying Case

Along with Oculus, there are many companies offering various categories of Oculus Quest 2 cases such as hard, soft, and lightweight. Again many users like to carry the case wherever they want to go and some want it just for home and heavy usage. 

I don’t know what kind of cases you are looking for! But durability, comfortability, fittable, and adjustability of a case are common for every user.  

Here I have brought you some of the best Oculus Quest 2 cases that can meet your expected demand for sure. Besides these will keep your Quest 2 headset’s accessories secured.     

Cases for Oculus Quest 2 are really worth it nowadays. Because your VR headset, its controller, or lenses can be scratched or bumped up at any time. Even if you keep it at home openly, it may get defacement by sunlight. You can’t escape from what happened if you don’t store it in a proper place.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Travel Case
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List of Best Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Case for Lightweight

JSVER Case – Best Storage Case for quest 2

HIJIAO Case – Best Hard Case for Oculus Quest 2

SARLAR Design Case – Best Custom Travel Storage For VR Headset

Typecase Travel Case – Best Case for VR Headsets Elite Strap and Accessories

Best Oculus Quest 2 Travel Case
Images from Amazon PA API / Affiliate links

Best Oculus Quest 2 Travel Case

Casematix Hard Case

If you don’t mind using a hard plastic case, this is the best Oculus Quest 2 case. It is the very customizable travel case compatible with quest 2 and the elite strap I have ever used. On the other hand, it will provide you with the very best ultimate security of your VR gaming elements. 

The feature that has made it unique is they say it is meant for the oculus quest but you can also customize this for anything. Although it is made of plastic, it is surprisingly light even with the headset. 

The only concern thing I found is with the latches. It may snap collapse by overtime uses. But it is easy-open latches.  

On the inside, you will get a nice foam padding inside for placing the quest 2 headset. Besides, there is a flat layer of foam underneath. For this reason, your headset and other accessories will be safe from dirt, dust grime, scratch, drop, and impacts.          

Each one of these foams is like little squares. So you can easily create compartments of your own way for your headset, controllers, and other accessories.

Overall, this is a heavy-duty, perfect fit for every VR accessory, and comfortable with a carrying handle. You can travel anywhere with confidence.

HIJIAO Hard Travel Case

There are some Quest cases that don’t fit Oculus Quest 2 with an elite strap. But this one solves that issue. It has a large storage space. So it does even fit Franken Quest. There are options on the backside of the lid for charging cable, or air bud. HIJIAO has done a good job on this thing. 

It comes with a double zipper, a carrying latch, and a shoulder strap. For that, you can comfortably enjoy your movement by hanging on the shoulder or handling.     

The thing I like most about this Quest case is it has a waterproof surface made of hard EVA material.  So accidental water drops can not spoil your VR gaming accessories.   

Besides, the build quality is seemed durable. The interior is just soft-made. It has got the right placement slot for my Oculus Quest 2 accessories. No complaints about it. The only con is the zipper quality. I felt a kind of softer. But it does access easily.

Overall, I really loved it and hope it will not disappoint you when you get this in hand.   

Yinke Hard Case

This is one of the most compact Oculus Quest 2 cases. It is a protective, and snug hard case for Oculus Quest 2 accessories. 

Some users complained that it doesn’t fit all accessories. 

But mine was perfect to fit Quest 2 with an elite strap and other essential parts inside. I don’t know actually what the differences are. This product case dimension is 24 19.5 14 cm. I think it is enough for the compatibility of Quest 2 essential parts.   

This hard case is also made of high-quality polyester fiber. So durability is certain in my view. Besides Yinke claims that it has the ability to resist water, shock, and dust. It seems promising to me.

When I got this in hand, I tried to place all the accessories inside the case if they were stable. I found the headset along with the controllers was stable because of the elastic strap. 

You should not be worried about getting scratches on the headset. Because the inside of the case is made of soft fabric. 

But it would be great if Yinke provided a shoulder strap.  

The good news is that they have ensured a 100% refund if there are any issues were found in the Quest 2 case. 

JSVER Quest 2 Case

 It is an excellent hard case for Oculus Quest 2 accessories. if you are looking for a custom fit for your headset, so this is it. It is compact but big enough.   

The case itself is about sturdy. I don’t have any issues with that. The device placement is just well organized. So you can place any VR gaming device perfectly. 

It comes with a rubber cover for the fabric interface that touches your skin. So, when I carry this case I felt very much easiness. I didn’t feel any grip.  If you have a sweating issue, even at that time you will not feel any grip.  This is a very good addition to the JSVER.                   

The custom-cut foam inside keeps your headset and controllers far from getting scratched. On the other hand, the outer shell is hard-made of top-quality EVA. So you can expect its durability and full protection. 

Another good thing about this hard case is its inner mesh pocket. It acts as a storage for small accessories for VR gaming. 

The design of the double zipper provides you with quick and easy access to your accessories. Here, you are getting a shoulder strap that will make you more comfortable with the carrier. 


When I got this in hand, I felt a little bit concerned about whether it fits all the necessary components for VR. But I could find everything a perfect fit inside the case. Because It has got a luxurious velvet interior with flocking lining which is made of oxford cloth.I could able to put in it everything like an oculus quest 2 headsets with a battery, controllers, 15W power adapter, AA battery pack, and, charging link.   

Unlike most travel hard cases, it has extra backpacks pocket designed to carry a phone, power bank, cable, or small fittings.  

The build quality is as usual just like some other travel cases durable. 

There is extra glass protection prepared for double protection of the Oculus Quest 2 glass. Besides the bottom surface is soo protective with four metal feet for stability. It also stands firmly in any environment. 

Overall, this hard case is one of the best for oculus quest 2 accessories. It is lightweight and comfortable. 

Kootek Case

Kootek is one of the most trustable gear providers for gaming since 2013. This stylish and EVA-made hard case is very much durable. It will protect your VR gaming headset Oculus Quest 2 from getting scratches, accidental drops, or bumps.

This hard case comes with a detachable shoulder strap, lens protective cover, and a cable tie.  The interior is featured with pre-cut slots for Quest 2 accessories. But I wish the inner side were slightly softer.   

I think it was actually designed for the Oculus Quest 1. That’s why you are getting more room for your Quest headset. You know Oculus Quest 1 is a little bit bigger in size than Quest 2. 

So you can easily store easily the headset, grip touch controllers, elite strap, and battery. 

The shoulder strap that comes with this hard case is long enough. You need to adjust it a little bit when you carry it. 

Overall, this case is really worth the money. I couldn’t be happier.  

Sarlar Case

I am really impressed with this  Oculus Quest 2 case. This hard traveling case compelled me to be impressed. 

The exterior part has a deluxe bright reflective texture. That thing has made this Quest 2 case beautiful in three dimensions look. I felt more comfortable with it. 

The interior is made of a velvet soft intended lining. That’s why your headset with the elite strap and other accessories can fit easily inside the case.       

It comes with a VR Wall Mount Hook Stand, lens protective cover and cloth, and a velcro cable tie. Besides, you will also get a thick and adjustable shoulder strap. The main handle is cushioned with a rubber grip. It is a 13.8 9.1 4.7 inch dimension case. 

When it comes to the question of durability, it squishes a little bit in the sides but the corner felt strong enough. So if you drop it several times, there is a possibility of a dent. After all, why would you let it drop?  

Jsver Case

Top Choice

Jsver oculus quest 2 case is a VR case that is compatible with Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and even Samsung Gear VR.

The exterior part is hard and durable, while the interior part has a soft inner lining, providing the perfect combo for keeping your VR accessories safe and secured.

The exterior features portable dimensions with a strong EVA cover made of nylon and Eva material that keeps your device safe from scratches, bumps, shock, and water droplets.

On the flip side, the interior of the Oculus quest 2 travel case with an inner elastic strap that holds the VR headset in place while you are on the go. Also included are mesh pockets where you can keep other VR accessories (like a controller’s kit).

Jsver oculus quest 2 cases are compatible with Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. However, there is no provision for keeping an elite strap in the case.

Fromsky Hard Case

Top Choice

Fromsky hard case is our next best oculus quest 2 carrying case designed specifically for Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus elite strap.

The case is a lightweight design with a waterproof surface and smooth zippers that hold all your stuff together. It composes of durable and high-quality EVA which is resistant to shock, dust, and water while protecting VR accessories from bumps and scratches.

The internal part of the hard case has a soft fabric, which provides double protection for your accessories.

Fromsky hard case features a comfy & sturdy hand strap and carabineer that makes the bag portable and easy to carry. It also includes a special elastic strap that holds your VR headset in place.

There is also an eye mask that perfectly fits your lens and protects it from dust.

Apart from the case, the full package also includes two Velcro, a lens protection cover, and a mesh bag. The mesh bag provides space for the storage of cables and other accessories.

Hongfeng Case

Top Choice

Hongfeng case is another amazing carrying case for oculus quest 2. The body features an exceptional quality EVA hard case that protects its content from scratches, bumps, and other external damaging factors. The case is also resistant to dust, shock, and water.

The inner part has a soft fabric, which also provides double protection for its content. A flexible mesh pocket with the case and it serves the additional purpose of storing cables and other accessories. The inner part also features unique elastic straps that hold the Oculus Quest 2 and related accessories firmly and securely.

Like the aforementioned cases, the Hongfeng case is designed for easy portability with a convenient handle that allows you to use the case outdoor. 

Hongfeng’s case is compatible with Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Elite strap. The Hongfeng package includes a case, 2 Velcro, a mesh bag, and a lens protection cover.

MASiKEN Travel Case

No products found.

MASiKEN Premium Travel Case is one of the best oculus quest 2 cases that you can get.

It is a classic design that delivers durable protection with 8mm 80 degrees EVA, 900D waterproof nylon, and a strong double zipper that keeps the content firmly secured. The case is resistant to shock, and water, hence it will also your accessories safe.

The bag provides all-around protection for your accessories as its interior part protects your Oculus Quest device and controllers from external forces and holds it securely in place.

Just in case you are preparing for a trip and you want to take your Oculus headset along with you, the bag features a built-in rubber carry handle that makes it easy to hold the bag. If you also prefer to carry it like a backpack, you can also do this via its featured shoulder strap that makes it even more convenient.

It is suitable for keeping Oculus Quest 128GB; 64GB, VR chargers, VR controller, and other accessories.

Apart from the carry case itself, the full package includes a shoulder strap, a charging cable strap, and a lens protection pad.

What should you look for while buying the best Oculus Quest 2 cases?

After intensive testing and from my two years of experience, I finally am going to share with you some guidelines for Oculus Quest 2 cases. 

When you have decided to buy a Quest 2 case, just consider things.

First, look if the hard case zips or latches are easily accessed. If these don’t access easily, it is better to avoid that case. Sooner or later it may not work. 

Second, the Quest 2 case must have toughness and durability. You can not make ensure yourself that it will not fall down from your hand or table. So if the carrying case is sturdy enough, your headset or controllers will be safe. 

Finally, you should check the Quest 2 case if there are any leaks. Because a leak can ruin your expensive and lovely console in a short time. 


Is the Oculus Quest 2 case worth it? 

Yes, the Oculus Quest 2 case is good enough to protect your consoles and other accessories from damage. I highly recommend you have a good hard case. 

Can I use the DSLR camera bag for the Oculus Quest 2 headset?

I would say “Yes”. But that will be not so protective as the official one. 
In the end, you know that there are a lot of Oculus Quest 2 cases of different sizes and various designs. Some are big and bulky, some are compact and protective. Again some fit the Oculus Quest 2 with an elite strap headset and some are not. 

From my point of view, if you want extra safety for your headset, I recommend you to go with Casematix Traveling Hard Case. It is the best case for security. But if you want a compact and perfect fit, you are good to go with the Sarlar Fashion Travel case. It is the best case for accessories.
On the other hand, if you are thinking to buy a customizable carrying case, then you can have the HIJIAO Harad Travel Case. it is the best case for customization.       

Hoping you will be benefited from it. 

Does the Quest 2 carrying case fit the elite strap?

Apart from the fact that the Quest 2 carrying case holds the headset, it also fits the elite strap and other VR accessories including cables, power adapter, and controllers.

Final Verdict

We have given you amazing varieties of carrying case options to choose from. However, before selecting a suitable case, you may have to consider the accessories you want to keep in it. This should influence your choice to a large degree.

Apart from the quality of the case (which is non-negotiable), your choice of an oculus quest 2 travel case should be one that can comfortably accommodate all your VR accessories and adequately protect them. As you can see from our review, some options have more luxury of space than others. You should be able to find one that will house your VR accessories conveniently and securely.

We can’t choose for you. We can only guide you to make a choice, which is what we have done in this review. We hope it helped.

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