Best Oculus Quest Lens Protector 2023

Best Oculus Quest Lens Protector

Do you want to share your Oculus Quest headset with a friend or family member but are worried that they will scratch the lenses? We have just the right choice for you.

As you already know, the Oculus Quest headset costs a lot, so when you purchase one, you want them to endure longer.

Most covers that get made especially made for VR headsets are so thick that they absorb the shock from interference and protect the lens from scratches or fragmentation.

To help you find the best Oculus Quest Lens Protector, we will review all of the worthy choices out there.

Buying Guide Best Oculus Quest Lens Protector

This section comprises some of the most important features that you should consider when shopping for an oculus quest lens cover:

The Quality of the Lens Protector: The quality of a lens protector is one feature that you should not neglect. It makes no sense to buy something that would not last for a considerable period. 

To ensure that you are buying an excellent quality VR lens protector, check for renowned manufacturers and products, as they are often more reliable.

Also, go through reviews from previous buyers, a product that has more critical reviews than good ones should not be an option.

Blue Light Protection: Blue light is not healthy for the eyes, especially if you are going to be exposed to it for a long time. For a VR gamer, your choice of lens protector should reduce the effect of blue light to a large extent. This way, you can play your virtual reality games for as long as you want without getting your eyes damaged.

The Protector should not Touch the Lens: Finally, your choice of lens cover should be one that does not touch the lens. This is important because a lens covet that touches your lens can increase the risk of it getting scratched, which is what you are trying to protect it from. 

So apart from getting a lens cover made of soft fabric, ensure that it would stay at a safe distance from your Oculus lens. 

5 Best Oculus Quest Lens Protector 2022

Topmaxions Anti-scratch Lens Protect Glasses

Topmaxions lens protector is a full protection kit equipped with 12 Anti-scratch rings with 3 heights for different face shapes and 2 color combinations. Also included is a protective lens cover and cloth for your lens.

The lens protector composes of hard silicone materials that are convenient to use while protecting the lens from getting scratched. The protector is simple to fix, as you can install it directly on the lens with no separate fixing of the silicone pad and base.

You can use the VR lens protector in between Myopia glasses and Quest 2 lenses to shield the lens and protect it from getting scratched. 

Topmaxions lens protector is our foremost oculus quest lens protector. It is also the only choice on our list that is compatible with Rift S, Oculus Quest Go, Quest 2, Oculus Quest.

Orzero Protective Case

Orzero Protective Case is a top-notch lens protector specifically made to be used with Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest VR lens. 

The package does not include VR accessories or the headset itself; it is just an oculus quest lens cover.

The protective cover features comfy Lycra cloth material that is easy to use and clean. The Lycra protective cloth is also resistant to scratches, dust, and shock.

The black-colored oculus lens protector also reduces waste as you can wash and reuse it.

Amaz247 Silicone Case and Lens Protector

Amaz247 silicone case and lens protector come in a durable design with a protective cover that is resistant to light penetration while in use. 

Amaz247 silicone cover kit comes in white, blue, and black color designs and would be a perfect fit for Oculus Quest 2.

The Oculus lens protector comprises outstanding quality eco-friendly silicone material that is safe to use while preventing skin irritations. 

The VR lens protector is easy to fix, with an accurate fit for the face. It is also convenient to wear as the material comes in a lightweight design. The material is hygienic, resistant to sweat, and easy to wash. 

When not in use, you can keep the lens cover in its featured silicone bag.

Topcovos Oculus Quest 2 Lens Cover

The Topcovos Oculus Quest 2 Lens Cover is a top-quality lens protector for oculus quest 2. It features soft and good-quality eco-friendly silicone material. 

One major feature that stands this lens cover out is its dust resistance ability. The lens cover is smooth and invariably easy to wear and remove after use.

The flexible texture of the lens cover also makes it easy to clean. You can wash the cover either manually or using a dishwasher.

We highly recommend the cover for Oculus Quest 2. Apart from the fact that it is a perfect fit, it can protect your Oculus Quest 2 headset from dust, shock, and scratches. 

Elie & Eason VR Cover Protection Kit

This is an all-in-one VR kit that includes all that you need for an enjoyable virtual reality session. This includes 1 eye cover, 1 lens hood, 1 hearing cloth, 1 wrist strap, 2 protective handle speeds, and 6 button caps.

It comes in a durable design that is a snug fit for your Oculus Quest 2 VR controllers for a top-notch virtual reality experience.

The button cap composes of non-slip, durable quality, soft silicone material that is free from odor and toxic chemicals. It shields your controller from dust, scratches, and external forces. 

There is also a non-slip handle cover made of silicone that enhances the feel while preventing dust, sweat, and scratches.

The VR protection kit works to shield your Oculus Quest 2 headset from getting scratched and dusty so that you can enjoy immersive virtual reality gaming every time.

KANG YU VR Protective Case Set

The KANG YU VR protective case set is our final best choice in this category. Designed specifically for Oculus Quest 2, the beginner’s protective case set comes with accessories that will enhance your VR gaming experience.   

The kit comprises 5 disposable eye covers, 2 controller grip covers, 1 lens cover,  1 VR housing case, and 1 virtual reality silicone case.

The disposable eye covers feature soft, breathable, and durable fabrics that are not woven. They protect the part of the VR headset that is in direct contact with the skin from sebum, sweat, and dirt.

The VR grip covers come in cutouts and whole designs for a free flow of signals to the headset while also improving the gripping capacity of the slippery plastic. 

The silicone cover features eco-friendly that has two major functions which are protecting the pad from sweat and light seepage. 

The case cover is made of durable and good quality soft silicone material that snugly fits and protects your Oculus Quest 2 headset. It also has designated hole positions that ensure heat transition and low power consumption while in use.

Final Verdict

Any material that would help you keep and maintain your Oculus Quest device is worth the extra bucks, hence getting a good oculus lens protector shouldn’t be up for a bargain.

The lens of your Quest is one of the most important yet delicate parts of your headset and you should keep it as safe as you can. With the aid of a good VR lens protector, keeping your Oculus lens is quite easy.

We have presented you with our 6 best lens cover choices to make your search easier and more productive.

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