Best VR Apps for Senior Citizens

Best VR Apps for Senior Citizens

Do you want to purchase some apps for the elderly in your family? We will help you.

Who says that VR is only for youth? To make sure our senior citizens have a pleasanter time, there are increasingly more apps created especially for them. These apps are more focused on relaxing and are moderate to avoid any physical, muscle, or nerve strain.

Most apps simulate places that citizens did not have the opportunity to visit and give them comfort without leaving the house.

To help you with your choice, we will review all of the best VR apps for senior citizens.

7 Best VR Apps for Senior Citizens


The first VR app for seniors on our list is the Wander app. It is a unique application with a timeline-based scenery. Just as its name portends, it allows people to travel around any location on Earth (including cities and homes) in the VR space with Google Maps Street View data, all of which can be done right in the comfort of your bedroom.

It is one of the best oculus quest 2 games for seniors that elderly people would love, especially those that are new to virtual reality as it allows people to choose their best timeline and visit their favorite locations and relish the memorable ones. All that is needed to travel is to click on a button on the left controller and you are there!

The interesting part is that it can be operated either singly or with multiple players. The app is an ideal companion for an adult on holiday and for people that do not enjoy physical travels.

Google Earth VR

Our next best oculus quest game for older adults is the Google Earth VR. Just like the Wander App, it affords older people the luxury of exploring different places in the world.

The game also gives adults an almost realistic experience of visiting and taking a tour around their favorite places anywhere on earth.

However, it is different from the aforementioned Wander app in that the app permits the conversion of the surroundings to a 3D model.

There are so many places that you would have loved to visit in your vibrant age but even if you were only able to make it to a few numbers of them, Google Earth VR will help you do the rest. With the app, you would be able to visit all the places you wished to without having to leave your physical location. Older Senior Citizens would love this.

Real VR Fishing

The app works just as its name sounds. Real VR fishing is a fishing app with beautiful views from real fishing spots. Another feature that makes the game even more real is that the fish hunters get to hunt for fish and retain their catches in a private VR aquarium.

The virtual fish hunting app is built for both single-play and multiple players, allowing you to customize your aquarium and make it even more attractive. Real VR fishing is one of the best VR games for seniors with a calm and soothing view that would keep adults relaxed and entertained.

Oculus TV

Oculus TV is a virtual reality for seniors with interesting video content including immersive animations and videos. Adults can be entertained by watching TV in VR. They also have the opportunity to your round the places they have been dreaming of including live locations and tourist places like Mount Everest.

Most of the immersive video content is produced with up to 4k or 8k high-resolution settings for quality video display. Different standalone apps can also be accessed from Oculus TV including FandangoNOW, Netflix, ESPN, and other interesting applications.

YouTube VR

Our next best virtual reality for seniors is the YouTube VR. It is similar to Oculus TV with high-quality video content including live streaming videos.

Adults can pretty much watch any video on VR via YouTube (including 3D 360 videos), however, the immersion experience may vary with different video content. The videos are mostly of high-definition resolution with impressive quality images. Videos can be easily searched for via the keyboard or with your voice, however, you would be needing a microphone for the latter.

YouTube VR gives adults a real-time experience of watching their favorite video content and happenings at their favorite locations all around the world on virtual reality.  

Nature Treks VR

Nature is known to be a good aid for relaxation. For example, sitting at a safe spot somewhere around a beach while watching the fall and rise of the sea can help you calm your raging nerves. What if there is an app that offers this therapeutic relaxation aid and others right in the comfort of your room?

Would be amazing, isn’t it?

Nature Treks VR allows users to enjoy alluring and attractive scenes of nature to calm their nerves and aid meditative time in adults. Visit the most fascinating places in the world up to the stars and down to underwater oceans. With 9 attractive colored themes, you can customize your virtual environment and even the time of the day and the weather condition. You can also turn off the music so you can have it all calm and soothing, depending on what you want. These and more are what you stand to enjoy on the Nature Treks VR, and it is an app that most adults would find very handy.


A lot of adults seem to find hanging out with people interesting, especially having to do stuff together like watching sports games and enjoying a musical concert. If you are looking for one of the best VR apps for seniors, Venues could just be the end of your search.

Venues is an adult app that serves the social advantage of allowing people to watch events together and related in the virtual world without having to physically move around.

Using the Venues app seems to be an interesting way to get rid of boredom. Together is fun and the app allows adults to do stuff with other people including watching sports, and fascinating scenes.

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