Dell Laptops With Backlit Keyboard

Dell laptops with backlit keyboard

It is difficult to operate any work accurately on the keyboard under a lowlight environment. The invention of the backlighting keyboard has solved the problems and made computer users more effective in their working sessions. 

Nowadays dell laptops with backlit keyboards are one of the strongest competitors in modern computer technology. 

You could be a professional gamer, a blogger, a businessman, or a student. The need for a backlit keyboard for today is undeniable. 

When you are working at home on a laptop, unfortunately, the light is gone. The indoor environment light is insufficient for your work. What will you do then?

Suppose you are traveling by air. Everyone is asleep, even a little babe sitting beside you. But you have emergency work on your laptop. Then a laptop with a backlit keyboard is useful for you.

At present, the number of field workers who work with surveys has increased. They work till night even other people are sleeping. If you are a field worker, you must think of that situation so that you can work efficiently on your laptop keyboard. 

If you are looking for dell laptops with a backlit keyboard then you are on the right stand. Because I have listed down some of the best dell laptops considering your budget ability. These laptops are strong in build quality and best in performance. 

List of Dell Laptops With Backlit Keyboard
  • Dell Inspiron 7000 – 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop | AMD Ryzen 5 4500U | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | Backlit Keyboard
  • Dell XPS 13 9305 – Core i5-1135G7 | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD |13.3″ Full HD Display | Backlit Keyboard
  • Dell Inspiron – AMD Ryzen 5 3450U | Quad-Core 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD 

Best Dell Laptops With Backlit Keyboard  

Dell Inspiron 15: Best under 600

This model from dell is one of the best production ever on a small budget. You can achieve more on the go with stunning views, sleek design, and the super performance of CPU-GPU, long-lasting battery life.  

Dell Inspiron 15 has been built to keep you moving with a better viewing angle, memorable power, and excellent travel light. This is one of the cheapest dell laptops with a backlit keyboard. You can afford it for your business, personal use, school work and sometimes it is for sure for some basic games but not heavy games.

Backlit keyboard performance

Whenever I use the dell machine I have not many complaints about the keyboard. The Dell keyboard is one of my favorite keyboards. It is a one-zone backlit keyboard. 

I felt not super quality but in this budget, I would say this is really lovely to me. I am glad that it has a number pad. Many laptops on this day do not offer that convenience.           

I felt a nice experience typing on it. The backlit keyboard was good enough to support my late-night actions. I really liked hitting the keys with my thumbs. 

My only complaint about this machine is its trackpad. It is not glass-topped. The click doesn’t feel great but at the same time, it is pretty large. 

Overall, the backlit keyboard has stability. When I was pressing, I got definite movement. I would say it is totally acceptable.

Dell Inspiron 7000 

If you wish to have a laptop that can handle most of the applications simultaneously for seamless multitasking, this laptop is great for this budget. It offers ample storage and quick booting time. This Dell Inspiron laptop boasts the AMD integrated graphics card. This has made this machine more special at this price. Whether visual or color, it provides neutral and elegant expression.      

Backlit keyboard performance

Moving on to the interior space and you will notice that the LED-backlit keyboard layout is similar to XPS 13 except for the size of the keycaps. They are smaller and the key spacing is adequate for typing. 

The keys are good but it just lacks when I was bottoming out. It just has mushy feelings and the key distance is pretty good. I would classify these as a good level considering the price. 

The LED-backlit system is quite good and gets the job done in low-light situations. I also want to mention that the power button functions as a fingerprint reader. It is a really nice addition to the security option for this laptop. 

The touchpad performed well but it has just hard to get used to comfortably. Still, it is enough responsive in this budget.

Dell XPS 13 9305: Best for businesses under $1200

The new Dell XPS 13.3 inch is one of my personal favorites and the best dell 2-in-1 laptop with backlit keyboards. It’s now possible to immerse in your productivity on a remarkably thin and light laptop.

This is absolutely good for business because it provides great power, security, durability, and is easy to use. Most of the clients feel so bored in the reading and writing data section. This machine helps to provide you with the fastest response time. 

Another issue is found with portability to the employees. That will not happen with this laptop.       

Backlit Keyboard Performance 

When you flip the lid of your laptop, you can see the nice carbon fiber black finish compact LED-backlit keyboard. It feels so premium under my finger and I did not feel fatigue typing on it. I feel like I am typing on a pillow and I can type on this laptop very long session.

The chicklet keyboard has white backlighting with has 2 levels of key brightness. It illuminates all keys and secondary key functions. 

By default, the keyboard only stays lid up for 10 seconds. But it can be modified in BIOS with separate timers. 

The keyboard has 1mm of key travel. 

The glass precision touchpad felt extremely smooth to touch. It clicks down anywhere and just feels nice to use. Everything worked perfectly. No issuers were found in this section.  

Overall it will provide you with the best operating experience on the keyboard in any environment.            

Dell G15: best for gaming  under 1000 

When you think about a gaming laptop, the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is bulky, big, and heavy. Of course, there is a common issue that is poor battery life. The G15 let not you disappoint in these parts. It has the ability to manage balancing performance, good battery life, and weight.

The 6 gigabytes NVIDIA RTX 3050ti puts this laptop into a solid mid-range gaming laptop. That means running intensive graphics games to basic games is quite possible. No issues should not remain for running games or rendering any design. 

It is about 5.4 pounds which is light enough for you to carry around your backpack or a laptop case. 

The 15.6-inch screen is great with 120Hz capability. The color gamut was good enough for gaming. I found an issue with the viewing angle. When I was trying to look at the screen from a different angle, at some angle the images of the screen started to wash out.

When it comes to battery life, it could possible to provide around 8 hours on average. 

Thinking of all of the parts it is still the best laptop from dell in this budget.            

Backlit keyboard performance

My keyboard has one zone of orange backlighting. The keys still stay orange accenting even the lighting off. But there is also a 4 zone RGB option too. 

All keys and secondary keys functions are lit up. There are 2 levels of key brightness which can be controlled with the F5 shortcut key. I had no problems with typing and pressing it. The only thing I didn’t like is the small arrow keys. By default, the keyboard backlighting times run out after 10 seconds. But it can be adjustable through the BIOS.          

There are also air vents at the back above the keyboard.

The precision touchpad worked alright. But for me, I felt a little bit small.

Dell Inspiron 17

No products found.

For Inspiron 2 in 1 convertible series, this Inspiron 17 is the best dell laptop with a touchscreen and backlit keyboard so far. It is a quad-core i7 killer for multimedia, gaming, and business. Besides, you are getting better battery life. It is a little bit heavy but not so heavy for 17.3-inch laptops. 

Backlit keyboard performance 

This convertible laptop has a 22.6 mm full-sized backlit keyboard. There is plenty of room for a keyboard. I would have liked it to give you a little separation between a Numpad and the regular section of the keyboard. 

The keys are very tactile and it’s not loose or clacking. The key’s travel distance is 1.3 mm which is great but it could have made a little bit more space for a 17.3-inch laptop.

The precision touchpad is pretty decent and I liked it a lot although I felt a little bit small.  It was clicking down anywhere easily. Another advantage is you are getting a fingerprint reader. 

Dell G15: Best for gaming under 800

No products found.

The G15 is dell’s all-new replacement for the outgoing G3 and G5 engineered by Alienware. This fresh reboot of the budget-conscious G series aims to address many shortcomings of the older models with a focus on build quality and cooling capacity. Dell has finally made it possible to deliver a budget gaming laptop. If you are a dell machine lover, this is the best dell laptop with a backlit keyboard.

Backlit Keyboard Performance

This laptop has a full-sized optional 4 zones RGB backlit keyboard. The keycaps feel slightly undersized. Notably, the key mechanisms on the RGB keyboard are distinctly different from those on the standard keyboard. 

The scissors mechanism feels more solid and provides more even support to the keycaps. I got more pleasant typing on here outdoors and indoors. 

The windows precision touchpad works very well with no input lag. The integrated click pad button on this laptop is not as loose as the one on the base model unit.           

Other performance

The 120 Hz refresh rate 15.6 inch (19201080p) white viewing angle display is obviously fantastic. The white viewing angle means good viewing visibility from most sides. When I was gaming I thoroughly enjoyed the visual experience with this laptop even during the time of media consumption.

It’s cover 45% NTSC color accuracy and 250 nits of brightness which is amazing for the users.    

The base clock speed for the CPU is 2.4 GHz and max turbo boost performance is up to 4.1 GHz. This is huge in this budget.

The integrated Ultra High Definition 4 GB of GPU RTX 1650 is pretty enough for most modern games. I played several games and I got satisfactory results. Not the super best but it is the best for this price and for dell machine lovers.

Dell XPS 15

No products found.

This is one of the best dell laptops with backlit keyboard. I have been using this now for two months and I absolutely love the way it balances the portability, power, and looks. You will be surprised when you will notice the 15 inches 3.5K OLED touch display. It is bright, vibrant, and sharp. 

You can quickly change the color profile on the taskbar from full vibrant to Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, sRGB, and many more depending on your mood.

I love the thin bezel and this has made this laptop feel small even though it is a 15-inch machine.        

Backlit keyboard performance

I am happy with the backlit keyboard. I have no issues with its layout, size, or key travel. I can type really fast on this at night or in daylight. 

t is so comfortable to rest your palms on. It feels lovely and quite luxurious. The top row has function keys for screen brightness, keyboard backlit, and volume buttons which I use frequently. 

The trackpad is also very good, and roomy. It is pretty responsive to swipes, and gestures like scrolling. It worked exactly as I expected and it should be.

I was worried when buying. Because last year I got some issues with the trackpad with a double click. I am glad that this year they have solved that problem.      

Other performance

When it comes to gaming, this laptop could cope with the high demanding gaming with reasonable thermal heat and noise levels. The RTX 3050 graphic is impressive for gaming along with the 11th generation CPU.    

I am happy with gaming. When I was playing games the GPU can push more power than the CPU. For example- for Apex Legends, I got above 100 fps and the GPU supported the game with 45 watts. Besides, the CPU could heat 15 watts at the same time. 

This laptop is also rich in ports. When you got this laptop you can find on the right side a headset jack, a full-sized SD card, and a USB Type-C port. On the left side, you will have 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports and a Kensington lock. 

But I really miss the absence of full-sized USB-3 ports. I expected that and it should have. Although it has not got an HDMI port, you can run it with an adapter. But without a USB-3 port, you may face some disadvantages.

The screen of this laptop is incredibly bright. Although they claimed 500 nits, I got 480 nits. I see no issues here. Because 480 nits are over the need for any users. It is glossy and has amazing color accuracy with 100% sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB, and a high P3.    

Dell M15 R6: Best gaming laptop 

There is no one who doesn’t want smooth, stunning visuals, impressive memory, or a high-speed gaming action laptop. If you have enough budget and are looking for a tactile gaming experience, so this is it. 

This is the best of the best gaming laptop with a backlit keyboard produced so far. Because this M15 lets you play games with the 240 Hz fastest G-Sync display. 

The RTX 3080 ensures you provide clear, and graphics-intensive gameplay with max 125W graphics power. Besides the Alienware Cryo-Tech, an advanced cooling system optimizes your device during gaming.  

Backlit keyboard performance

If you are looking for the best dell gaming laptop with a backlit keyboard, so the M15 R6 will be the right one and a good choice for you. It has 4 zones of RGB backlighting keyboard and all keys and function keys are illuminated. To turn on or off the backlighting, you can be used the F7 shortcut key. The keys felt clicky and had a 1.8mm of key travel. 

This model also has cherry MX low-profile mechanical keys with per-key lighting. You can change the color of the effect based on the battery charge level. This is very fun to type on this keyboard. It May or may not be a deal-breaker, it has no number pad. 

The precision touchpad is very smooth and worked really well.

Other performance

The Alienware command center software offers you a mode-changing performance system. You will be able to convert into balanced, full speed, quiet, cool, and performance. The maximum temperature is limited by modifying a setting in the BIOS called TSS offset. So the thermal system is absolutely great.

While playing games, I got the best result in comparison to other dell laptops. I have tasted all games with full speed mode and Optimus disabled. For Cyberpunk 2077 I got 83.5 fps, Red dead Redemption 2 94.58 fps, Control 103.9 fps, and other intensive graphic games respectively. 

The storage system performed well. The capability of reading and writing was awesome. It can be read as 3446.36 MB/s and wrote 2657.56 MB/s.

The 260 Hz screen was great. It supports G-Sync. The color gamut was great for gaming with 99.7%  sRGB, ADOBERGB 75.6%, DCI-P3 79.4%, and contrast level 985:1 coverage. The response time was just 4.5ms which is standard for a good laptop.

Overall, considering the all components’ performance, this laptop gonna be a full package and ideal for professional gamers. 

How to Buy Dell Laptops With Backlit Keyboard

As there are many reasons to buy a laptop with a backlit keyboard, there are some techniques also to follow when you are going to buy backlit keyboards. The things you should consider before buying. These are discussed below.

Size of the keys

This is the prime factor you must see before buying your favorite laptop. If the size of the keys does not fit your finger size, you should avoid that keyboard even if it has a backlight.

Design of the keyboard

Full-sized keyboards always provide more advantages with most features and a Numpad. Besides, the keys shapes and functionality, light position, and the design of the frames are also included here. If these characteristics go with your expectations, then grab it.

Light quality

This part is very special for the users. All backlit keyboards can not provide a decent quality of light. You can see in many laptops that some have dim light and other eye-catching lighting. It depends on the adjustable settings of the keyboard. Try to buy a laptop with a backlit keyboard that has options to manage the lighting.

Linearity of the keys

During typing, you obviously do not want your laptop’s keyboard to make noise. If the keys have linear switches, you can get rid of the problem and can get tactile feedback.   

Distance of key travel

Key travel distance makes the difference in your typing or operating performance. You are not getting a smooth experience when your key’s distance is too far or too close. Just try to type before you buy or read the keyboard’s description carefully.                  


Does the backlit keyboard drain the battery?

Yes. it does. Especially when you are gaming, it consumes more battery.

How long do keyboard LED lights last?

On average, LED lights on a keyboard last 5 years.

Does a backlit keyboard increase temperature?

There is no direct or significant source of overheating your keyboard. But having no extra air vent can be the reason for increasing temperature.     

How to turn on/off the backlit keyboard on dell laptops?

To turn on/off the light on the keyboard, just hit the function key F5 button. 
If it doesn’t work, you just restart your computer. Once turned off then keep hitting the F2 key to open the BIOS setup. On-screen in the left panel, you can see the system configuration and click on that. After clicking there, you will find two options named “Dim” or “Bright”. Clicking any of them, you can control the backlit keyboard.

Final Verdict

Dell has been introducing new advanced technology for years. They have successfully been able to meet the demands of different budget customers.    

Not all dell laptops have a backlit keyboard. There is some category like premium, gaming, ultrabook, or budget laptops. Again all class people don’t have the affordability to get all categories. 

Here, I have tried to provide you with the best laptops that are available for backlighting keyboards. Not only for the premium class people but also for every category of users.    

Hoping these will be useful with your workflows. Best wishes

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