How to Put on VR Glasses Spacer?

When using a VR headset, wearing glasses can sometimes be uncomfortable or prevent a proper fit. To address this issue, many VR headsets provide a glasses spacer or insert that allows you to wear your glasses while using the device. The glasses spacer creates additional space between your face and the lenses of the VR headset, accommodating the extra width and ensuring a more comfortable and immersive experience. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of putting on a VR glasses spacer, enabling you to enjoy virtual reality without compromising on visual clarity or comfort.

how to put on vr glasses spacer

To put on a VR glasses spacer, follow these steps:

  • Check if your VR headset has a glasses spacer: Some VR headsets come with a glasses spacer or an additional insert that provides extra space for wearing glasses comfortably. Check the packaging or the headset’s user manual to confirm if a glasses spacer is included.
  • Remove the VR headset’s facial interface: Most VR headsets have a detachable facial interface or foam padding that rests against your face. Gently remove it by following the manufacturer’s instructions or by pressing on the designated release buttons or tabs.
  • Attach the glasses spacer: If your VR headset includes a glasses spacer, align it with the headset’s lens area. The spacer should have corresponding slots or hooks to fit securely into place. Carefully slide or snap the spacer into position.
  • Reattach the facial interface: Once the glasses spacer is in place, reattach the facial interface or foam padding to the VR headset. Align the edges and press firmly to ensure it fits securely with the glasses spacer.
  • Put on the VR headset: With the glasses spacer properly installed, put on the VR headset as you normally would. Adjust the head straps and fit mechanisms to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Put on your glasses: Now that the glasses spacer is in place, put on your glasses as you would typically wear them. The additional space provided by the spacer should accommodate your glasses comfortably without pressing against the lenses.
  • Adjust the headset if needed: Once you have the VR headset and glasses on, check for any discomfort or pressure. If necessary, make slight adjustments to the head straps, fit mechanisms, or glasses position to optimize comfort and clarity.
  • Test the visuals: Start up your VR experience and check the visuals to ensure that both the headset lenses and your glasses lenses are aligned properly. Make any necessary adjustments to the headset position or glasses placement to achieve the clearest and most comfortable view.

By using a glasses spacer, you can create the necessary room and comfort for wearing glasses inside a VR headset. It helps to prevent the glasses from touching the lenses of the headset and ensures a better overall experience for glasses wearers.

how to put glasses spacer in oculus quest 2

To put on a glasses spacer in the Oculus Quest 2, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your Oculus Quest 2 is powered off and remove it from your head.
  • Locate the facial interface of the headset. It is the part that comes in contact with your face and can be detached.
  • Gently press the tabs on either side of the facial interface to release it from the headset. The tabs are located towards the top of the interface, near the lenses.
  • Once the facial interface is detached, you will see the default foam padding. Remove this foam padding by pulling it away from the facial interface. It should come off easily.
  • Take the glasses spacer, which should have been included with your Oculus Quest 2, and align it with the grooves on the facial interface. Make sure the spacer is centered properly.
  • Press the glasses spacer firmly into place, ensuring that it is securely attached to the facial interface.
  • Now, take your glasses and put them on as you normally would.
  • Put the Oculus Quest 2 back on your head, aligning the lenses with your eyes.
  • Adjust the straps of the headset to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Power on your Oculus Quest 2 and start enjoying your virtual reality experience with glasses comfortably accommodated by the glasses spacer.

Remember to take regular breaks during VR sessions and adjust the headset as needed for optimal comfort and clarity.

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