Cheapest Laptop With Longest Battery Life

Cheapest Laptop With Longest Battery Life

If you asked about my opinion, I would say that premium laptop with the highest specs, graphics options, storage, and processing speed fail in front of machines with huge battery life. I don’t think that those technological beasts can beat good battery timing. I mean, what is the point of a remote device if it can’t hold its charging?

For extended battery life, users usually expect more than 10 hours of battery backup. That is precisely what we kept in mind before writing this description. 10 – 15 hours of life is enough to attend long meetings, online classes, gaming, and cross-country travel. Put that down; these laptops are made for everything.

Here are some long battery laptops:

Cheapest Laptop With Longest Battery Life

Buying guide: laptop with long battery life and lightweight

The battery type used:

So, what makes the battery timing suitable? Well, it depends on various factors, and type of the battery used is a crucial one. NiMH battery is ranked on the top if we talk about this matter. It provides a minimum battery backup of 10 – 14 hours. But some users have claimed that NiMH battery can affect the memory. So, to avoid this, we will suggest a Lithium battery because it offers the same battery backup and does not increase the overall weight of your laptop.


I can understand if your overall objective for a laptop is its battery life, but what would you do with a computer that struggles at running correctly? Make sure that your computer has enough specs to give you the expected performance.


Sometimes, NiMH battery can affect the memory of your device. So, add enough memory to store your data and enough ram to run your device smoothly. I think 8GB DDR4 ram and 500+ SSD M1 should be your minimum requirements for regular usage.

Choose a trusted brand:

Name of the brand matters. It is about trusting someone for everything they say about their product. Don’t go for a brand that no one has ever heard of, or don’t fall for names at all. For example, if you choose a Dell laptop, then you should read its reviews too. As your primary concern is about battery hours, you should go for something that comes from a famous brand and has good customer reviews.

Cheapest Laptop With Longest Battery Life

Cheapest Laptop With Longest Battery Life

We crafted the following devices that can meet your battery hour needs.

HP 14, AMD Ryzen 5

I’ve used this laptop for a long time, and I am still using it. I don’t know how to say this, but Ryzen 5 is a beast of processing, battery timing, and performance. If you consider this laptop, you shouldn’t think about anything else; place your order, and you will know the value of your money within a week.

Most of its users are still using it with its built-in 8GB DDR4 RAM, but they should add an 8GB DDR4 stick to unlock its true power. Because without it, you are missing about 40% of its potential. Moreover, you should add extra space with an additional 500GB SSD M2 storage option to increase its overall load time.

If you are a game lover, you should not worry about anything because you won’t find anything like this at these cheap rates. It offers a 1080p display and will indeed offer you some sharp and clean graphics.

Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

I think Samsung always offers some mouthwatering deals like this one right here. This beast got some severe specs within a light weighted metallic body. 7th generation m3 processor, impressive battery hours, sharp and stylish design, and much more to talk about.

You will have an Intel 7th generation m3 processor, the most reliable thing in the Chromebook industry, but it can be a bit underpowered for windows. It is still providing you with an impressive 1 – 2.4 GHz clock speed and 4.5 W TDP.

We ran a battery test of this machine, and we weren’t so happy or disappointed. We noticed a 12% battery drop within one and a half hours while doing nothing. So, we can expect about 10 – 11 hours of battery life, which is not so bad, certainly for a cheap device like this. I used this laptop for about three days without charging it.

Acer Aspire 5

I can sit here for a whole day and write on this lightweight device. If you are looking for something with $300 – $400, a device that can handle your hectic routine while staying alive with you, then you should go for it. When I ordered this laptop, I hoped for extra battery hours, but I got a lot more than that. Buy this machine for $300, add a bit more for an extra ram and storage, sit back and enjoy the actual performance. Within a week, you will realize that you got a lot more in 1/3 rates people spend on trash.

It offers 4GBs of DDR4 ram and 128GB of SSD M2 storage option. If you avoid adding extra spaces, you will miss about 50% of the actual potential. I will suggest about 8GB of ram, and 256 or 500GB of storage space. Then sit back, and watch it fly to the heights.

According to our battery testing, we witnessed about 12 hours of battery backup which should be more than enough. An average user will forget about charging this thing at all.

HP 15, 11th Gen Intel Core i5

If you are a freelancer and have to work in different locations where it is impossible to charge any device, then close your eyes, and go for this device. Its lightweight, impressive battery life, specs, and performance make this a stand out device within this price range.

It comes with an 11th generation i5 processor and offers maximum processing speed. To unleash its true power, you should add an additional 8GB DDR4 stick along with its built-in ram. If you are missing such detailing, then you are wasting about 30% of true potential. If you love games, then you will be stunned with its 1080p IPS anti-glare display, 15.6 inches screen size, and about 10 hours of battery life.

HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop

According to my testing, I think this device is not made for gaming or heavy business use. If you are looking for an aesthetic device with limited yet reliable features, you should buy this. It will be an ideal machine for a student who has to deal with tons of assignments or even a freelancer who wants extra battery life.

We tested its battery life, and we were stunned by the results. We notice an 8% of battery drop within an hour while watching a movie on it. Moreover, we got about 15 hours of battery hours which is mouthwatering.

Its storage and RAM options are disappointing, as it offers 32 GBs of storage space and 4GB of DDR4 RAM. To use it at its full potential, I recommend adding an extra 4GB of RAM and about 256GBs of SSD M2 storage option.

2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop

I’ve always been a fan of MacBook Apple and their features. We are all very aware of the place and standard that apple got for its devices. After three months of using this laptop, I am still satisfied with its performance, promises, and reliability. Pro Tip: make sure to add as much memory and RAM as you can afford because you will keep on seeing its true potential.

Still, without an upgrade, you will have eight cores of CPU and GPU, which is more than enough for every user—8GBs of DDR4 ram for smoothness and 512 GBs of storage space for the fastest load time. I suggest you upgrade these to 16GBs of RAM and 1TB of ROM, and you will unleash its hidden capabilities.

According to our battery testing, it offers about 15 – 18 hours of battery backup, which will make you forget about charging this thing for a couple of days. It can be an ideal solution for a freelancer or a businessman who has to travel a lot.

ASUS Laptop L210

Within its light-weighted body lies something special. With Intel Celeron N4020 Processor and excellent battery timing, ASUS has become a leading brand in the tech industry. We know that storage and RAM options are a bit disappointing but still worth buying.

I replaced its built-in storage options with 16GBs of DDR3 RAM and 500GBs of SSD M1 NVMe storage option, and it got speedy as Hell! The best thing about this laptop is its extra slot for adding additional ROM, so you don’t have to remove the old drive and copy its data.

It is an excellent value to your money, only available in a couple of hundred dollars. You won’t find a better device as this is within the cheapest price range. Moreover, it will stay alive for about 10 – 13 hours easily.

Samsung Chromebook 4

Samsung has always been impressive in providing reliable and compatible devices to its users. Chromebook 4 is an example of their excellence. I mean, which brand offers a 15 hours battery backup for $150? Keep reading.

Along with its Intel Celeron Processor, it offers a UHD 600 Graphics chip as well. Military-grade multi-layer virus protection system makes it trustworthy for business organizations. Disappointing for most users because of its lower RAM and ROM, but it will provide the smoothest performance when upgraded to 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256 SSD M1 NVMe storage. Lastly, we tested about 15 hours of battery backup.


We’ve been receiving some questions about the best battery laptops, and we thought to answer them here. Keep reading!

What is the best type of battery?

In 2021, both lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries are ruling the industry and competing with each other. I think both of them are great and have their pros and cons. Let’s talk about heavy usage, long-lasting battery health, and fast charging. I will go for a lithium-ion battery because of its high energy levels, power, and compatibility with heavy use.

Which battery type is safer?

I think, as lithium polymer is an upgraded form of lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer is safer because lithium-ion has a liquid casing, which is vulnerable to explosion than lithium-polymer, which is made of lithium casing.

What is the best laptop with long battery life and lightweight?

I will vote for HP 14, AMD Ryzen 5.

Final Verdict

I know the importance of reliable battery hours because I have suffered from such circumstances as well. Laptops are made for remote usage, and if one laptop does not have enough battery life to support your needs without charging, I don’t see a point in using such devices.

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