Can You Play Oculus Quest 2 in The Dark

Can You Play Oculus Quest/Quest 2 in The Dark

You probably want to know if your Oculus Quest 2 works in the dark. Here are some answers.

The answer can be both yes and no from a perspective.

It is possible to use Oculus Quest with either regular light or IR light. IR light is a device that transmits light in the infrared spectrum.

In this article, you will see both answers explained further, including how you can use a headset with optical sensors.

Here’s why you can’t play Oculus Quest and Quest 2 in the dark

It’s more like a death trap or, to put it mildly, an injury trap when you play VR games with your headset in the dark. Why? Because you can’t see anything!

Due to the headset’s use of cameras and optical sensors for tracking and navigating, Oculus Quest and Quest 2 cannot be used in the dark.

A headset camera must be able to see through the gaming area for effective tracking.

As a result, you will be unable to play VR games with your Quest headset without light.

Oculus Quest 2 can be played in the dark, but…

Don’t be confused, you can also play games with your headset at night or in the dark.

Using an infrared flood illuminator to brighten the play area with infrared light might work well if you have to play Oculus Quest VR games in the dark.

You can use either an infrared light bulb or a regular bulb from trusted platforms like Amazon (we recommend infrared light bulbs).

As we mentioned earlier, your headset needs light to track, therefore, your play area (or room) requires light to be effective.

However, it is still important to be careful with the light, especially when illuminating a dark room. The light intensity must be moderate, which means that it should not be too bright or too dark, just somewhere in the middle.

If you cross the boundary, your headset will alert you.

The position of light bulbs in a dark room when using the Oculus Quest and Quest VR headsets

“Where should I place the light bulbs for proper illumination?” is another question that may arise from time to time.

Since the whole room (or at least your gaming area) needs to be brightened, it doesn’t really matter where you place the light bulb.

It doesn’t matter where you hang it as long as there is lighting, whether it’s on the ceiling or on the floor.

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