PlayStation VR Replacement Cables

Best PlayStation VR Replacement Cables

PSVR headset is a good quality package that comes with everything you would need for virtual reality gaming, including an HDMI cable. 

Using a Playstation will involve the connection of the headset to the PlayStation using the cables that come with the PSVR. However, the PSVR only comes with one cable, which may get spoilt with use. If this happens, you don’t have to dispose of your PSVR. You can continue gaming with an alternate cable option. 

Also, you don’t have to wait till the cables get spoilt before getting an alternative. You can get an extra cable handy just in case it happens when you least expect it.

We will start with a buying guide to help you select the best PSVR cable replacement.

Top 5 Playstation VR Replacement Cables

1. HDMI Extension

It is a high-quality replacement extension cable that is compatible with PS4 PS VR virtual reality VR headset 1Gen. The PSVR replacement cable is about 12 feet long, which is long enough to enable you to move freely during VR. The cable is specifically for the PS4 virtual reality headsets.

If you don’t mind taking a risk, try HDMI Connection Extension Cable for PS4. There isn’t much to say about it in terms of customer review, but it still deserves a trial. 

If you decide to give this a shot, please ensure to leave a review to guide other potential buyers on the search for ideal replacement cables. 

2. Amazon HDMI Cable

Amazon Basics CL3 Rated High-Speed HDMI Cable stands out as a high-performance cable that features triple-shielding, gold-plated full metal jacket connectors, and 26AWG copper conductors to protect the cable and induce an outstanding performance. 

The PlayStation VR headset cable replacement is a durable male-to-male cable with a length of 15 feet that enables connection to different channels, including 3D, 4k video, Ethernet, and Audio Return Channel (ARC). 

It is a standard HDMI cable that supports a bandwidth of up to 18Gbps. It also displays 4k videos at 24Hz, and with 48-bit deep color, it displays 1080p at 60 Hz. 

With the cable, you don’t need a separate Ethernet cable to share an internet connection between multiple devices. 

It can secure the connection of different devices, connecting game boxes, video players, PCs, Apple & Fire TV (and other devices enabled by HDMI) to A/V receivers, TVs, displays, and other devices. High-speed connection and exceptional playback features also characterize the PlayStation VR replacement cable.

3. Capshi 4k HDMI Cable

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Capshi 4k HDMI Cable is a durable and high-quality cable that is 6.6 feet long. It is one of the most durable PSVR replacement cables on the market. Although it is not as long as other cable options, it would still do its job well enough.

The gold-plated cable features corrosion-resistant connectors and tinplate metal shielding that ensures stable transmission of signals while preventing interference with external signals and reducing the loss of signals to a minimal point.

Capshi 4k HDMI cable supports connection to different channels from Ethernet, 4k, Audio Return Channel (ARC), 3D, and others. It is also backward compatible with earlier HDMI versions as HDMI 1.3, 1.4, 2.0, 2.0a, and 2.1.  

With Capshi 4k HDMI cable, you don’t need an additional audio or network cable in between your devices as it extends bandwidth of up to 18 Gbps. 

The male-to-male cable is of high quality, designed with 24k gold plated connectors and a nylon braided cover that promotes durability. The cable ensures buffer-free internet, & excellent video quality, and sound. It’s characterized by fast speed makes it ideal for gaming, working, and streaming videos. 

You can use it for any device that supports HDMI connection, including monitors, PCs, TVs, PS3, and other devices in this category, connecting them to your displays, 4k and HD TVs, and monitors without stress.

4. Old Skool AC DC Adapter

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If you are looking for an ideal replacement for your damaged VR AC adapter, Old Skool AC DC Adapter Charger is one of the best Playstation VR replacement cables. The cable is specifically for PS VR and it is compatible with all VR models.

The cable is 7.5 feet long, and it is fully compatible with all models of Playstation VR. It has an output of 12V 3amp and an input of 100 to 240 volts and 60Hz.

It is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is to plug one end of the adapter into your power outlet and the other end to the VR processor and you are all set for an incredible playtime. 

Buying Guide of Playstation VR Replacement Cables

Choosing the best Playstation VR replacement cable is a necessity for PSVR. The cables are prone to damage at unexpected times and you can’t use PSVR without a cable connection. Hence it is important to have an ideal alternative, just in case. 

Below are some features that would guide your search and help you make an ideal choice of PSVR replacement cable:

Type of Materials Used 

The best choice of replacement cables is high-quality cables that are durable. There is no point getting a cable that won’t even last half as long as the original PSVR cable or you would have to make a budget for cables now and then. 

Cables with braided wiring plated connectors and excellent insulating properties would make an excellent choice. They serve the advantage of protecting the cable while ensuring the stable transmission of signals with reduced signal loss. 

The Cable Manufacturer 

To choose a high-quality PSVR replacement cable, consider an option that was produced by a known manufacturer. One effective way to do this is to find out about the manufacturer of the cables before purchase. Surfing the web or looking through reviews of people who have first-hand experience with cable can also be helpful. A product review like the one you are holding in your hands can also help you make a wonderful choice.

The Price of the Cable

Finally, you should also consider how much you will spare for an extra cable before commencing your search. Not all high-priced cables are of excellent quality and not all moderately priced ones are bad. Although pricing might not be a reliable determinant of quality, a cable that is too cheap might just show inferior quality. 

Look through different cable options and try to determine the average price of cables, then plan your budget around this price range. Before making your decision, don’t forget to check for reviews from people who have used the product and read what people have to say about the manufacturer and the cable quality.

At a Glance

With everything necessary in place, PSVR is a fun device that offers more value at an affordable price. The full kit includes a headset, processor, earbuds, an HDMI, USB cable, an AC power adapter, and a headset connection cable. You can also buy some parts of the kit, especially if you don’t need the complete package.

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