Quest 3 to Maintain PC VR Support with the Help of Oculus Link

The highly anticipated Oculus Quest 3, the next iteration of the popular virtual reality headset, is expected to continue supporting PC VR experiences. Thanks to the innovative feature called Oculus Link, Quest 3 users will have the ability to connect their headset to a PC, unlocking the vast library of PC VR games and applications. This compatibility ensures that Quest 3 remains a versatile platform for both standalone and PC-powered virtual reality experiences.


Oculus Link has been a game-changer for the Oculus Quest series, allowing users to connect their Quest headsets to a compatible PC via a high-speed USB-C cable. This connection effectively transforms the standalone Quest device into a PC VR headset, granting access to the extensive collection of PC VR content available on platforms such as SteamVR and the Oculus Store for PC.

By supporting PC VR through Oculus Link, Quest 3 opens up a world of possibilities for gaming enthusiasts. Users can enjoy a wide range of PC VR games, including graphically demanding titles and immersive experiences that push the boundaries of virtual reality. This compatibility ensures that Quest 3 remains a versatile and future-proof investment for gamers who seek both standalone convenience and the power of PC VR.

With the upcoming Quest 3, Oculus is expected to further enhance the PC VR experience. While the standalone capabilities of the headset are already impressive, the inclusion of Oculus Link ensures that Quest 3 users can enjoy the best of both worlds. They will have the freedom to explore the growing library of standalone VR content while also having the option to dive into high-end PC VR experiences when connected to a compatible gaming PC.

With Oculus Link, the Oculus Quest 3 maintains its commitment to supporting PC VR experiences, providing users with the ability to tap into the vast array of content available on the PC VR platforms. This feature ensures that Quest 3 users can enjoy the best of both standalone and PC VR, offering a versatile and comprehensive virtual reality solution. As the Quest 3 launches, users can anticipate a remarkable VR experience that combines the freedom of standalone VR with the immersive power of PC VR.

The inclusion of Oculus Link in Quest 3 bridges the gap between standalone and PC VR, catering to users with varying preferences and requirements. Whether someone prefers the portability and convenience of standalone VR or the immersive capabilities of PC-powered VR, Quest 3 offers the flexibility to switch between modes seamlessly.

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