Best Laptops for Unreal Engine 5 & 4

Best Laptops for Unreal Engine 4

Once a 46-year-old school teacher asked me “ I want to use Adobe premiere pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Animate like a master and be able to create and export without any struggle.” Besides I would love to play around with the basic game design in UNREAL ENGINE 5 and 4 or filmmaking.” Can it be possible with a laptop to rule all of the programs?”

Now my question is to you, “ Is it really possible?” I would say YES.

You don’t need to be overly frustrated. That’s why we are here to get the solution.

To turn your imaginations into real-world depend on your sorting out a proper engine laptop. In modern gaming technology, it is the prime factor of any other part.

There are dozens of gaming engines you will be shown like- Godot, Unity, Game Maker: Studio, Unreal Engine, Cocos2D, CryENGINE, etc. But the question is – Are all the engines reliable to meet your satisfaction?  

Before getting the answer to that question, a crucial fact is needed to be cleared. That is……

  • 2021 Newest HP OMEN 15 (15.6″ 300Hz FHD IPS 100% sRGB Display, RTX 3070, Core i7-10750H, 32GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, RGB Backlit KB)
Minimum software and hardware specifications:
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD 2.5 GHz or faster
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 580 / Intel UHD 630 Integrated Graphics (DirectX 11)
Memory: 8 GB Ram
Pixel Shader: 4.0
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel core i7 or i9
GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 To 3090 / AMD Radeon RX 5700 / Intel HD 4600 Integrated Graphics (DirectX 12)
Memory: 16 GB Ram – 32 Ram
Pixel Shader: 5.0
OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
Best Laptops for Unreal Engine 4

Our Experts Guideline To Best Laptops for Unreal Engine 5

There are many options you can find on a laptop.  But it is quite struggling for us to understand all option’s meanings that are written on the paper. For example – PCIe, 802. ac Bluetooth, HK, etc.

Forget all of these things. For creating a game or gaming, the fundamental parts you should be looking for are –

  • 1. Gaming Processing Unit
  • 2. Processor
  • 3. SSD and HDD
  • 4. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • 5. Graphics card (GPU)

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

As a graphics processor is a specialist processor that is designed for 3D modeling, Graphics Processing Unit is more powerful and beneficial for gaming. And it is more efficient than other forms of precessors.

So give much priority to the laptop in which the GPU has more space.  

A high-end prebuild GPU is also really good for video editing or other heavy intensive edit works. It is also true that a gaming laptop is good for  

AMD Processor vs Intel processor 

The more processor you have in your computer the more speed you will get. Processors are like our hands. If we give many hands at work, we can finish the work very quickly.

Besides The latest processor always allows all kinds of operating systems and software to run even to ride correctly.

Intel Processor

When deciding Intel processor to go with your laptop just look for three things.

  1. Series
  2. Generation
  3. Clock speed

For gaming, you always start from the core i7 or if you got a budget then go for the latest one.

The 10th or 11th generation is a good way to go with this ideal engine and gaming. More preferably  11th gen. Because it is more recent.

For smooth gaming, the clock speed must have 4.2 Hz.

AMD Processor

AMD series like- RYZEN 9, Threadripper processor is more powerful, very excellent as a comparison to Intel in the field of the game. Usually, RYZEN performs better.

Since 2017 the AMD processors are doing really great. But it becomes hot soon than Intel. Because it consumes more power.

Consuming extra power is usual. Every heavy game needs more power to stream flawlessly.


You need to be careful if there is an SSD along with HDD. A Solid State Drive [SSD] which is a new generation storage device will help you to enhance your laptop faster.

Solid State Drive (SSD) technology is the best option for you in today’s modern gaming world rather than HDD. from my experience…..

The reason to consider:

  • SSD has no moving part and is made of a chip. For this reason, SSD provides a super response rate for reading and writing.
  • As it has no moving parts, no sound will be there while playing any kind of game but only enjoyment.  
  • It has a high-range RPM (rounds per minute) than HDD. The data transfer rate depends on the RPM.

On the other hand

  • HDD is a 50 years old technology. The thing I do not like about HDD is they still remain in the old fashion.
  • HDD has got moving parts like a disc. That’s why it has much possibility of breaking down of RPM whenever an unexpected accident happens for example falling down your laptop on the ground.
  • Read and write speed is low rather than SSD   
Best Laptops for Unreal Engine 4

Best Laptops for Unreal Engine 5 (2022)

The most significant and important question is how you can choose a perfect and the best laptop for unreal engine 4 or unreal engine 5.  

Last year we tested several laptops that can run unreal engine 4 game development as well as for gaming. I am going to discover the best gaming laptops here and these all have the decent capability to load the imaginary engine. let’s get straight into it.

LENOVO LEGION 5 (2021 advanced edition)

Based on the GPU, CPU, screen, processor, sound, and battery life, the legion 5 is really a winner for UNREAL ENGINE 4.

To develop your game with the laptop of AMD Ryzen 7 5800H,  Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD made this laptop perform super fast.

Screen: When the world emerged with high definition 3D gaming the pixel and 165 Hz screen has a decent color gamut for gaming.

The screen gets above 300 nits at maximum brightness although it gets dim quickly at the lower levels.

The Lenovo vantage software lets you enable and disable Optimus. Here, the Optimus responsibility is to control the graphics depending on how you use a laptop.

The screen response time was good enough. But it should have to be better.

software, thermal, and clock speed: I have run a stress test playing an actual game on both CPU and GPU loaded up to it gets worse.  Overall the result is quite good.

The clock speed of the GPU also looks higher. But the CPU clock speed remains like the early version.

gaming performance: I have played some heavy-claiming software games like Fortnite, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield V, Assassins Creed Vahalla, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077 at maximum settings and found no such big issues and lag with the processor.

The memory-boosting percentage during performing games is 9.55% faster on average.

 the ray tracing which is responsible for producing the realistic environment was incredible. on the other hand, the DLSS ( Deep Learning Super Learning) is responsible for increasing the graphics performance fabulous.


No products found.

The Hewlett Packard Company brings you the newest laptop OMEN 15 (2021 version)with the latest technology.

The Turbo Boost Technology has made the 11th generation core i7 processor accessible for all kinds of software. It is one of the best laptops for 3D creation tools.     

Screen: It has 15.6 inches diagonal IPS FHD display. Its screen response time is impressive just in 3 milliseconds with a 300 Hz refresh rate and of course 100% RGB.

but the color gamut was not that level great as Lenovo legion 5 at 88% of RGB. the brightness was just above 300 nits. The good thing is that there is a 1440p option.  

keyboard: The backlight keyboard provides you extra easiness in working hours at night and I felt the keys were good but a bit softer compared to Lenovo Legion 5. both sides of the keyboard have a small stand which was not in last year’s model.

Battery: the OMEN 15 has 6 cells 70.9 Wh battery. the battery durability seems good. but when it has been tested with lighting off, disabling background apps, and keeping the brightness level at 50% the durability lasts a max of 8 and half hours.     

Software & Thermal: There are a couple of heat pipes between CPU and GPU and it looks like we have got Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) coverage too. The OMEN software lets us swap between two performance modes, balance and performance from lowest to highest respectively.

You can also change the fan speed either with manual mode to a specific RPM value.

The clock speed was good enough ( above 4 Hz) in gaming performance mode but a bit lag in stress performance mode.

gaming performance: playing different games like Far Cry 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, BattleField V, I found the result is not bad as compared to other laptops like Acer Blade 14, Asus ROG Strix Scar 15, Dell G7, MSI GL 65. The GPU power limit is 21% higher than last generation laptops.

ASUS TUF DASH 15(2021)

The Asus TUF dash 15 has received some updates over last year’s model that lots of people trashed on. The all-new and grooved texture-built quality laptop put windows 10 pro, 11th Gen Intel CPU in a slim chassis.

screen: the 15.6” 1080p screen has an alright color gamut and contrast ratio. there is no MUX switch but it has adaptive sync. brightness is able to get above 300 nits maximum.

the ASUS Armoury Crate software, the control panel for the laptop, gives us the option to enable and disable the panel overdrive, which affects the screen response time.

when the overdrive is off, its response time was 7.5 ms, and when it is on it was just  5.8 ms.

keyboard and touchpad: the chicklet keyboard has a single zone of RGB backlighting. its got 3 levels of key brightness and all key functions are illuminated.

Typing felt a little clicky with 1.7 mm but I had confronted no problem. the power button is separate from the keyboard. so don’t need to worry about an accidental press.  

Thermal and clock speed: running the stress test with GPU and CPU load up to represent worst as well as playing an actual game I found no thermal throttling was happening at all. so it is a great result from a temperature perspective.

the clock speed was at 4.3 Hz at all quad-core turbo boosts.     

gaming experience: Really good temperature under load with reasonable fan noise. The gaming experience at 1080p with a mixer of high and medium settings is still going to provide you with a really enjoyable gaming experience.

you can expect a pretty decent result with that RTX 3050 ti. AAA title games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider or Battlefield V are perfectly enjoyable at 60 fps while esports title games like CSGO or APEX LEGENDS can hit well above 100 fps and above 60 fps.

If you switch over to the TURBO profile, you do get a slight increase in frames. but not as much as we thought it would be.

The battery life will really impress you. You can achieve almost 8 hours with a 76-watt hours battery.  The display is arguably good at a 144 Hz refreshing rate although the color coverage seems slightly lacking.

If you are a gamer it is going to be great and that 144 HZ is far more important.  For animators in video or photo editing, you might find it a little bit lacking. but it can be fixable.

 It is a must say fact that you do not get a webcam here. It may or may not be a deal-breaker depending on your use case.

Overall I would say that the TUF dash F15 is still going to be a decent package on this budget.

Acer Predator Helios 300 (2021)

With a slim bezel and sturdy build quality, ACER PREDATOR Helios 300 is one of the good laptops for game development. I found no issues with the build quality as it has been made with aluminum most of the parts.

Screen: The color gamut (73.6%) seemed more developed than last year’s model.  the brightness was ok for a max gamer but I felt a bit dim at some point.

The display with a 240Hz refresh rate and over average screen response time (12 ms) has a silky smooth experience for all types of programs. such as gaming, video streaming, etc.

The brightness of the display at 289.8 nits is ok for gaming and others works at this deal.

Touchpad and Keyboard: The keyboard has 4 zones of RGB backlighting. although all keys are not that level satisfying. it was nice to type on, it did not cause me any marks.

The brightness of the keys can be adjusted between 4 levels with the F9 and F10 shortcuts. Also, the precision touchpad worked fine.

thermal and GPU performance: according to Nvidia the RTX 3070 is meant to be 80 watts. while playing the game I found it is ok. GPU was handling any kind of workload like gaming, video editing, after effects.

the clock speed was average just 4.6 Hz.

gaming performance: I have played several triple aaa title games at maximum ultra graphics and saw how perform. I tested titles that support Ray tracing and Deep Learning super Sample (DLSS). Because that is we want to see right whether this laptop is actually capable of handling graphics performance.

I started with cyberpunk 2077 playing at 1080p max ultra graphics with Ray tracing set to Psycho and DLSS enabled, it was impressive with an average frame rate of 50 to 55.  

Playing the Red Dead Redemption 2, I got a fantastic performance with 65 up fps than last-gen helios 300 which was not able to provide consistent smooth fps.   

Most of the Acer laptops are not recommendable for gaming till now. But PREDATOR HELIOS 300 is really fantastic by the combination of GPU and CPU. For this price point, this laptop is perfect for game developers and gamers as well as other professional individuals.


If you are a gamer, video editor, live event creator, or any other professional individual but you don’t have sufficient budget to purchase an expensive one then the MSI GF63 THIN is a much better choice for you.

It is the best and cheapest laptop for UNREAL ENGINE 4 and 5 development. The budget-friendly laptop will bounce your effortless feelings.

It features a windows 11 operating system as well as containing all new tools, apps, and sound which is very great for a good deal.

Screen: the screen comes with a 15.6″ Full HD IPS display with a 60 Hz refresh rate. the refresh rate was on average on test at the budget. the color gamut was good enough. a good thing is that there is a 720p webcam that was performing perfectly. it is a positive side for live event creators who loves to run projects online.

Touchpad and keyboard: the keyboard with red-backlit seemed good quality. honestly, I felt nice experience typing on it as the keys and keystrokes felt pretty good. On the other hand, the one-handed touchpad performed smoothly. but the bottom of the touchpad was a little bit rattly.  

Thermal and clock speed: Although the thermal performance in the multi-core test was limited to 45 watts, the single-core performs better. because this laptop under a single core threaded workload is able to boost up higher with 4.7Hz clock speed occasionally.

Gaming performance: I doubted whether it performs well. But MSI surprised me.

playing DOOM, Cacodemons, and some other heavy games, I would say that it was admirably well. During playtime, I got about 60 fps sometimes more sometimes less though I did not find any frame dips at any point. Besides the GPU and CPU, power-hitting performance was about 80 celsius while gaming.

You will get faster performance after a few upgrades.  

The 8 GB system memory, 256 GBs Solid State Drive [SSD] which is enough good for a gamer to run UNREAL ENGINE 4 or 5, and a heavy graphics game very smoothly.

The good thing is “MSI GF 63 Thin” brings some conveniences for the video editors also.

For video editors or You-tuber and businesses, officials to edit any resolution video up to 4K, to chat with needed persons, to create 3D content or graph are very much useful.

How much Laptop RAM will be enough for Unreal engine 4 & 5?

For the best experience of a virtual world, the right amount of RAM and processor is quite undeniable. It will be the first and foremost fact to a gamer for game development.

There is a saying that the more RAM you got the better execution power of a computer program can be boosted for any game. Because the working ability of a laptop depends on the RAM.  That’s right.

But there is a knowing fact that is.

  • If you want to play your game regularly at under 144 Hz rate then 8 GB RAM is enough. Do not try even to go down from that amount.
  • But while you are playing a game at 144 Hz then for better gaming performance you must have to upgrade your RAM to 16 GB.
  • And the same way you need to increase your RAM according to your playing Hz.

What type of graphics card do you need for Unreal Engine 4 & 5?

The good news is that most laptops that feature Intel processors come with an integrated graphics card.

The bad news is for premium pro gaming performance the integrated graphics card is not enough.

The dedicated graphics card allows you to experience serious to high-end professional gaming performance.

Choose always RTX 30 series rather than GTX for an extremely intensive and heavy game like AAA.

What Type of Display Do You Need for Unreal Engine 4? 

The best quality graphics software and display can make your virtual world spectacular and can take you beyond imagination.

 While choosing the best laptop for the 3D creation tool you must observe the display with a 15+ inches FHD screen so that you can have much fun with reality.

If the display is OLED, there is nothing better than that to immerse into the virtual verse.


Slim, portable, lightweight, and smooth laptop always gives you much comfort in any place that you work. So portability of any laptop does matter for any game developer.   


• A metallic body laptop would be great.

• Avoid buying touchscreen laptops if you don’t like them.  

• Backlit keyboard is great

How Much Budget Would be Good?

As we know there are various professional persons. Identify yourself in what profession you are engaged in. Then circle your budget.

I would say you should not try to be stingy about buying a decent laptop.

If you are a student the budget segment is much more significant.  You should go with at least a $1000 budget.

How Much Do You Know About UNREAL ENGINE 4?

The UNREAL ENGINE is a gaming engine developed by Epic Games that features a high degree of portability supporting a wide range of platforms. First showcased in 1998 for a first-person shooter game. Although initially developed for first-person shooters, it has been successfully used in a variety of other genres including Platformers fighting games, MMORPGs which are online role-playing video games.  

The UNREAL ENGINE is a complete suite of creation tools for developing everything from independent hits to blockbuster franchises.

In which field will you use UNREAL ENGINE?

UNREAL ENGINE is a successful gaming engine. A lot of people are using it to develop fantastic projects like video games, films, television, architecture, live event, broadcast, training, simulation, automotive, and transportation.  


In the real-time technology era, it is very important to have the very best laptops that are capable of running Unreal Engine 4 or 5 to develop your games.

Over the two decades, an unreal engine has become the most trusted and reliable gaming engine in the world with unreal you can break free from the barriers.

With this powerful gaming engine for designing and rendering games finding the capable best laptop for an unreal engine – 4 is very important.

If you are a game developer or gaming lover you can create your dream game universe and control the delivering the edge entertainment with unreal engine compatible laptops.

For this, you need a laptop for the game development that is capable of running software like unreal engine 4 [UE4] and unreal engine 5 [UE5].

This legendary engine comes with everything you need to build and ship multiplatform games location-based entertainment for any genre with all the tools included out of the box.

What is a Gaming Engine? How Does it Work?

A gaming engine is a gaming framework that works for the software development in a computer with its tools and configurations to build and create a game.  It optimizes and simplifies the highest level game with varieties programming languages.

in other words, the core functionalities of a game typically are provided by the gaming engine. for example- 3D graphics, animation, sound, scripting, localization, artificial intelligence, cinematic, streaming, etc.

Over the years, I have been experiencing some of the renowned gaming engines like UNITY, UNREAL ENGINE, CryENGINE, and GAME MAKER: STUDIOS, etc. Among these engines, from my point of view, the unreal engine is one of the best gaming engines so far.  

Many game beginners make the first mistake in buying section.

Before buying a gaming laptop many questions usually come into mind as I did like how I can find the best laptop for gaming, which brands laptop will be good? What processors are more powerful? Do I get the best one? etc?

In the starting, I also did many mistakes.

So, I would say that you value your money as you have earned it through your hardship. So don’t make any mistakes and buy the best laptop for gaming and game development.


Can the core i5 processor run unreal engine 4?

Yes. But the way core i7 10th gen or 11th gen processor can run unreal engine 4 smoothly and decently, the Core i5 processor doesn’t. it is better to upgrade your processor to the latest one if possible.

Can you play Fortnite on Acer predator helios 300?

Definitely. I have been playing till now. But I have to keep my fan high. At max settings, you can play any heavy and intense game.

Can I change the keyboard backlit color on ASUS TUF DASH 15?

It is a regular keyboard and not 100% RGB. So you can’t change the color of the backlit.

Can my computer run unreal engine 4?

Yes, if your computer has enough specs for running heavy game development. But an ordinary computer can not run an unreal engine processor.

Can a gaming laptop be used in Microsoft work or business?

You can run all types of office and business purpose-related work using an Intel processor.

How much room does an unreal engine take up?

it is a very heavy gaming engine than any other gaming engine. it will take a minimum of 30 GBs depending on your windows.


The right information always helps. Hoping that the information we have got through this discussion would be very helpful to your present and future in the field of competitive modern gaming technology. Especially while using the unreal engine 4 and 5.

So, do get a laptop for you undoubtedly following the discussion for your expected profession. I hope you have got your best solution through this discussion.

Wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.  

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