Valve Index Lens Protector – Dust Proof & Anti-Scratch Soft Lens Pad

Valve Index Lens Protector

Are you looking for a way to clean and protect your VR headsets from dust? We can help.

One of the most balanced and stable VR headsets on the market, Valve Index provides you with high-quality audio and will seamlessly integrate you into the virtual world.

Valve Index lens protectors protect your VR headset from sweat and dirt that could damage it.

Here are the leading Valve Index Lens Protectors on the market to help you make the right choice!

Buying Guide Valve Index Lens Protector

The following tips will help you find the ideal valve index, lens protector:

A valve index protector should be easy to fix and remove without complications. Therefore, it is important to fix and remove the cover as frequently as possible, either for cleaning or to replace it with another one. As a result, it should be easy to repair.

You should select a protective cover that is easy to clean and maintain. Protective covers made of washable or easy-to-clean materials are the most effective options. 

You can wash your protective cover with soap and water (if the material is washable) or use odorless and alcohol-free wipes to clean it.

We have several options on our list that come with two protective covers, so you can clean one while using the other.

A safe index lens cover is a must. The material should be hypoallergenic and comfortable to the skin. Covers and wipes that contain alcohol or fragrance can cause skin irritation. If possible, look for options that do not contain these ingredients.

Valve Index Lens Protector

VR Valve Index Cover – Editor’s choice

VR Valve Index Cover is a non-slip cover made from 100% hygienic cotton and elastic materials. It protects your headphones from sweat and dirt while gaming so you can stay clean and dry. 

Soft valve index lens covers with elastic straps cover the original headset foam, making the virtual reality experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

The valve index cover is washable, and there are two covers included in the package. You can wash one while the other is in use. 

If you share your headset, you can also easily clean it between gaming sessions with the included cleaning wipes.

A total of five VR HMD cleansing wipes are included, which are fragrance-free and alcohol-free. They are suitable for cleaning your VR headsets and controllers without irritating your skin. 

VR Silicone Cover for Valve Index

The VR Silicone cover for valve index keeps your headphones safe, clean, and dry. 

It is a valve index silicone cover made of non-grease silicone material that is hypoallergenic and non-absorbent.

It contains a soft, dry, non-slip surface that firmly clings to your headset. It also keeps it from occasionally moving out of place for a better gaming experience.

Especially after long and intense virtual reality gaming sessions, it protects your headset from dirt and sweat.

In addition to washing the silicone cover with soap and water, you can also wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth or alcohol-free wipes. 

TNE Valve Index Headphone Lens Cover

This TNE valve index headphones cover is made from super quality Lycra and sponge material that is scratch and dust-resistant. 

Designed with a soft and lightweight design, the valve index front cover ensures your headset lens is always protected from scratches, shock, and dust.

The cover perfectly fits over the headphone lens, protecting it from dust, direct sunlight, and scratches.

One of the most affordable valve index VR covers you can get, the TNE Valve Index Headphone Lens Cover is washable, reusable, and easy to clean.

VR Cover Head Strap Cover for Index

Designed to protect your headset, the VR Cover Head Strap Cover for Index is made of 100% absorbent cotton. 

A one-piece strap can be attached to your index valve headphones to fix the VR cover index to your VR headset. 

You can clean one cover and use the other. Interestingly, the package comes with two covers, so you can share them with other players. 

The VR Cover Head Strap Cover shields the headset from the build-up and sweat and dirt. It does this by absorbing them so that you can stay clean and dry during virtual reality gaming. It’s especially helpful when you’re gaming for long periods of time and need to share your headset with others.

VR Silicone Cover for Valve Index

VR Cover Silicone Cover for Valve Index (Special Edition Camo Green)
  • ✅ Keep your Valve Index headset clean - It is made of high quality medical grade silicone that is unoiled and comfortable.
  • ✅ Comfort Re-engineered - The soft material feels great and is perfect for extended VR gaming sessions and intensive workouts.
  • ✅ Effortless Hygiene - Sweat and dirt come off easily. Just clean with alcohol-free wet wipes or wash with soap and water.
  • ✅ Easy Application - Designed to fit perfectly on the facial interface, it can be installed and removed quickly without fuss.
  • ✅ Cleaner Headset, Better VR - Our wipeable Silicone Cover solves problems with sweat and light leakage on your Valve Index, so you can have a more enjoyable virtual experience.

The Valve Index VR Silicone Cover features medical-grade silicone material with an oil-free, soft feel, providing optimum comfort during long and intense VR sessions. 

Similarly to our aforementioned options, the cover is easy to apply and remove. 

This VR cover prevents sweat and dirt from accumulating on your headset after long sessions of intense gaming. It also prevents light from penetrating the headset.

You can wash the valve index silicone cover with soap and water or wipe it clean with alcohol-free wipes. 


A valve index lens protector is a must-have for a virtual reality gamer since dirt and sweat build-up can shorten the lifespan of your headset. It could also make you uncomfortable and even cause skin irritation. You will be able to use your headset for a longer time and better with a simple but efficient valve index cover.

All of the options included in this review will efficiently protect your VR headset and ensure that you have a comfortable and fulfilling VR gaming experience.

You should also clean the valve index protector as often as possible to get the maximum performance out of it.

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