VRChat Full-body Tracking Setup

VRChat Full-body Tracking Setup

Do you want to move around in VRChat like really there? Entire body tracking for VRChat is now possible with our easy-to-use setup! With our full body tracking setup, users will move around just like users would in the real world.

This will make the VRChat experience so much more immersive and realistic. With our full body tracking setup.  Users will be able to walk, run, and jump around in their favorite social VR app with ease. It used to be that only specific headsets could do full-body tracking. But now, with our easy setup guide, anyone can get whole body tracking for VRChat using their Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

How to Setup VRChat’s Entire Body Tracking

VRChat Full-body Tracking Setup
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Boot-up VRChat with the expected trackers combined with SteamVR will consequently distinguish that the user is in “Full-Body” mode. When stacked in, the symbol will be in a T-Pose and have little circles on the places where trackers are found. This is called Calibration Mode.

To Calibrate, it is least demanding to follow this system.

  • Enter Calibration mode by booting into VRChat while wearing Full-Body following, changing to another symbol, or tapping the “Adjust” button in the Quick Menu.
  • Guarantee Height setting in the Settings menu is correct. On the off chance that this is inaccurate, feet might go through the floor!
  • Ensure play space is aligned appropriately and not counterbalanced by devices like Open VR Advanced Settings or Playspace Mover.
  • Symbol will be connected or “stuck” to HMD. This permits perspective to constantly be suitable, accepting to set it accurately in the SDK.
  • Actually, look at the hip tracker and guarantee it is in a sensible area.
  • Alternatively, adjust arms to symbol components. This guarantees body turn is spot on. Don’t just have hands/arms lined up with symbol’s hands/arms during alignment, so don’t stress over them to an extreme.
  • Click both Interact buttons (commonly Trigger) on regulators all the while.
  • Done!

Using VRChat to take advantage of full-body tracking

  1. First, needs to install VRChat on the computer.
  2. Once VRChat is installed, open it and click on the “Settings” tab.
  3. In the “Settings” tab, you must select the “Trackers” option.
  4. Under the “Trackers” section, you will need to select the Oculus Rift item.
  5. Click on the “Add Tracker” button and follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. When the user has finished adding the tracker, click on the “Confirm Add” button and wait for the tracking to be added to VRChat.
  7. Now that the users have added a full-body tracking configuration for VRChat, they can use it to take advantage of VRChat tracking.

How to use VRChat

VRChat is available on both Android and iPhone. To use it, first, you need to create an account. Once the user has a history, they can join a chat lobby and start playing the game. You can also access the app’s features by using the menu in the top left corner of the screen. The main features of VRChat include:

  1. Tracking body in 3D
  2. Join or leave chat lobbies with ease
  3. Keep track of location so that never lose connection.

How to join or leave chat lobbies

To join or leave a chat lobby, first, sign in. Next, open the chat interface and select the entry you want to join. Then, press the join button. If the user enters a public chat, friends will be notified and join the conversation. If the user joins a private discussion, they won’t be announced and will have to enter manually.

Creating a virtual location

The first step in setting up VRChat tracking is creating a virtual location. This will allow to sharing of virtual sites with other users.

Open the VRChat client and click on the “New Scene” button to create a virtual location. Users will be prompted for their names and contact information. Type a brief description of a new scene and click on the “Create” button.

Now that users have created a virtual location, they need to set up tracking. To do this, open the VRChat client and click on the “Settings” button. Users find several options under “Tracker Settings.” The first option is called “Trackers,” It will tell how many trackers are needed for VR chat. It can be chosen to use room-scale tracking or standalone tracking.

Room-scale tracking means that the VRChat client will track the entire room. This is perfect if the users want to use VRChat for gaming or other activities in which there is no dedicated space for another user to sit. Standalone tracking means that the VRChat client will only track current position and movement within the existing room. This is great if you want to use VRChat for activities that require interaction with other users, like playing a game or sharing an experience with another user.


VRChat is a great way to communicate with others in a virtual world. It’s perfect for social gaming and communication, and it has some fantastic features that make it an excellent choice for businesses. However, there are a few things users need to know to set up a VRChat account successfully. First, it needs to be a VR headset and controller. Second, I need to create a new account and set up settings. Third, you’ll need to create an avatar and name it according to preferences. Finally, you need to join a group and start chatting.

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