Why is Razer So Expensive?

Why is Razer so expensive

Razer, the Apple of the gaming world, is famous for its high-end gaming accessories. Its laptops are the best in the gaming world due to their incomparable specifications. However, the competitors continue to compete, but no better alternative has been launched until now. Undoubtedly, Razer is the best option for gamers, but at the same time, it is the most expensive one. If you are looking to buy one, you might have questions about its price. Like, what makes it so expensive? And is it worth buying?

External and internal innovations are the prime reasons for their higher prices. However, they may be expensive but considering their features; they are not overpriced. This article quotes some reasons why Razer is so costly.

High-Tech Products

Razer always strives to add innovation to its products. It was the first company to introduce Thunderbolt 4 port and the 11th Gen Chipset. Moreover, Razer employs a prospective approach in designing their products to comply with future trends. Its laptops come with attractive backlit mechanical keyboards with additional features like Chrome lighting and Synapse 3 support. In addition, Razer laptops also feature a non-intrusive vapour chamber thermal layout. Due to these unbelievable features, Razer is expensive than other brands.

Design and Portability

The outstanding designs, lighter than usual weight and portability are some of the many reasons why Razer laptops are so high in price. Their body is solely designed with aluminium and does not contain any plastic. Maybe that’s why they don’t do well regarding looks. However, due to the aluminium body, Razer laptops are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport. You can effortlessly take it with yourself while travelling.

The heaviest laptop from Razer weighs only 6 lbs., which is quite portable. Moreover, Razer’s 14-inch Blade is the world’s slimmest gaming laptop weighing just 4.1 lbs.

Excellent Customer Support

Razer has one of the best after-sales customer services, which is another reason for their expensive products. The company is genuinely dedicated to addressing the customer’s queries and providing a quick solution. It is part of the top 10 tech companies that offer exceptional post-sale tech support to their customers. Plus, in 2020, the company was acknowledged as 2nd best tech company worldwide in terms of customer care. Whatsoever, Razer has permanently established and maintained praiseworthy relationships with its customers.

Smooth visuals

The astonishing visuals of Razer laptops is another contributor to their higher prices. Razer laptops provide an excellent streaming and gaming experience due to their smooth visuals. The company is developing laptop screens rather than monitors, as laptop screens are more intensely contrasted, you will experience vivid colours with Razor. Moreover, some edge-to-edge designs with less bezel to experience more fantastic visuals.

Remarkable durability

Razer laptops are perfect for business people, gamers and students. Because they are built skillfully to bear the heavy workload. Razer products are popular due to their unparalleled durability. The thin aluminium body is stable and robust to withstand wear and tear. Most Razer gadgets feature a chemically fortified surface anodised with electro-chemical solid bonding. Their laptops are worth investing in because they last for a pretty long period.

Moreover, the chassis of these laptops will also not disappoint you as it is shock and scratch-resistant. No matter how much you use them, we can bet you will get a durable experience. Razer has raised the competition by setting higher standards for their laptops.

Rich Connectivity Base

Razer is a brand that introduces the latest technology to its products. The brand cares for your input/output ports and quick networking needs. That’s why it offers a compatible external connectivity suite. Razer laptops come with a Thunderbolt 3 connection, while most of them also have Thunderbolt 4 port. Therefore, these devices make your external links, transfers and workflows smooth.

Final verdict

These were the reasons for the high cost of Razor. No doubt, Razer is expensive, but the company take pride in such high price tags. Because they know they are delivering what no one will provide to the users.

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