Is 32GB RAM Good for Gaming?

Is 32GB RAM Enough For Gaming

The question – is 32GB RAM suitable for gaming is a simple question that requires a detailed explanation. Congratulations, you have found the right post to answer all your questions about the most suitable RAM for gaming.

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or an expert, you need to know how much RAM you require to maximize your gaming experience. In this blog post, we will help you figure this out as simply and straightforwardly as possible. We will also highlight the basic things you need to know about different RAM sizes.

What is RAM Used For?

RAM is an acronym that stands for random access memory. It is the main memory bank of your PC. Better put, it is where your system keeps data while it is undergoing processing. Your RAM determines the type of data and applications that your computer can run at any time.

Different RAM sizes exist (RAM can be as low as 2GB and as high as 32GB). The size of RAM you would need depends on the type and number of applications that you intend to run.

The larger your RAM, the more applications that your computer can run and the fewer interruptions that it would encounter per time.

Is 32GB RAM Good for Gaming
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Is 32GB RAM good for gaming and streaming?

The direct answer is yes! 32GB RAM is great for gaming and streaming. Especially the latter, you might not enjoy a seamless streaming experience with 16GB of RAM.

32GB RAM is not the current normal (at least not for most games). However, this does not mean that 32GB of RAM is not ideal for gaming. Moreso, some heavy-duty games like ‘The Division’ series use more than 10GB of RAM, which would mean that this game won’t run with 16GB of RAM.

It is not bad that you have a lot of RAM. However, it is problematic when it is less than is required.

There are a lot of advantages to 32GB of RAM. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • 32GB is a wise investment for the future. Modern titles won’t need an upgrade in the future.
  • While your game is running, you can run multiple high-capacity applications in the background without affecting your experience.
  • Live video streaming is possible without stress.
  • A better visual experience with high-quality graphics will make your gaming experience more worthwhile.
  • Opening multiple tabs on your browser at once, up to 16,000 tabs are possible. This is significantly higher than the 9000+ tabs that 16GB of RAM permits.

There is no obvious downside to using 32GB of RAM. It is a plus. However, you should be sure that your system has the built-in capacity to accommodate 32GB of RAM before making an upgrade. You can also get a new system whose motherboard can house such high RAM storage to maximize its benefit.

Is 32GB RAM Good for Gaming
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16GB vs 32GB RAM Gaming

Both 16GB and 32GB of RAM are great for gaming. At first glance, they both exceed the minimum RAM requirement.

You will be able to play modern games with 32GB RAM without intermittent pauses or lags in performance, especially if you are streaming live games. In addition to being able to play modern games, 32GB RAM allows you to live stream games without interruptions. For gamers and professionals, 32GB is the ideal choice.

In case any of the following apply to you, upgrade your RAM to 32GB:

  • If you need a resolution higher than 1440P.
  • You work with memory-intensive applications and large media files
  • If you want to live-stream your games
  • You plan to multitask with your PC; running multiple applications at once
  • You want to edit your recorded gameplay

The result of Insufficient RAM

  • Slow running of games and applications
  • Inability to store and run some applications
  • Poor gaming performance with unreliable graphics and lagging frames
  • Poor and frustrating overall gaming experience

Is 32GB RAM enough?

Only a few games require 32GB of RAM. In spite of the fact that most trending game titles do not require 32GB RAM to run, there is a chance that newer and more RAM-intensive game titles will require you to upgrade your RAM. Who knows? We may need up to 64GB of RAM in the future. So, if you have the means, why don’t you get more RAM now? It would be worth it in the long run.

Different Sizes Of RAM

2GB to 4GB of RAM – The typical RAM of phones and tablets. It can run some games, but it might stutter. Users might face other issues like poor graphics, lagging speed, and more. It cannot even handle high-capacity games, let alone run them.

We do not recommend 4GB RAM for smooth and seamless gaming.

8GB of RAM – This is the minimum RAM requirement of a gaming computer. We flag it as below the required standard for gaming, anything lower than this.

Although you can run basic gaming applications with 8GB RAM, you cannot run hardcore games with this memory. However, it is a suitable starting point for beginners and low-intensive internet activities and applications.

You should note that you cannot successfully run multiple applications at once with this memory. Running your applications one at a time and playing some particular games within their capacity range can help you maximize this RAM size.

16GB of RAM – Usually, 8GB of RAM will be enough to run most games and applications that 16GB can. However, 16GB of RAM is a step ahead of 8GB. We recommend it for high-capacity applications and popular game titles.

We tag 16GB of RAM as the sweet spot for modern games. Thanks to the memory, you can enjoy smooth gaming speeds and high-quality graphics. However, to get the maximum gaming experience, you may have to close all background apps and running tabs so that there would be enough space for your gaming graphics.

32 GB of RAM – Owning this much RAM is a smart way to prepare for the future. You can play any type of game with this memory even while running multiple tabs in the background.

A typical high-capacity game will use a maximum of 10GB RAM. A 32GB RAM will leave you with up to 20GB RAM for other computer programs and applications.

32G of RAM will give you that extra advantage of high speed while running multiple intensive applications in the background.

Is 16GB of RAM suitable for gaming?

The majority of trending games can run with 16GB of RAM at a high speed and with minimal interruptions. Especially when you are not opening many tabs while running a gaming application.

Moreso, RAM is not the only thing you need for a seamless gaming experience. You also need a quality GPU and a powerful processor. Hence, we recommend 16GB for enthusiastic gamers and light game streaming. In case you face speed issues, you can also decide to optimize your experience with a powerful processor.

Most system motherboards support 16GB of RAM and a lot of games even use 8GB of RAM. We conclude that 16GB of RAM is adequate for gaming, at least for now.

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