Best VR Prescription Lenses

Best VR Prescription Lenses

If you hate wearing your glasses while playing VR or you simply do not wear contacts because of different conditions, the best VR prescription lenses are an excellent option for you.

Prescription lenses contain HMDs that alter the light, making it easier to see, they also adjust the incoming light so that it is suitable for you.

However, while the lenses are essential, they are not the easiest product to choose from. You have to keep in mind prescription accuracy, comfort, installation, lens quality, and much more.

So, which one should you choose? You can not test all of the VR prescription lenses on the market, right? But we can do it for you, so keep on reading, to receive all the information you will ever need.

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Best VR Prescription Lenses

JIAFA VR Prescription Lenses

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Our best VR prescription lenses are the JIAFA VR prescription lenses. They are myopia glasses that allow you to play games more conveniently on Oculus Quest 2 / Quest 1 /Rift S.

JIAFA VR Prescription Lenses have the approval of professional VR engineers and come in a magnetic design that makes setup fast and simple with no need to dismantle the lenses after use. The lens itself is super thin with a none spherical surface professional resin lens and resistant to scratches & radiation. The VirtuClear lens Inserts also protect VR helmets 

It is suitable for people with eye defects, long-sighted people with myopia, or astigmatism. Players who want to protect their machines can also wear the lenses.

The customization of the lenses depends on your specification, hence, you need to note your optical prescription information. The prescription is available within the range of -0.00 to -4.00.

JIA FA VR Prescription Lenses

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The JIA FA VR Prescription Lenses for Valve Index Protect have prescribed lenses designed for VR Headsets.

The lenses are single vision lenses that reduce glare to enable better focus on the stunning valve index images. Single calculation of the lenses is necessary to enable perfect fitting with your VR headset.

Installation is easy and stress-free. You can easily fit the lenses in place by matching the right ring over the right lens of your headset and the left ring over the left lens of your headset. 

Before use, be sure to install the lenses properly. A click sound should follow the correct installation.

You could also use the goggle spacer or IPD option for more convenience.

Send your prescription information to enable them to customize the lens to suit your prescription. The lenses are available for prescriptions from SPH: 0 to -8.0 and CYL: 0 to -2.0.

JIAFA Oculus Quest 2 Lenses

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This is our next best oculus quest prescription lens adapter. Professional VR engineers recommend this prescription lens for Oculus Quest 2. It is a professional aspheric surface resin lens that is resistant to wear stains and radiation. 

Wearing it is as easy as its magnetic design. However, intending users have to send their personalized eye defect information for accurate lens customization.

It is suitable for VR gamers who don’t want their eyes to be in direct contact with their machine. It is also suitable for gamers with myopia and astigmatism, as the lenses help them see clearly and easily so that they can play more conveniently.

Glistco Lens

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The Glistco Lens Adapter is a 3D printed lens adapter and does not come with a lens, hence a suitable lens (like the Zenni #550021 lens) has to be purchased separately. The lens adapter enables an easy fitting of the lens. 

Using the adapter is a safer and more preferable option than wearing glasses that can scratch your lens.

The Glistco Lens Adapter is compatible with Oculus Quest 1 & 2, Rift S, and GO and it is one of the most affordable oculus quest prescription lens adapters that you can get.

The adapter is also easy to wear and put off after use. Just by snapping the prescription lenses into the adapter and snapping it over the quest lens, you are ready to game. 

It eliminates the need for eyeglass while providing gamers with an unobstructed view with the VR headset for a superb gaming experience.

MASiKEN Clip Lens

Our final best option for the best VR prescription lenses is the MASiKEN Clip Lens Protection Myopia Glasses. It is a 6-piece set that comprises 2 insert-type Myopia lens frames, 2 anti-blue lenses, and 2 bases for frame fixing. 

These protection glasses feature an anti-blue lens that protects your eyes from the eye fatigue usually experienced from long hours in VR so that you can conveniently play your VR game for a longer time.

There are two sets of lens protection frames, including two blank glasses and two blue lens glasses frames. The insert-type Myopia lens frames come together at the edges with the aid of magnetic blades that hold the frame in place with magnetic force. You can match it with different-grade lenses. 

The frame protects the glasses from getting scratches and you can use it with your favorite VR games, including Oculus Quest 1, Quest 2, Oculus Rift S, and Oculus Go. Those with or without eye defects can use it, as you can easily replace it with different lenses.

Buying Guide Best VR Prescription Lenses

Selecting the best oculus quest prescription lenses is easy when you know the features to look out for. Below are the most important features that would help you in your search:

The Design of the Lens: Prescription lenses come in a variety of designs. To make the best selection, look out for one that is convenient and easy to use & adjust. 

If you are all about looks, you should also for a lens with a modern design. Cleaning your lens is equally important, hence consider an option that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Headset Support: In choosing the best VR prescription lenses, finding an option that is compatible with over one headset might be a splendid choice. This way, you won’t have to buy a new prescription lens, just in case you need to change your VR headset. 

A lot of VR prescription lenses support Oculus Quest 2, Quest 1, Rift, and even Oculus GO, amongst others. You should put this into consideration before making a final selection.

Ease of Installation: You should also consider the simplicity of installation before choosing a VR prescription lens. If it is simple to install, it will be easy to use. For example, lenses with magnetic frames are quite easy to install and dismantle for cleaning and consider that in making a choice. 

Your Lens Prescription: You have to send in your lens prescription information before your purchase. The required information includes anti-glare coating, blue light filter, your sphere, cylinder (CYL), and Axis. An Optometrist can easily help you out with the required information. 

Blue Light Filter: Prescription lenses with blue light filters help to protect the eyes from blue light radiation. A lot of electronic devices such as VR Headsets, phones, and televisions emit blue light radiation which can be harmful to the eyes and should not be in direct contact with the eyes for too long.

However, a prescription lens with a blue light filter is convenient and safe to use for as long as you want.

Final Verdict

We have some of the finest collections of VR prescription lenses, and they are all compatible with Oculus headsets. 

Provided you note all we have highlighted in the buying guide and send in your correct prescription information, you are in safe hands.

One feature that you should not downplay in making the best choice is your safety and comfortability. This should be your top priority.

We have helped you to narrow down your search list with our carefully selected options. We hope you found some help.

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