Oculus Link Software Not Installing (7 Ways to Install)

Oculus Link Software Not Installing

Oculus Quest 2 is the virtual reality headset that allows you to enjoy real-time movies, videos, and games experience. But even though you have bought the oculus quest for yourself, you cannot use it right away. First of all, you will install the oculus link software on your device. You might think installing an oculus link software is relatively easy and straightforward. But unfortunately, that’s not quite the case.

If you are fond of oculus quest and you want to play PCVR games, you have to install oculus link software. You can face various installation problems like software getting stuck or showing errors while installing oculus link software. If you want to solve your installation problems, you are right. There are a variety of causes why installation might fail, but here we have gathered the most encountered problems and their solutions. Dig into our article to know why your software installation fails and what you need to do to fix it.

Easy Ways to Fix Installation of Oculus Link Software

In this part, we have some easy ways to solve common problems associated with the installation of oculus link software. So here are the solutions:

1. Do a Clean Reinstall of Oculus Software

Once you have tried to install the software multiple times but failed to succeed, you need to remove the ‘leftover’ files from your computer setup. After many failed attempts, various corrupted files may accumulate in your computer, which you don’t know about. If you are trying to solve an oculus link software installation issue, you should entirely debug your computer and start from the blank sheet. Follow our given steps to clean, uninstall and reinstall the software:

  • Go to Windows ‘add or remove programs and remove the Oculus software.
  • Delete all the folders from the given spaces.
  • C:\Program Files
  • C:\Users\[YOUR_USER]\AppData\
  • C:\Users\[YOUR_USER]\AppData\Local
  • C:\Users\[YOUR_USER]\AppData\LocalLow
  • C:\Users\[YOUR_USER]\AppData\Roaming
  • C:\OculusSetup-DownloadCache
  • After completely debugging the computer, now restart your PC.
  • Download oculus setup
  • Retry installation

If this method fails and you are still unable to install the software, then move to the next steps. But keep trying this solution from time to time while you are trying other given solutions.

2. Look at the Setup Logs to Narrow Down the Problem

Computer experts and specialists usually know that the log files are your friends because they deal with the computers and software deeper. The same is the case if you are having a hard time with oculus link software installation. To find oculus setup log files do the following steps:

  • Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  • Type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Oculus\ and press the Enter from the keyboard
  • Open the OculusSetup.log file.
  • When you start scrolling down the log files, you will find the ERROR level log message and any other problems that have occurred. These files will probably exist near the installation process.

Closely examine the error message on the log files. They indicate the problem that has occurred. It may be with file access privileges, networking, process locks, etc.; if you are not a computer expert and don’t know what you should do with this information, then Google the problem. Other users might have the same issue, and they may share a solution to that issue. However, if, even after Google, you can’t find a solution and now you want to contact oculus support, then make sure to add the log file information in the support ticket.

3. Run Oculus Setup as Administrator

If the above-mentioned methods fail, then there might be a problem in your Windows settings. Depending upon the users and account security configuration of Windows, you might need to act as an administrator of oculus software setup to run it successfully.

Right-click on the setup file and select the ‘Run as administrator option to act as an administrator. You will surely see the different results this time.

4. Run Oculus Setup as Local Admin User

People who have Windows domain user accounts (DOMAIN/username) commonly reported issues related to the oculus software installation failure. The most likely cause for this is missing privileges and the configuration of account security. That’s why try to use a local administrator account to install the software. This solution might be helpful so try it out.

5. Install on a Different Partition

The two main reasons why installing Oculus software on a different partition of your PC is a good idea is:

  • Oculus set up uses more disk space while installing than the required 9GB. Temporary and cache files may also store on your PC. So if your C: drive storage is less, this might be the reason why software installation fails.
  • File and configuration may also conflict with the default install location and result in installation failure.

So installing the software in a different partition is a good option. To install the Oculus software in different drive systems, follow given steps:

  • Open the run command by clicking Windows key + R
  • Use the following path: [drive]:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive=[new system drive]
  • Replace [drive] with the letter of the previous drive in which you were trying to install the software.
  • Replace the [new system drive] with the letter of drive in which you now want to install the software.
  • For example: C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\OculusSetup.exe /drive=D
  • Now see how the installation process go. If it still fails, then some other solutions are still available.

6. Others

  • Try to unplug your headsets before the installation and rerun the setup.
  • Disable Firewall and Anti-virus before running the setup.
  • Disable VPN before installing the software.
  • Unplug all unnecessary USB devices.
  • Update your Windows and GPU drivers to the latest update available.

7. Contact Oculus Support

If all the above solutions fail and you are tired of installing the oculus link software setup, you might have to create an oculus support ticket. Make sure to add all the log files of the failed installation process, a detailed description of your PC specifications, and all the steps you have taken to resolve the issue yourself. Adding as much related information as possible is the best way to avoid basic questions from the support and quickly resolve your issue.

Final Verdict

Now you have all the possible solutions to software installation failure. Try out above mentioned methods, and you will surely be able to install the oculus link software successfully.

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