Best Oculus Quest 2 face covers

Best Oculus Quest 2 face covers

If you use the Oculus Quest 2 for more than a couple of hours every day, the absorbent foam cushions will wear out, this is why it’s a good idea to look for the best Oculus Quest 2 face covers.

It’s amazing how a simple head pad can convert into a soothing gaming experience, so it is crucial to find something that is neither too firm nor too loose to rest on your head.

While replacing your original Oculus Quest 2 face cover with a silicone cover is available for free, third-party covers made of leather, silicone, or other more pleasant materials are easier to clean and have superior ventilation to avoid lens fogging.

We did some research in the hopes of providing you with all of the information you want regarding face coverings.

Buying guide: Oculus Quest 2 Face Foam Pad

It would help determine some essential factors to choose the best product for yourself. How will head pads’ quality affect your gaming session and mental health? The answer is simple, Oculus foam can get dirty and problematic with time, while a good quality head pad will never. The hardness of the head pad can irritate you to a high context and will surely disturb your gaming session.

There are the following qualities that are a must in an oculus head pad:

Accurate fitting:

It’s incredible how a simple head pad can translate into a relaxing gaming session. So, choose something that can rest comfortably on your head, neither hard nor lose.

Easily adjustable:

Make sure that you can easily install and use the head pads. Sometimes they can be hard to adjust or wear. The quality should be convenient enough to provide satisfying VR gaming.

Should be for Quest 2:

Other companies offer head foams for VR headsets, which are incompatible with Oculus Quest 2. That is why you should consider buying something made explicitly for Oculus quest 2. If you struggle to find such a product, look at our listed items.

You may also change your Quest 2 hand grips!

Best Oculus Quest 2 Face Foam Pad

It was hard to find suitable Oculus quest 2 because most of them were causing irritation and sweating. However, we came up with the following products.

Topcovos Newest VR Silicone Face cover

No products found.

As foam face pads can cause irritation and sweating, that’s why you might get allergies and rashes. Oculus quest 2 comes with foam face pads, which is why this can be an ideal replacement. It has all the qualities that we have discussed above. It’s easy to adjust, clean and provides comfortable VR sessions with oculus quest 2.

It can convert your sessions into reality and feel good on your face. At first, I thought, how can something like this help me? But now, after the results, and I am satisfied with this product. Moreover, I could feel a little pain during my 5 hours of VR gaming.

If you want long-lasting usage, you should clean it with an anti-bacterial spray or wipes after every session. Because sweating can damage the surface of the face pad, and if it absorbs the sweat, it will lessen its lifespan.

AMVR Resilient VR

It is at the second rank of our shortlist; then it has to be an incredible third-party face pad for oculus quest – 2. For a leather head pad, it is unexpectedly cheap and durable. It can be a great replacement to the default hard pad of oculus.

Light leakage can be pretty irritating, and that is why it comes with a nose guard to block the light. This cover is one of the few oculus essential accessories and falls within the oculus quality standards. I am not sure about other users, but I prefer absorbent foam because sweating can make leather covers slippery. But the nose guard can take care of this factor.

We know these accessories can be a bit rough to your band account, but the overall package will indeed translate your quest – 2 into something worth it.


I love this package because it also offers a lens cover and the usual face cover. This can be a contributing factor for someone with sensitive eyes.

At first, I faced some darkness issues with this cover, but I got rid of that problem after some modification. If you meet the same issue, you should cut a notch of the proximity sensors (a rectangular object between the two screens). After this, you won’t feel any problem regarding the display.

It is a silicon pad and utterly different from traditional leather and foam pads. This is the reason behind its comfortable fit and less sweating.

Elygo VR Face Silicone Cover

If you are fed up with extreme sweating and a foam pad socked up with your sweat and ended up causing intense irritation, then you are faced with the ideal product and solution for your problems. This is a silicone head pad that is why you can get rid of sweating and fits comfortably.

Still, you can face some problems. For example, in high temperatures and intense sweating, silicone cannot absorb this sweat, which will start dripping down your face. But still, it is better than the original face pad. Moreover, I didn’t face any problems during the assembly.

KIWI design Facial Interface

I’ve never been a fan of default accessories of the quest – 2 because of various reasons. Most importantly, I wouldn’t say I like their original face pads because they never allowed me to use them for more than 1 hour. After that, I either cleaned the sweating or ended the session straight away.

Thanks to the companies like KIWI, they always promoted third-party accessories and made a decent oculus quest two face cover replacement. Very easy to install, fits accurately, block the light leakage, and provide rests to your head.

Until now, I was a fan of thick face pads because they were always good at soaking sweat and were pretty comfortable. But this face pad is not thick or heavy and still works efficiently during summers. Moreover, if you want it to stay that way, you should clean it with anti-bacterial wipes or spray to kill the absorbed sweating.

10PCS Set VR Silicone Face

The best thing about this, they come with ten pieces. So, you will not have to worry about cleaning your head pad after every session; you need to replace them. All of those pieces are of the same high-quality material. Along with face covers, you will also get a lens cover. Comfortable and accurate fitting makes this product an excellent value for money.

There are good at keeping the sweat off your face while you are in between your gaming sessions. Different face pads allow your family and friends to pick up their favourite ones. However, it is made of primary material but still good at meeting your expectations. They looked a bit flimsy but sit comfortably on your face and are ideal for oculus quest – 2.

MASiKEN Silicone VR Face Cover

After a gaming session with oculus’s original face pads, I needed something to cover the headache. So, I thought to try these VR silicon face covers, and now I am satisfied. The silicone pads are always good at keeping the sweat off the surface because absorbed sweating can cause allergies.

This is a must if you want regular comforting VR sessions. They are explicitly made for oculus quest – 2 and provide a better experience. They come with multiple pieces, and you don’t have to share your sweaty face pad with someone else or vice versa.

VR Face Silicone Interfacial Cover

At first, I thought this product to be a whole replacement for the interface of oculus quest – 2, but it ended up being just a cover. That being said, this cover fits efficiently and flawlessly over the interface of oculus quest-2.

However, it was a bit lose on my face, and because of sweating, it once fell off my face. But still, it is much better than the original face pad. After a bit of modification, it never fell again. If you want regular and comfortable VR sessions, I highly recommend this item. It is good at blocking lights, keeping the sweat at a minimum, and preventing the lens from blurring. Moreover, it fits seamlessly and is easy to install.

3Pcs Silicone Face Cover

Another durable and reliable VR gaming head pad to win your day. It comes with three different coloured pieces, and each one provides a sweat-wicking surface during VR sessions. During our testing, it worked seamlessly even when we had short gaming sessions. It is an ideal product if you have to play long sessions.

As they come with three pieces, you will not have to clean them after every session. You can swap them for the next session. Moreover, they are made of silicone and can add good comfort to your face without being sweaty all the time.

Some products that have multiple pieces cannot perfectly fit in the interface. But this face cover has the same quality and size as all three parts. Moreover, multiple reports are always better than feeling someone’s else sweating on your face.

2 PCS VR Face Silicone Cover

Last but not least, this was something worth mentioning as well. The company offers two pieces of identical size and build quality. The best thing about this item is you will not get sweaty, and even if you do, you will not have to struggle to swap the piece.

They are much better than foam pads because foam can absorb sweat and is very hard to wash. You can clean a silicon cover with anti-bacterial wipes or spray. The only thing I disliked about this item is it does not fit accurately within the interface of the oculus. There is always a slight gap but not something that can be problematic.

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What is the best face cover for the Oculus quest?

According to our testing and experience in this matter, Topcovos Newest VR Silicone Face cover is the most excellent replacement for a traditional face pad. They are sweat repellent and good at staying comfortably on your face.

Can you replace the foam on the Oculus Quest 2?

Yes, absolutely. I highly recommend the products mentioned above to replace the foam with any silicone face pad.

How do you make the oculus 2 quest more comfortable?

Oculus quest – 2 is all about a comfortable face pad. If you use the original foam pad, you will never get a relaxing gaming session. Instead, it would help to use any of the mentioned products as a replacement.

Is the quest 2 face cover washable?

Silicone face covers are washable. Although you will not need to wash them, you need some anti-bacterial wipes to clean them, and that would be enough.


If you are not getting a comfortable gaming session with original face pads, you should buy something more compatible with your face and quest – 2. While they are constantly pressed against your skin, the absorbed sweat, bacteria and dirt can seriously harm your skin and ultimately rash it. That is why a third-party silicone replacement is necessary.

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