Razer Blade 15 Battery Life – Factors that Affect the Battery Life

Razer Blade 15 Battery Life

The battery life of any device is the amount of time you can use that electronic device without plugging it into an electricity source. As you probably know, Razer is known as the Apple of the gaming world. Recently Razer launched its first laptop, the Razer blade 15. Blade 15 has many distinct features, but the only shortcoming is that you cannot take it to the office without taking the charger with you. This article will discuss the battery life of blade 15 and some tips to increase your laptop’s battery life.

Battery Life

Battery life is an imperative consideration before buying any notebook, computer, or mobile device. But battery life is somewhat an exception when it comes to gaming laptops. Due to the high-power components of gaming laptops, their battery life is usually short. Some gaming desktops need to be plugged in all the time.

Blade 15 is somewhat better in this scenario. With a reasonably thin and light design to carry around easily, the blade 15 base model has a 65Wh battery which offers 6 hours of battery life for non-gaming tasks.

In 2021 Razer launched the advanced blade 15 with an 80Wh battery with 8 hours of battery life. So, although battery life is not the most impressive, it’s still better than other gaming laptops.

Charge Time

All blade 15 have a compact 230-Watt AC adapter with a proprietary rectangular-shaped power plug. This design allows large power to pass through a relatively narrow connector. Unlike barrel plugs or multi-pin plugs, the blade 15 plug easily fits into the chassis. Moreover, to provide simple cable management with the side-mounted cable blade, 15 features a 90° angle on the connector.

As you already know, blade 15 has a high-power AC adapter and a small battery capacity. Due to these reasons, this laptop charges from 0 to 100% pretty quickly. In less than 2 hours, you can get a fully recharged laptop.

Factors that Affect the Battery Life of Razer Blade 15

The battery life of blade 15 can deteriorate depending on how you treat it. Following are some factors that can affect the battery life of your laptop, so try to avoid them:

  • Running heavy-load programs such as games and media editing tools.
  • High brightness.
  • Wireless features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remain on for extended periods.
  • Long sleep or screen timeout.
  • Exposing the laptop to extreme temperatures.
  • High display resolution.
  • Multiple external devices (like keyboard, mouse, external monitors etc.) are plugged into the PC.

Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Razer Blade 15

The battery life of Razer blade 15 is 6-8 hours, depending upon the model. This battery life deteriorates depending upon the usage. Blade 15 has lithium-based batteries, and their lifespan decreases as they get older. However, with some settings adjustments, you can maintain your laptop’s battery for a long time. If you want to know how to continue reading the article:

Permanently close the apps after usage. Each open application consumes memory and power even when you are not using it actively. To minimize the battery usage of applications, follow the following steps.

  • Go to settings> Systems > Battery > Battery Usage per app.
  • Identify the app which uses the most power.
  • Check for any updates, and if necessary, update the app.
  • Stop the app from running in the background.
  • Always make sure to close the app once you are done using it completely.
  • Keep the screen’s brightness low. You can do it by using function keys to adjust the brightness or display settings in Windows.
  • Disconnect external devices (like keyboard, mouse, etc.) after every use. If you leave the laptop with plugged-in hard drives and peripheral devices, they will consume your battery power.
  • Reduce processor speed.
  • Turn off wireless functions and lights.
  • On the conserve battery power option from settings and manage your power plan. To work power, follow these steps:
  • Open the Windows search bar and search “chooses power plan”.
  • See the left navigation panel and select power plan.

Final Verdict

Here comes the end of this article. The battery life of the Razer Blade 15 is 6 to 8 hours. To learn some tips to increase battery life, please read our article. Also, learn about the various insignificant factors that are hazardous to the battery life span.

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