How to use Android Tablet as a Drawing Pad for PC?

How to use Android tablet as a drawing pad for PC

Imagine how much money you can save by using your Android tablet as a drawing pad instead of buying a professional one. Many beginner artists use this cheaper alternative to learn the art and complete simple tasks. But is it possible to do this? And the answer is “Yes”, only if you have the right tablet. This article will tell how you can use your Android tablet as a drawing pad for PC.

Pen Pressure Sensitivity Feature of Android Tablets

The pen pressure sensitivity feature of the Android tablet determines what kind of drawing you can do on it. There are two types of tablet screens:

The first with no pen pressure sensitivity feature, which detects the source of the movement, a pen or a finger, as a simple blob. No matter how much pressure you apply on the touch, the result will remain the same, i.e. a line or circle with the same width. These kinds of tablets are suitable for simple sketching.

The second one, with pen pressure sensitivity, detects the amount of pressure a user applies to the drawing area. Such tablets are ideally suited for complex drawing because users can change the thickness of lines by changing the pressure.

Things you will need use For Android Tablet as a Drawing Pad for PC

To use your Android tablet as a drawing pad for PC, you must have the following essential things in hand.

1. Android tablet

Using a widescreen Android tablet is better for a more accurate and comfortable drawing experience.

2. Drawing application

A drawing tablet app is a must if you want to use an Android tablet as a drawing pad. You can easily install any app from Google play.

3. Java

You will need an external app to configure the device, and Java is ideal for that.

4. PC

You will need a PC to connect the device. Use a Window PC due to improved compatibility.

How To Use Android Tablet as Drawing Pad For PC

You can use Android tablets as a drawing pad by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Install Java

Firstly, check whether you have Java installed on your PC or not. For this, press the “Window” button on the keyboard or click the “Window” icon on the screen.

Now, you will have the programs open up on your PC. Look for any folder named “Java”. If this folder is present, you have Java on your PC; if not, you will have to install it.

Click on the “Java” folder and check the Java version if you have it. However, this step is not necessary most of the time because the Android app does not require the latest Java version. By far, it will work as long as the PC has Java installed.

In case you don’t have Java, download a version compatible with your PC. After downloading it, install the driver and open up the setup wizard. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation process.

Once you have installed Java, it’s time to move to the next step.

Step 2: Download the Drawing App

You have to download a Drawing app on your Android tablet as well as your PC.

For Android tablets, open Google plays store and sign in with your Google account. You can examine the drawing apps, read their reviews and download the most suitable one unless you have a preference.

For PC, open up the browser and download the same drawing app. Save it on the Desktop so you can easily find it when syncing with an Android tablet.

Step 3: Connect the app to your PC

This is the most critical and challenging step of the whole method.

Open your PC, go to the Windows firewall, click on the security application, and find the drawing app you just downloaded.

To run the drawing app on your PC, you will have to grant access from the Windows firewall. Then click on the two boxes in the dialogue box to permit Java to communicate on both Private and Public networks for flawless access. You will then be able to run the app with Java installed on your PC.

Afterward, a new tab will appear. Here, you will see a list of running and active network IP addresses. Now, you will have to validate that IP address that matches the authentic IP address of your Wi-Fi network.

You can find out the IP address from the network settings on your PC. Make sure it also matches the tablet drawing application on which you are currently working.

Step 4: Navigate the drawing app on the tablet

On your tablet, go to the settings and enter the IP address as shown on the PC and the Wi-Fi. Tap “OK” to save the settings.

Afterward, test whether the drawing app is working or not. Navigate to the main menu and tap the draw button.

Upon clicking, the circle on the PC display will turn green which means both devices are now communicating.


You can use this guide to make a drawing pad out of your tablet and save a hefty amount of money. This hack seems a bit tricky, but we hope you can pull it off with the instructions given above.

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