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Valve Index Cables

Do you want to make your headset more guarded? We have a choice for you.

The Valve Index is one of the best virtual reality headsets that have the most advanced and impressive controllers.

Valve Index comes with a cable that connects to provide an immersive virtual reality gaming experience. Even though Valve Index comes with its cable, it gets easily damaged, so you need one that is durable and convenient to use.

In the best situation, the cable comes in a small and diverse design with the potential of powerful connection and, of course, minimal risks.

To help you with your choice, we will review all of the best Valve Index cables.

6 Replaceable Valve Index Cables

1. Belker 36W Universal Power Adapter

Belker 36W Universal Power Adapter is a replacement AC power adapter with multifunctional and universal advantages that can replace many chargers with multiple functions including charger replacement, power needs spare, and upgrade. It can also work as a valve index power adapter.

The universal power cable comes in a compact and unique design with the potential of strong connection and minimal risks.

The adapter is equipped with 8 tips that can be interchanged to power your valve index and different appliances such as tablets, android phones, DVD speakers, routers, CCTV camera system, scales, speakers, strips of LED lights, USB charging camera, and powered devices, and other home appliances.

The adapter is equipped with a small twist that allows you to easily switch between different voltages. It also offers output voltages from 3V to 12V.

Belker 36W Universal Power Adapter also offers all-around protection for your valve index with built-in circuit protection from extreme temperature, overcurrent, short circuit, and full overvoltage. The AC adapter does not work with devices over 36W but it works well as a valve index cable.

2. Rankie DP Extension Cable

Rankie DP Extension Cable is one of the best valve index cables that we found.

The index cable features gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and aluminum foil shielding which improves the durability of the cable while providing a dependable connection.

Although the cable is 6 feet long which is shorter than most of our options, it is of durable quality and can withstand bending and folding without getting damaged. However, we do not advise you to try it when unnecessary. It also offers a reliable cable connection with its anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

It supports 4k video resolutions, Ultra HD, and uncompressed stereo sound to produce super-quality audiovisual effects.

There is also a latch on the cable that serves the function of securing the connection and you can only release the cable by pressing the button.

3. Cable Matters Extension Cable

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Cable Matters is a brand known for making high-quality cables and cable matters USB to USB cable is not an exception.

The cable is a superb performance male-to-female extension cable that is suitable for use with VR Headsets. The 10 feet long cable is one of our best valve index cables that helps to extend the connection between PCs and valve index and your mobile devices.

Amazingly, the cable features grip treads that make it easy to plug and remove. It is also equipped with strain relief connectors for better durability.

Just in case you have to bend the cable up to 10,000 times, it is durable enough not to get easily damaged.

The cable supports USB 2.0 and the super-fast USB 3.0 data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps which is typically faster than USB 2.0. The cable can also be used for charging your smart devices.

It is a durable cord that is equipped with bare copper conductors, gold-plated connectors, and foil shielding for outstanding cable performance with dependable connectivity.

4. Amazon Basics Extension Cable

Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable is a male-to-female fast-speed extension cable. The black cable is constructed with gold-plated and strain relief connectors that have corrosion-resistant properties for reduced interference and optimized signal clarity.

The USB 3.0 cable works at a speed 10 times faster than USB 2.0. The cable has an output power of up to 4.8gbs yet it uses less power and is backward compatible.

Amazon Basics USB 3.0 Extension Cable is 9.8 feet long which is long enough to extend your connection to your PC with cameras, keyboards, USB printers, and other computer peripherals.

It ensures clear signals and reduced the loss of bandwidth with shielding that protects against noise from radio frequency and electromagnetic signals.

It is our most affordable valve index cord yet it still ticks the box for durability and reliability.

5. Trebleet Headphone Cable

This cable is one of our best valve index cords that is specifically designed for the valve index, this means that it won’t work for other VR headsets. It is durably designed to last you for long and it provides a suitable alternative to the original valve index cable as it is easier to get.

It features one port at one end for your headset and three at the opposite end for impressive power and data signals. It works somewhat like the default valve index cable.

It is a little pricier than other cable options but it is well worth it.

6. Cable Matters Extension Cable

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Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort  Extension Cable is another 10 feet cable that transmits ultra high definition video and audio from your computer to a monitor for gaming and video streaming. It is one of the best valve index breakaway cables that we found.

The cable is equipped to deliver strong quality audio and video with its combined design of bare copper conductors, gold plated connectors, and foil, and stranded shielding.

It cannot be unplugged without the press of a release button which provides a secure cable connection.

It supports up to 4k video resolutions and full HD and flawless audio pass-through for uncompressed 7.1, 5.1, or 2 digital channel sounds.


To ensure that your virtual reality experience is not truncated when you least expect it, it is always advisable to inspect your cables often to ensure that they are in good shape. This will prevent untimely interruptions during VR especially when you can’t get a replacement for your valve index as soon as possible.

It is always best to have a valve index replacement cable handy, you don’t have to wait till the original cable gets damaged.

We hope that our review will help you make a suitable decision.

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