Best Laptop Screen Size for Gaming

Best Laptop Screen Size

Through my research, I have gathered experience that laptop size is a significant issue nowadays, and people are targeting laptop size as their choice. The screen choice of gamers, developers, editors is not the same today. Probably, the ability of the users to analyze their needs is increasing day by day. They want the most accurate items for themselves.

Nowadays, humans are delighted to carry a laptop in their bags. But for the new customers, it’s not easy to understand the specification of a good laptop. Moreover, you need to find the most suitable one for the various devices.

How To Measure Best Laptop Screen Size for Gaming

Laptop screen size is measured physically with an inch tape. So, collect an inch of tape, and you’re ready to measure your laptop screen size.

Open the laptop and center the inch tap at the top left to the bottom right or top right to bottom left. That means you have to measure the screen size diagonally from corner to corner. Now carefully, mark the number, and the number is your screen size in inch. 

If you need to measure the size in centimeters, multiply the number 2.54, and after calculation, you’ll find your answer. 

Firstly, make sure about your budget and confirm exactly how you use the laptop. Here I have mentioned an average specifical laptop for the specific persons. 

Perfect RAM Package: 

The RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it works to smoothen and fasten your experience. The RAM indicates how much application you can run at a time. 

  • Student & Teacher: 2GB 
  • Video Editor: 16 GB
  • Graphic Designer: 8 GB
  • Office Worker: 2 GB to 4 GB 
  • Housewife & Children: 2GB
  • Gamer: 32GB to 64GB 
  • Programmer: 16GB
  • Others: 4GB to 8GB

Storage and Processor: 

In terms of storage, if you’re a video editor, gamer, programmer, or designer, we always recommend going for at least 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) and Intel Core i5 and similar AMD Series Processer to smoothen your usage. 

But if you’re a student, housewife, or you need a laptop for your children, then 32GB to 64GB HDD (Hard disk drive) and Intel Celeron Series or similar is enough for you. 

Other Features: 

Portability is very crucial for students, teachers, and office workers. They are always recommended for a lightweight and portable laptop because it helps carry the device in the bags.

Make sure about the build quality and ports that you exactly need. Try to purchase a metal body for a rich plastic device. 

Please take a look at the keyboard and its types and features. I recommend you to buy a laptop with a backlit keyboard if you have enough budget.

The new consumers can often not assume the perfect size because the laptop screen size depends on the usages. They sometimes hesitate to ensure about their laptop size before purchasing. 

Most Common Laptop Screen Size

Best Laptop Screen Size for Gaming

This section tries to cover up the best screen size for users describing their usages. Students, children, video editors, designers, and the rest don’t need the same screen size for productive uses. 

If you’re interested to know about various laptop sizes and their usage, then you’re covered up. Here in this article, we will discuss these varieties. 

Acer Predator Helios – Best Laptop Screen Size

You need a high-class performance in terms of gaming. Nowadays, we most often find a gaming laptop with a dual-screen. But it depends on you whether you go for a single screen or a dual one.

But in all cases, you need a display at high resolution and a high refresh rate. The CPU and GPU should perform legendary performance for your smooth gaming with a high-speed SSD.

The screen size must be 15.6 inches or more to consume a great gaming experience. 

Here, we have mentioned a laptop as an example. This product is a high-selling product on Amazon, and you’re also recommended to go for it.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop comes with an Intel Core i7 processor packed with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU helps you to enjoy better gaming. 512GB SSD smoothens the experiences.

The screen is 15.6 inches in size and 144Hz in refresh rate. The RGB backlight keyboard attracts all the users. The trackpad is good, but a mouse is mandatory for gaming. 

The sound quality is tremendously well, both in headphones or regular cases. It sounds back to your mouth and loud enough. 

You can find all the gaming devices weighty, and it’s also the same. It weighs around 5.07 lbs.

The big screen and high refresh rate are the pre-conditions of a gaming laptop. Overall, this Acer Laptop gives you all of these. So, you’re highly recommended to go for it. 

HP Stream 14inch – Smallest Screen Laptops

A student doesn’t need to use a performance-centric laptop; instead, he needs a laptop by which he can fulfill his daily studies, attend his online classes, and create notes. The laptop might be lightweight and portable to use and carry. 

These things are pre-condition of a laptop for a student. A student never needs an exact screen size that a gamer does. For students, it is good to have 11-14 inches of screen

Like before, we mention another best example in this category of laptops. 

HP Stream is a dashing laptop with its looks and built quality. The Rose Pink color is like a blessing for the eyes. 

It offers you an Intel Celeron N4000 Dual-Core Processor with 4GB RAM and 32 eMMC. 32GB internal storage can be a bummer, but you can use any cloud drive like Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc., to store your daily notes and documents.

The trackpad is very responsive and handy. 14 inch HD screen with 1366×768 pixels can be an ideal screen size for a student. The webcam performs well to join any online class platform like Google Classroom, Zoom, etc. 

Moreover, the battery backup is also satisfactory at this price point. It lasts about 10-12 hours on a full charge, so you haven’t always stuck to a power outlet when using it. This device is easy to carry and portable to use in any space. 

Lastly, I can consider it a recommended device with a perfect screen size of 14 inches for school-going students. 

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 – Most Common Laptop Screen Size

If you’re a college-going student and you’re interested in knowing the best screen size for your day-to-day usage, you’re captured. I see that college students don’t use laptops like school-going students. 

A college student must have a suitable laptop in size, performance, and usages by which they can continue their studies and their other works. But I think the screen size of 11-14 inches can also cover the demand of a college student. 

Let me show you a demanding device of this mentioned size. 

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is a high-demanding device in the market and performs itself. 

As a college student who needs to do something further than a school student, we offer you this laptop with a great processor. This laptop is built with an Intel Core i3 10 Gen Processor and can perform well for a college student. 

The inbuilt 13.3-inch FHD display in this slim body with a 360° convertible experience offers beautiful visuals, while narrow bezels minimize distractions. This display configuration will provide you with a quality performance. 

4GB DDR4 RAM with 64GB eMMC handles multitask with ease and decent to store the necessary document. Chrome OS is also suitable and easy for students to use. 

The touch screen response is also pretty at this price point. The speakers sound much loud with average quality. 

Overall, this device can be an excellent deal for college students for their usages. 

ASUS VivoBook F512 – Most Popular Laptop Screen Size

A programmer must code and run all the heavy programs, games, websites, or others. So, he needs a laptop to do the same to continue his complex works. 

He requires a laptop with an excellent processor, a speedy SSD, and decent RAM. The screen size can be an issue, but it depends on users in most cases. But for a programmer, 15-16 inches of screen is an ideal choice. 

Let me know about the impression in the comment section about the below device. 

Asus Vivobook F512 is a bezel-less, light, and thin device with outstanding performance. AMD R5-3500U with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD has the juice to fulfill our heavy task at the mark. 

This device is beautiful with a 15.6 inch Full HD narrow bezel display. You can find a fingerprint scanner on the right corner of the trackpad for a better security system, and it works well.

To enhance your typing experience, you can find a backlit keyboard here. AMD Radeon Vega 8 discrete graphic card is available here, providing better graphical quality. Moreover, you can find the necessary ports to transfer your important documents. 

The battery backup is also satisfactory at this price point, and it lasts around 4-6 hours on moderate usages. 

Overall, a programmer can like this device for his day-to-day activities. 

New Lenovo Ideapad 3

You can be a photo editor and use resource-intensive software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc. In this case, you need a laptop with excellent color accuracy and performance.

I recommend you go for an LCD screen instead of an AMOLED because the LCD screen produces the natural color, and the AMOLED shows the color a bit warmer. So, a laptop with an LCD screen of 15-16 inches can be a great choice.

Here I’m mentioning a budget photo editing device; you can check it out and get a better idea. 

Take a view of this latest Lenovo Ideapad 3; the slim, lightweight, and compact device look outstanding. The Arctic Grey color also looks fantastic here.

The device comes with an Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor. This processor can handle your photo editing software well and fluently. 12 Gigabyte of DDR4SD RAM is another milage of good performance. You can multitask with ease with this latest device. 

256 GB Solid State Drive helps you to run your windows smoother. Mentionable, this device comes with an inbuilt Windows 11. 

A 15.6-inch FHD display helps you accurate your color and editing experience. And surprisingly, it’s a touchscreen laptop with excellent touch response. 

Other essentials like the keyboard, the trackpad, and the webcam perform satisfactorily.

Overall, this device might be an ideal choice for a photo editor. 

Microsoft Surface

To someone traveling can be a passion and can like to travel significantly. But to maintain work, one traveler might need a laptop that is portable and easy to carry.

I have already mentioned that the device’s selection depends on your choice. Still, I’m saying an excellent device for your better concept.

There is no urgency to carry a big bulky laptop to a traveler. In my opinion, he needs a laptop of 11-13 inches screen size.

Let me introduce you to a device. 

This 12.4-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop Go device is eye-soothing like your hobby. This laptop looks like a Gold-stone with its sandstone color. The other variants of Iceblue color and Platinum color are also gorgeous.

This device offers you an Intel Core i5 10th Gen processor with 8GB of RAM. I can rate the performance eight to ten at this price point. The app opening-closing time and multitasking quality are up to the top. 256GB of SSD runs the laptop well, smoothly, and fluently. 

When you’re traveling and open this laptop in front of others, that will show the class and choice. It is one of the most beautiful devices my eyes have ever seen. 

Moreover, the screen quality is excellent, and it is a touchscreen laptop, and the response is accurate. The device will show your best side on video calls, meetings, and virtual get-togethers with the built-in 720p HD camera.

Though the device costs much, it’s effective and offers you a ton. 

Best Eye Friendly Display Laptop

We all know that all the devices reduce radioactive rays less or more, but these are significantly harmful to our eyes and body. The blue light causes headaches, mental stress, and anxiety. We should use a laptop which is less harmful to our eyes and health.

The more your screen enlarges, the radioactive rays’ rate increases. The standard distance we use is usually around 40-50cm. But the more your screen size increases, the more space must be further. 

The highest 17 to 20 inches of screen is adjustable to eyes in the standard position mentioned before. But for extra protection, you can use a Blue light and Anti Glare Filter. 

I attached the link here, go and check it out to relieve mental stress and headache. 

LG Gram 17Z90P

A video editor needs a large screen to visualize video quality and processing accuracy. He also needs a powerful performance-centric laptop to ease the heavy video editing software. With a low-power computer, a video editor may find many lags, frame drops, screen freezing, and can be annoyed any time. 

A large display helps an editor take a video’s experience and make corrections. If you’re a video editor, I recommend you to go for a laptop of 17 inches or more.

This device has been named awkward, but the capability can touch the sky. IIntel Evo Platform Powered by 11th generation Intel core i7-1165G7 Processor is a proven flagship processor that helps you run your video editing software like Abode Premiere Pro, Filmora, Camtasia, or others. 

17” WQXGA (2560×1600) IPS LCD, with DCI-P3 99% color expression, provides you with a decent performance in color accuracy and perfect visualization. Built-in Intel Xe Graphics delivers performance for high-resolution content creation and editing. 

Video editing requires a high space to store it. In this fact, this device offers you 1 TeraByte Solid State Drive. The SSDs usually are ten times faster than the old HDD technology. 

16GB LPDDR4X 4266mhz RAM delivers a high level of performance for memory-intensive content creation, designing, video editing, and multitasking. 

The battery backup is outstanding, which lasts around 6 to 8 hours on moderate use. It offers a high resolution and high-performance display, requiring burning more battery. 

The other commodities like the backlit keyboard, webcam, and Amazon Alexa Built-In provide you the extra features. 

Overall, LG Gram 17Z90P Laptop is an accurate device for a video editor.


Which laptop is good, 14 inches or 15.6 inches?

Basically, it depends on the usage. 15.6 is a standard size, but 14 inches can also be an ideal choice for students, teachers, and travelers. 

Is a 14-inch laptop big enough? 

No, a 14-inch laptop is not big, but it depends. 

Is a 15-inch laptop suitable for gamers? 

A 15-inch laptop is okay, but the larger screen you use, the better experience you’ll get. 


A laptop screen size is an issue before purchasing, and you should have a clear concept about it. So, I tried my best to make you understand the topic. 

I hope you understand the best screen-size laptop for you. I have mentioned some criteria and laptops to give you a clear concept. All the devices are high-selling at Amazon right now. 

In summarising, go for a smaller size display of 11 to 14 inches if you’re a student, teacher, and traveler. For programmers, developers, office workers, 14 to 15 inches of screen size.15 to more is required for a gamer and a video editor. Take a breath and think about your needs and essentials. Pick the right choice as well. 

To err is human, and that goes for the same to me. Let me know how the article was in the comment section. See you later, till then keep tracking. 

Hopefully, now you can make the thing easier to decide about the perfect screen size for you. 

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