Fix Oculus Controller Squeaks & Drifting Joystick (Solved)

Fix Oculus Controller Squeaks & Drifting Joystick

Need help fixing your Oculus Quest 2 controller drifting joystick? We can help.

There is nothing more significant than the controller in the headset.

Using tracked controllers makes your experience smooth and convenient.

After a couple of days of using your touch controllers, you might run into some problems. Sometimes they start making squeaking sounds, which will drive you crazy.

Our steps and tips will help you resolve all of these issues without getting too complicated.

The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 controllers have a drifting joystick.

Fix Oculus Controller Squeaks & Drifting Joystick
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A drifting joystick problem occurs when your controller does not recognize that you have stopped motioning the joystick in a particular direction. It continues moving in that direction even after you have released it.

The following tips will help you fix drifting joysticks on your touch controllers.

A basic trick that has worked time and again is detaching the batteries from a device and turning it back on again.

It might help to take out the batteries from your controller and then put them back in after waiting about 2 minutes. This will reset your controller and fix hardware problems.

Check out our other articles if you are having trouble finding the battery or removing the battery from your controller.

Using compressed air to remove dust and particles – You can also blow air over the joystick while moving it in different directions to ensure that the air reaches the books and nooks around the hinge.

You can do this by purchasing compressed air from Amazon or an offline store. You can blow air over the area with your mouth, but it might not be as effective as using compressed air.thermore, compressed air cans are easier to use and will save your breath.

A drifting joystick issue can be resolved by cleaning the controller and joystick area with a toothpick.

We will show you how to do this with a toothpick. It may sound absurd, but it works.

  • Take a toothpick
  • Bend it to a 90-degree angle at a corner
  • Stick it in the corners of your joystick hinge while rotating the joystick. This will ensure that all the corners are adequately cleaned.  

You can also use any other small tool that can reach the corners of your joystick hinge without damaging it if you are not comfortable using a toothpick.

Fix Oculus Controller Squeaks & Drifting Joystick
Image Credit – Reddit

Fixing Oculus Controller Squeaks

If you just got your Quest device, contact Oculus support for a replacement before trying to fix any issues.

You can fix an Oculus Touch controller that makes squeaky sounds in two ways, depending on how long you’ve been using it:

This would require a reliable lubricant. One of the lubricants that we recommend for electronics is the WD-40 cleaning spray, which is designed specifically for electronics. You can get the WD-40 cleaning spray from Amazon.

You can also use the lubricant on other electronic devices besides Oculus controllers.

VR parts should not be lubricated with oil.

Compressed air can also be used to remove dust and other particles from your controller to resolve controller squeaks.

Concentrate the compressed air on the button that appears to be causing the problem and blow the debris off of it. For optimum results, hold down the button while you blow compressed air over it.  

A can of compressed air can be obtained from a trusted offline store or from Amazon.

Final Words

The following are just basic hacks that may or may not work based on the situation and the cause of your controller problem. If neither of these work, you should seek professional help or contact Oculus support.

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