How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

How to Replace Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

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Replace the Oculus Quest 2 controller battery. The Oculus Quest 2 comes with a disposable AA battery, but these run out quickly, so you have to buy replacement batteries.

The battery cover of the controller units is especially difficult to open.

We’ll cover everything you might need to know about changing the Oculus Quest 2 Controller battery in this article.

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How to Open the Battery Cover of Quest 2

One would think that difficulty opening the battery cover of the Quest 2 controller is enough problem until you discover that finding the battery space is another problem. We will be able to guide you through this difficulty, starting with locating the battery compartment.

Search carefully for tracking down arrows on either side of your controller to locate the battery cover. Pay attention to all the details as they can be somewhat hidden.

If you search well enough, you might notice a line on the grip of your controller, specifically the left side. That line might not look like a battery compartment, but it does.

The next task is to figure out how to open the Oculus Quest 2 controller now that you have been shown where to find the battery cover. You should be extremely careful at this point, since it could be tightly locked in place. Applying too much force to the battery cover can cause it to break. Here’s how to open the battery cover:

  • Push the top of the controller’s grip downward with your thumb. It might not open as easily as you think (the controller’s grip is located under where the button consoles are).  
  • To open the cover, you can insert the tip of a sharp object into the tight gap and carefully use it to ease it open. In addition to using your thumb, you can also use something sharp (like a kitchen knife) instead of your thumb. In order to avoid damaging your controller or injuring yourself, you must be careful using the sharp object this time.

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Removing your Quest 2 Controller Batteries

You must open your battery cover to replace batteries in Oculus Quest 2. Quest 2 uses a single AA battery, which may need to be replaced from time to time.

You can easily take out your battery by carefully dipping a butter knife or another utensil into the corner of your battery space, which may be easier for some than others.

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How To Replace Batteries In Oculus Quest 2 Controller

When you change the battery of your controller, it will be energized and able to serve its purpose more effectively.

It is important to note the position of the battery in the controller before removing it so that you can easily fix it back in place or replace it.  

For those of you who didn’t know, here are a few tips to help you fix your controller’s AA battery:

  • The pin side is the top of the battery
  • The bottom of the battery is the flat and rounded side
  • You have to insert the bottom side of the battery by pressing it to the spring side of the battery space while you press the top into place.
  • The flat rounded side of the battery should have the upper part of the controller while the pin side is supposed to face the bottom end of the controller.

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Does Quest 2 support rechargeable AA batteries and chargers?

For your controllers, you can use rechargeable AA batteries, which must be removed, charged, and replaced like regular batteries.

To keep your controller fully charged and ready to play, you must manage your gaming sessions and charging time well enough.

You can save yourself the stress and charge your battery more easily with charging stations. Using the Anker Oculus Quest 2 charging station is one of the best-charging stations for rechargeable batteries. All you need to do is dock your headset and controller when you’re not playing games and they’re fully charged.

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How long does the battery last on an Oculus Quest 2 controller?

Your battery’s lifespan may vary depending on how often you use it and its quality. However, good-quality batteries should last an average of 30 to 50 hours.

You can try Energizer Max Lithium Batteries or Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries if you need recommendations for good quality batteries.

20 sets of long-lasting and durable batteries make the Energizer Max Lithium a great choice for long-lasting playtime. Unlike Energizer batteries, Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries maintain their voltage even after charging multiple times (up to 2100 times). However, you would need a separate charger to charge them.

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Final Words

The most important thing is to make sure your controllers are fully charged and ready for VR gaming, regardless of whether you use regular batteries or rechargeable batteries.

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