How to Find a USB-C Adapter For Your Gear VR?

How to Find a USB-C Adapter For Your Gear VR

What is a Type-C adapter?

The USB Type C port on the matte black versions of the Gear VR may seem hidden on the bottom of the device, but you can do a lot with it.

How to Find a USB-C Adapter For Your Gear VR

Do I need a Type-C adapter?

This is a simple question to answer, and it all relies on the phone you are using with Gear VR. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S7 or older, you do not need to worry about this. However, if you are using the Samsung Galaxy S8, you have probably noticed that it charges via a Type-C connection. If you are using the 2016 Gear VR, it came with a MicroUSB adaptor, which means you will need to purchase a Type-C adapter.

If your phone has a USB Type-C connector and your Gear VR has a MicroUSB adaptor, you will need to swallow the bullet and purchase a Type-C adapter. Do not worry though, because Samsung has made this easy and affordable for you.

How do you order one?

Rather than going to Amazon and skimming through the Type-C adapter alternatives, you can go straight to Samsung’s component website. From here, you can get a Type-C adapter brought directly to your house without worrying about whether it’s a faulty product or whether it will operate properly with your Gear VR. 

This website, however, is not without flaws. You may search by keyword or model number, but many of the results do not include a photo, making it difficult to determine whether you are looking at the correct item. 

That’s why we have done the legwork and discovered the Type-C adapter for you, so purchase GH98-40350A on

If you do not know, you can connect the Oculus Quest 2 to your pc via an Oculus link cable, which goes from type C on one end to type 6 on another. If you do not have a type C port on the pc, simply get a type C to type a 3.1 adapter. If you do not have a USB 3.1 port, with a 3.0 port or maybe even a 2.0 port, you can still play.

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