HP Made in Which Country?

HP Made in Which Country

HP is well known for manufacturing different types of hardware and software. It is a multinational brand that has earned its name through its high-quality products. But many people don’t know the origin of this company. As you know, most products in the world are somehow related to China, whether made in China or made by a Chinese company. So various people suspect that HP is a Chinese company, but that rumour is not valid. HP is not a Chinese company, but it is an American based company.

HP is an American company, and associating this company with any other country may cause a negative impression on its reputation. So, in this article, we will discuss the origin of HP company and the evolution of the brand. So, let’s get started.

HP Company Originated From Which Country?

Hewlett-Packard or HP is well acknowledged American and multinational brand of various hardware and software products. The company was first founded in 1939. The company is famous for manufacturing laptops and printers and was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in Palo Alto, California, United States. Its main headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, the United States, with over 66,000 employees. Although the company has many branches in other countries, including Beijing, China, its mainland is still California.

History of Hewlett-Packard

The establishing tale of the company is similar to many other famous brands like Amazon, Apple etc. The two men named Bill Hewlett and David Packard started the company in a one-car garage in Palo Alto in 1939. That garage is now a historical landmark in California, and people call it the “birthplace of Silicon Valley”. Initially, they offered electric test and measurement equipment only. On July 2, 1939, the company made their official debut when it got its first big project of providing instruments for Walt Disney’s production of Fantasia.

In 2014, Hewlett-Packard, also known as HP, was split into two divisions: HP Enterprise and HP Inc. HP enterprise sell servers and enterprise services while HP Inc sells laptops and printers.

Where do HP Products Make?

HP develops numerous products like hardware components, digital services, software services, and other related services. But the question is where these products are made. Because we know HP is an American company, but many products have “made in China” label on it. Although HP’s main headquarters is in America, the company has many manufacturing units in other countries. Mainly China, Malaysia, and the Philippines source most of the components for HP. Because of the 10% hikes of tariffs on Chinese products, HP shifted some of its manufacturing from China to other countries.

Most HP products and laptops are made in USA or China. This is because Asian market demands differ from that of the American market. That’s why for Asian countries, most of the products are made in china. While for the American population, USA based companies make products.

As you already know, aside from America, HP products manufacturing also occurs in other counties, China on top of the list. HP desktop computers are primarily made in the Czech Republic, the United States, Australia, and China. A significant portion of desktops is made in Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd and Pegatron.

HP scanners are manufactured by a Taiwanese firm with manufacturing facilities in China, Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co.

HP laptops are manufactured by Compal Electronics, Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd, Quanta Computer Inc, and Wistron. The primary production takes place in China, but the Czech Republic, the United States, and Australia also have some role in laptop manufacturing.

Lastly, HP monitors are made in China, and the main contributors are Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd, Qisda, TPV Technology Limited, and Wistron.

Final Thoughts

If you are done reading the article, you will probably know which country HP is made in. A large amount of production occurs in the United States. Initially, all of the products were made in America. But as the company landed foot in the Asian market, they developed a production plant in Beijing, China. HP also has a production unit in India, but it is not well acknowledged as of now.

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