Are Razer Laptops Worth It to Buy? What Do You Think?

Razer gaming laptops are well-known in the world of gaming as the “Apple of Windows laptops”. Basically, Razer designs and products quality are second to none in the windows world. Only laptops like Dell’s XPS lineup and perhaps Lenovo’s own ThinkPad series can compete with Razer, although their audience is entirely different from Razer’s. Razer’s main market is gaming, while other laptops deal with the general population.

If you are a gamer and need a gaming laptop that will be easy to carry, have a beautiful sleek design, and has a ton of power to support heavy gaming, then Razer is the only option left for you. Razer aim is clear from the start. They only focus on ‘gaming laptops’, and they are successful in it.

Are Razer Laptops Worth It to Buy?

Are Razer laptops really worth the price despite all the good points? Arise in the minds of many people. Are there any good alternatives available? If available, then at which price? These are all the questions that determine the worth of Razer laptops. In this article, we will discuss these points to answer the commonly asked question, “are Razer laptops worth it?”

No True Alternatives for Razer Laptop

If you take a look at the market, you will find out that Razer gaming laptops are the best in the market. There is no true alternative to them. Razer gives the best build quality and specs in the tiny, sleek, and jaw-dropping closure.

No one in the market competes with them or stop them, so it’s only fair that the price can be as much as they want. After all, it’s a free market. It’s not Razer’s fault that no one in the market competes for their products.

Although Razer is not a small start-up company given the number, they are generating every day, they are also not an IT conglomerate like Dell, Lenovo, Asus, etc. Razer has made its name and come this far because of their second to none products. In fact, they survived the stiff competition of the market solely because of their dedication and ability to produce products that stand out from others.

You can take any product of Razer and compare it with an Alienware laptop or equivalent offering from Dell (or even HP’s own OMEN lineup). When you put them together, you will see a clear difference. It’s like you are comparing a professional tool with the child’s toy.

Razer’s is slender and mesmerizing, while the other is thick and dreadful from a visual point of view. If you ignore the Razer’s logo, you will mistake these laptops as some products designed specifically for CEO or high-level executive.

Specs of Razer Laptops

Let’s take a look at Razer’s laptop from a hardware standpoint. Razer is well acknowledged by the fact that gaming requires high tech specs and some potent hardware for better performance. That’s why all of their products have had high specs since the beginning.

There were times when Razer packed so much in the laptop that the machine caused obscene amounts of fan noise and out-of-control temperatures. But that’s normal according to physics. Depending upon the built-in components and the amount of power needed to drive them, it is normal to have some noise and a temperature rise.

Razer products are always made up of the latest graphic cards and brand-new available processors, especially if they are from NVIDIA and Intel. For example, the RTX 3000 series of GPUs can be found in the Razer Blade series, paired with Intel’s tenth-generation H-series processors (45W).

It’s a heavenly combination that cannot be found in any other laptop. Moreover, there is a rumour (hopefully, it will be true) that Razer is going to shift to “team red”. It means that they will equip their upcoming laptops with AMD’s Ryzen processors. These processors are the most compatible CPUs on the market. They are more efficient and powerful than anything Intel has to offer because they are made up of a 7mm process. Razer laptops can run any game with much lesser fan noise, better battery life, and better horsepower with this processor.

A Fair Price to Pay for Razer Laptop

We all know that Razer laptops can be everything but cheap. But then again, if we look at all the facts and specific features they are offering, then it’s a fair price. Razer also does not build them for average persons or budget-conscious gamers instead; they are made for professional gamers.

Razer’s laptops are premium products with high tech features and specs designed and packed in an eye-catching and jaw-dropping closure. They are luxurious products that have a lofty price tag on them. If you want the best laptop, as in performance and beauty, Razer is hard to beat. But if you are a budget-conscious gamer, then you can buy Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 or HP OMEN 15. These machines are not eye-catching like Razer’s, but they can still do the job for you.

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Final Verdict

By reading the above article, one can be assured that Razer is definitely worth their price. If you are a gamer, don’t hesitate to buy Razer laptops. This one-time investment will help you in the long run.

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