How to Fix Oculus Quest 2 Tracking Lost Errors

tracking lost oculus quest 2

We’re here to help you with Oculus Quest tracking and make your VR experience more stable.

Tracking cannot work without light, so if your set is not well lit or completely dark, tracking may not work. 

In the case of too much direct sunlight on your gaming set, the same concerns will arise.

To start with, make sure you have just the right amount of light. If tracking issues persist, we will provide different, more complicated tips.

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Oculus Quest 2 Errors: 6 Easy Solutions

Make sure your gaming area has LEDs:

In addition to using the camera to track the controllers, the headset also relies on infrared LEDs in the controller.

Having another source of LED light around your gaming area or home may cause your Quest headset to have tracking issues.

Turn off all other sources of light, including LEDs and Christmas lights, to fix tracking lost oculus quest 2.

Tracking frequency can be changed as follows:

Despite LEDs causing tracking issues, not all LED bulbs do the same thing. Most homes use either 50 or 60 Hz of alternating current pulses to turn on the LEDs, depending on the resident country. As you know, when electrons flow over a LED, they produce light which may go off in between the light pulse rate.

While pulse speeds are usually fast and mostly invisible, the flickering LED bulb can help you monitor them.

The LED of the Oculus headset may fluctuate and it would try to automatically make up for this. However, you can also try resolving tracking issues by modifying the tracking frequency by yourself by following the simple steps below:

  • Open the settings
  • Switch to the device menu
  • Choose between the pulse options listed including Automatic, 50 Hz, and 60Hz.

Relocate or cover any mirrors around your gaming area:

Mirrors placed randomly around your gaming area may confuse your headset’s tracking system and cause it to malfunction.

Try moving or covering nearby mirrors to see if the oculus tracking lost condition improves.

Keep the tracking cameras of the headset clean and in good condition:

Using your headset’s camera, you are able to track your controller and its surroundings. If your Oculus quest 2 controller isn’t working, you need to keep the camera lens clean to avoid this issue. Keeping the lenses clean on a regular basis will prevent any obstructions (including first and anything sticky) from developing around them. A clear view of your headset is important when gaming, so you need to keep the cameras clean.

If your controller’s battery is low or out of power, check these steps:

In most cases, Quest 2 controllers are equipped with one AA battery (per controller). Although these batteries usually last for a long time, they may need to be replaced frequently if they’ve been in use for a while. Tracking issues can be resolved by changing a weak controller battery.

Before you continue gaming after changing batteries on your controller, try restarting the headset itself.

You may also experience tracking problems with your controller if you use rechargeable batteries. This is due to the lower output of rechargeable batteries (1.2V) than standard AA batteries (1.5V). Check if the problem improves if you switch from rechargeable batteries to AA batteries for single-use.

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Make sure your gaming area is well-lit:

The Quest headset tracks your controller and its surroundings via the camera. A camera requires light to work, so if your gaming area is dark or poorly lit, you may experience tracking issues.

In the same way that a poorly lit room can cause tracking problems, too much light in your gaming area could also cause problems, particularly if you are using sunlight as a source of light. As the Oculus Quest headset is designed for indoor use, direct sunlight can cause it to malfunction.

If you encounter tracking issues with this route, try changing your gaming position or drawing the curtains over your windows to reduce the sun’s rays.

To resolve Oculus quest 2 tracking loss, try some of the helpful suggestions highlighted in this article. If the issue persists even after you have tried all of the above, contact Oculus support.

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