Best USB C Cable For Oculus Quest 2 or Link Cable Alternative

Best Link Cable Alternatives for Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 can attain top performance without the help of external supporting devices, however, when connected to a PC via a high-quality active USB-C connection, it has powerful graphics and audio performance capabilities, and it can considerably improve Oculus Quest 2 performance – that’s why you need the best USB C cable for Oculus Quest 2.

When purchasing a USB C cable, there are a few things to consider. You need good signal shielding to prevent signal degradation, as well as an active connection using a re-driver chipset to allow the cable to reach extended lengths.

In general, most high-quality USB cables can go With Oculus Link – but for the best VR experience for room-scale activities, we recommend a cord that is at least 10ft long and USB 3.0 or above.

Because there are multiple things you should consider, we did some research and will try to help you with this research.

List of Best USB C Cable For Oculus Quest 2

Anker USB C CableUSB 3.0 to USB C Charger Cable (6ft)

Kuject Link Cable16ft with Separate Charging Port

Syntech Link Cable16ft Long Cable with Meta Quest 2 Compatibility

KIWI USB A to Type-C10 Feet/3m USB C 3.2 Gen1 Cable

VOKOO Oculus Quest Link Cable16ft – 20ft with Speed Data Transfer & Fast Charging

Dethinton USB C 3.2 Gen1 CableBest VR Link Headset Cable for Fast Charging

Best Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable
Image Credit – Reddit

Best Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable
Image Credit – Reddit

Best USB C Cable For Quest 2

Do you want to hook up your Oculus Quest 2 to a computer? You may accomplish it wirelessly using Air Link, physically with a USB Link cable, or with the best Oculus Quest 2 compatible USB C Link Cable Alternative. They effectively transform the headset into an Oculus Rift, allowing you to play PC VR games.

While wireless connections are handy, not all Wi-Fi networks and PC modems are capable of handling the high bandwidth needs for streaming VR games. That’s where the Link cable comes in; however, not every other cable can be connected.

You’ll need one that’s both long enough to allow you to move freely and fast enough to handle all of the streaming data required by PC VR.

While buying the official Oculus version is the easiest choice, we can all agree it is too pricey, so what can you do? To make your investigation a little easier, we did some research, so keep on reading!

Anker USB C Cable

Right now, the official cables are sold out on oculus official stores, and some people are selling those $80 cables for $300 (which is too much for an over-priced cable). So, I came up with this cable, and it is one of the few cables that are officially recommended by oculus itself.

If you want excellent performance, you should install Anker 3.0 USB port on your computer. In such conditions, I got a 2.0GBps data transfer rate on the oculus speed tester. I think this speed is pretty good for an ordinary cable.

If 10 feet cable isn’t long enough for you, then please don’t replace the cable with rubbish. Just buy a CableCreation extension and extend the line to your desired length. I’m sure you will not be disappointed then.

VOKOO Link Cable

Another USB cable is highly recommended by the oculus system and community. Even the Oculus application tells you that this cable is perfect. So far, this is the fastest cable I have used. I used it for AAA-rated VR games, and everything ran smoothly.

The data transfer rate is top-notch, recording about 2.2GBps while connected to a 3.0 USB port. Moreover, it comes in multiple lengths as 10 feet – to 20 feet, so you will not have to buy a CableCreation extension. I had some problems with charging my headset while playing, but I didn’t find any reviews about this issue. Maybe something was wrong with my computer.

Dethinton Cable 16FT

The best thing about this product is its durability. You can’t expect a rigid and high-quality wire at such prices. However, the overall weight is slightly high, making it a recommended item. It can be ideal for you if you have to wander around your room because it comes 16 feet (no less). So, why spend $80 on something else?

If you want its long-lasting uses, you should take care of it. For example, always wrap the cable after you have done your gaming session. Talking about the data transfer, I got about 1.9GBps on the speed tester. I always use these cables on a 3.0 USB port, and I never faced a connection loss. I am sure that you have seen something less expensive than this, but you will not get better quality than this.

Oculus Link Cable

This wire is best for connecting quest – 2 with the computer and charging your headset during your gaming session. This item is an excellent value for your money. Besides charging the headset, it works efficiently for accessing the data for something like SideQuest.

I found two advantages of this wire. First, the latency is eliminated while connected with your computer, provides excellent data transfer rate, and keeps the headset charged. That doesn’t mean that you can keep on playing forever; the battery automatically drains. But it does allow a more extended gaming session than expected.

Lastly, this cable is made of fibre optics, so that you can expect a much higher speed than standard cables. That is the reason behind its higher price.

OQLINK Link Cable

Another cable gave a 2.0+ data transfer rate with a 3.0 USB port. It comes with two variants in length, 13 feet and 16 feet. Unlike other durable wires, it is a bit thin, flexible, and light-weighted at cheaper rates. Among other factors, its charging capabilities impressed me the most. I recorded a 10% battery drop during an hourly VR session, which is pretty good compared to other cables.

While not playing, it provided fast charging, which lasted about 9 hours in another gaming session, but the headset was not charging this time. If you need to move around the room, its flexibility will not disappoint you. So far, a much convenient choice than paying $80 for an official wire.

KRX Link Cable

The company never disappointed in performance and durability, and this cable is another example of their excellence. If you are a fan of AAA-rated games, you will not be disappointed by its data transfer rate—however, a bit slow while charging during the session.

I tested it while playing Skyrim, and I got excellent video results without lagging. The recorded data transfer rate was about 1.9GBps with a 3.0 USB port. Surprisingly, it supports a 3.2 USB port, and if you want a better data rate, you can use it in such conditions.

The build quality is fantastic. It comes in three length variants, 10 feet, 16 feet, and 20 feet. So, you will not have to buy a CableCreation extension. If you want a durable VR session, I will suggest the angled connection.

WiRoTech USB C 3.1 Gen2

This is the best oculus quest link cable, and it works efficiently while intense gaming sessions. However, it is a bit heavy but good at handling data rates. This cable boosted up the performance of my applications and charged the headset as well. It comes in two variants, 6 feet and 10 feet. I know a bit disappointed, but it will work fine in normal conditions.

I recorded about 1.8GBps data rate and about 12% battery drop during the VR session. Moreover, if you want more than that, you can use it in a 3.1 USB port.

KIWI Design VR Cable

This cable set is famous and highly recommended because of its extended pulleys. There are smooth, quiet, made of excellent build quality. If you have a high ceiling room, it would be an ideal product. In such conditions, you will have an extra cable to hang down to your headset, and you will not feel any tension. If the ceiling is not so high, you can add a little weight at the end of the link.

However, I have a tip for the users. If you plan to use the adhesive hooks, you should get some commands hooks first. Install the wires on the command hook and determine how you would attack them on the ceiling. Do some experiments before using the adhesive hooks because they are so sticky. Once you have attached them to the top, they will damage the paintwork after you readjust them.


If you are not planning to buy an official cable for $80, you should consider purchasing this as a replacement. This is an excellent alternative for $15 which works seamlessly in all conditions. You will see many reviews about this cable not charging the headset, but they have misunderstood everything. First of all, you have to plug this in a 3.0 USB port (or higher), and that port should be powered for charging.

Moreover, the overall weight is less than other 10 feet long cables. Talking about the data transfer rate, I got about 1.5GBps – 2.0GBps while connected to a 3.0 USB port, and it kept on charging the VR headset as well. This cable isn’t made of fiber optics, but the transfer speed is still impressive. Lastly, if 10 feet cable is not good enough for you, you can buy 16 feet version for a couple of extra dollars.

Read Guide – Best Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable Alternative

When I started searching for alternative cables, it was not something I thought. It was challenging, and I had to invest much cash and time finding suitable wires. After that, I prepared this buying guide to choose the best alternative lines for the quest – 2. So, if you select a cable, you have to consider the following factors.

Data transfer rate:

A connection cable should not charge your phone or transfer files from your phone to your computer. We are talking about AAA games that will run from your PC to your VR headset. So, I would highly recommend a cable that can efficiently tackle the 5GBps data transfer rate.

Length of the cable:

It should be no less than 12 feet, end of the story. It does not concern if you play VR games while sitting on your computer chair, but still, it has to be this long. If you choose something otherwise, that can cause a bit of tension in the cable and will undoubtedly damage your PC’s cable and USB port.

How to Connect Oculus Quest to PC?

Now the main question arises. You have bought an ideal cable, but how would you connect your VR set with your PC? Take a look at the following description:


Before diving into the main course, you have to determine the following aspects of your computer.

  • Oculus app should be installed on your computer. If it isn’t, click here to download. Don’t worry; the installation procedure is easy as a cake.
  • Your computer should have recommended specifications.
  • You should be using a recommended cable.
  • Oculus application should be updated.

Steps to follow:

  1. Launch the oculus application
  2. Turn on your oculus device
  3. Plug the cable into your computer and Oculus headset
  4. You will see a confirmation message on your screen; press Deny. It was asking permission to access data.
  5. Now, you have to enable the quest – 2 connection.


Can you connect Oculus quest to a PC without a USB C?

Yes, you can connect oculus without any USB cable. The Oculus quest – 2 headsets support the Air Link feature for wireless connection. But for this, you need a fast internet connection. So, a type-c USB cable can be another option.

How to connect oculus quest to pc wirelessly?

Follow the following steps:

Every time you wish to use the Air link connection, you will have to enable it first (on your oculus application)

Open settings, and click on beta.

At the end of the beta tab, you will find App lab and a switch next to it. Turn it on.

This feature is not launched yet and is placed under experimental features. So, go to settings and click on Experimental features.

You will see an air link option; turn it on.

Now, visit quest settings, and turn on the Air link option there. Ensure that your PC and Quest – 2 are connected to the same internet connection.

Now, you will have to pair your computer with a quest – 2. Once done, you can enjoy a wireless connection.

This feature is not available in every quest – 2 because it has not been launched officially.


Connecting your oculus quest – 2 to your computer has never been so convenient. But after the shortage of official oculus cables, users found it challenging to meet their needs. Thanks to some third-party companies providing such accessories for quite some time. All of our products are highly recommended by the oculus community.

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