How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10

How To Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10

Powerbeats pro is the latest premium quality wireless earbuds. They are designed especially for listening to music and watching movies or shows. Some of the outstanding features which Powerbeats posses is its unique design and comfortable fit in-ear. It also has an advanced noise-cancelling feature. Moreover, Powerbeats pro is lightweight, available in various colours, and has smooth touch control features. It is wireless means you need Bluetooth to connect them. It also has a big battery life of 40 hours.

If you have a laptop or MacBook with windows 10 installed in it and you are wondering whether you can pair your Powerbeats pro headset to it, then you are at the right place. This article will cover the method to connect Powerbeats pro to windows 10 laptops.

Easiest Way to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10

In this section, we will discuss the easiest way to connect Powerbeats pro to windows 10. So if you want to know the process, then continue reading.

Turn On Powerbeats

The first step is to turn the Powerbeats headset on. First of all, ensure that the headphone is completely turned off. Now press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. This action will turn on the status light on Powerbeats headphones. The flashing status light indicates that your headphone is in pairing mode.

Unplug devices from laptop

The most important step to remember here is to make sure that no audio device is plugged into the laptop. If there is any plugged-in device, then unplug it. Otherwise, you can not pair your laptop with headphones.

Search Device

Once your Powerbeats are on, it is time to go to Bluetooth settings on your laptop. To do this:

  • Tap on the windows icon on the left bottom of screen.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Choose a device, click on Bluetooth and other device settings.
  • Alternatively, you can also open the search option and search Bluetooth settings there.

Connecting Laptop With Powerbeats via Bluetooth

This is the last step after which you will be ready to use Powerbeats.

  • In the previous step, you opened the Bluetooth settings on your laptop. Now you have to search and click the option stating “add another Bluetooth device”.
  • The list of available Bluetooth devices within the range of laptop will show up.
  • Navigate through the list of devices and select Powerbeats pro.
  • Double-check on the Powerbeats pro and ensure that they are on with a flashing status light.
  • Once you select your Powerbeats pro from Bluetooth available devices, the laptop will start the pairing process. It may also install some necessary drivers. The pairing process will take a few seconds. A notification will pop up on your laptop screen once the pairing is done and the device is ready to use.

After following above-mentioned steps, you can easily connect Powerbeats pro to Windows 10 on the laptop. But to connect Powerbeats to a laptop, your laptop should have a Bluetooth feature.

How to Connect Powerbeats Pro to Windows 10 If the Laptop Doesn’t Have Bluetooth?

If your laptop has Bluetooth, then you don’t have to worry. You can simply follow the above-described steps and connect Powerbeats pro to your laptop. However, most laptops don’t come with Bluetooth settings. In such a scenario, you need a Bluetooth USB adaptor.

Take a Bluetooth USB adaptor and connect it to your laptop via a USB port. This USB adaptor will allow you to connect various Bluetooth devices to your laptop. If you have connected the adapter via USB port, the next step is to allow windows to install some necessary drivers. Once all the necessary drivers are installed, your laptop will show a notification saying, “your device is ready to use”. Now you are set to connect Powerbeats pro to your laptop.

Can’t Connect Powerbeats Pro To Windows 10

Most commonly, there are two reasons why you can’t connect Powerbeats pro to windows 10. Here are those:

  • Missing drivers
  • Windows unable to find Powerbeats

For missing drivers:

  1. Make sure that your windows and Bluetooth drivers are up to date.
  2. If not, update them and try again. If your windows are unable to find Powerbeats, then make sure that your Powerbeats are not connected to any other device.
  3. Disconnect all other connected devices and try again.


Now you know how to connect Powerbeats pro to windows 10. Following the steps carefully, will ensure a successful Powerbeats pro connection to your laptop. Keep in mind that the status light on Powerbeats will stop flashing once it is successfully paired with a laptop.

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